Film-travel almanac 1987 № 222

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Director: Golovnya B., Klyuchnikov A.

Operators: Kryuchkin V., Kuznecov V.

Text writers: Mendzherickij I.

Other authors: Ivchenko V., Kryuchkin V., Markovich A.


1. "Tobolsk. History and Modernity ". 2. "Moose Island". 3. The "Eternal City, the city of the young ..." 4. "Cuban Mosaic".

Towns and countries

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

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1. Tobolsk.

History and modernity.

Winter natural scenery in the vicinity of Tobolsk.

View of the Tobolsk Kremlin.

View of the old city ramparts.


Several guns against the wall, the cathedral tower, dome-Sophia Cathedral of the Assumption.


Monument to Yermak.

Vintage emblems Tobolsk.

View of Tobolsk tract.


House Museum Radishshev.

Museum exhibits.

On the road going buses.

Woman crossing the road.

Figure M.A.Fonvizina home.

Museum of the Decembrists in the house Fonvizina, museum exhibits.

House P.P.Ershova.

Museum exhibits in the house A.A.Alyabeva.

Covers A.A.Alyabeva works on the walls under the glass.

Layouts theater.

Decree on Peace and the photo on the wall.

Tobolsk State Drama Theatre named after P.P.Ershova.

Actors play out on the balcony view.

People are standing in front of the theater and watch the view.

View of the theater.

Tobolsk carved bone.

Facilities Tobolsk Petrochemical Plant (OOO "Tobolsk-Neftochim").

Computer operator.

Work on the plant site.

Work on the construction of a house.

The view from the window into the yard.

A man crossing the road and sits in the car.

View of the old part of town with the ramparts.

The members of the informal association "Good will" clean snow clearing blockages.

Historic building in scaffolding.

Men engaged in the installation of new gates.

Sophia-Assumption Cathedral.

Rampart, Kremlin tower.

Cathedral bell tower.

2. Elk Island.

The streets of Moscow.

Access to the forest park "Moose Island".

Adults and children skiing.

Along the trails running dog.

Access to the forest park.

Skier Tree.

According to the forest ranger rides on horseback.

The female sika deer.

Foresters are branches to the trough.

People fill the feeders, deer are nearby.

Forester falls asleep in a manger of hay.

Deer pluck branches bush.

Male sika deer goes to the trough.

Squirrel sitting in the snow.

A child on a swing.

Group of skiers.

Skating children on a sleigh.

Tit on a branch.

Tit selects food in the trough.


Ducks fly over the duct.

Reserve staff paddle boat.

A pair of Canadian Geese on the island.

The boat sails to the shore, the forest ranger looking through binoculars.

Brant screams.

Woodward selected on the shore and the boat pulls.

Brant shouting arches his neck.

People come to the jack, inspect the eggs, cover the nest with grass.

Canada goose swimming along the shore.

The female sits on the nest Geese.

Flowering forest herbs.

Wooden sculpture.

Workshop for the production of sculptures, the work of a master.

Children play on the playground.

People in the park path.

View of the area from the trees.





History; Folk Art; Geography and Nature
National culture; Culture and Arts

Reel №2

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3. Eternal City, the city of the young ...

Mountain peaks.

Flowering apricot trees.


Sheep and goats in the Fergana Valley.

Alternating: the fortress of Alexandria Eskhata, pitchers on the walls.

Within the walls of the fortress floating smoke.

The camera swings, imitating an earthquake.

Urban ruins.

On the bench sits a man among the ruins.

The earth wall.

View of the houses under construction.

Modern street Khujand (Khujand, Leninabad).

Pedagogical Institute.

Branch Polytechnic Institute.

View of the theater of drama and musical comedy on the opposite side of the road.

Old tree.

Collection of artists, people talking and drinking tea.

Ancient Tower.

View from the door of the tower to the street.

Masters are working on the restoration of historical sites.

Restored fragment of a building with wooden carvings.

Master A.Yahyaev fret column.

Carved gates.

Master AM Sokolov considers stone under a magnifying glass.

Collection of butterflies made of semiprecious stones.

The rolls of silk.

Manufacturing Tajik carpets.

Panorama of Khujand and the Syr Darya.

4. The Cuban mosaic.

Summer Cuban carnival in honor of the revolution.

On the road going motorcycle cop.

A festive procession through the city streets, the carnival participants sing and dance.

The province of Santiago de Cuba, the National Park Baconao, zoo of prehistoric animals.

In the valley are stone sculptures of dinosaurs in full size.

Excursion group in the park.

Crocodile Farm.

Work catches crocodile lasso.

Billboard farm.

Newborns crocodiles in the hands of breeders.

Work releases crocodile in the water.

Young crocodiles in the pond.

A herd of adult crocodiles.

Children and adults on the view in the aquarium.

Fragment of circus dolphins.

People at the hotel on the beach.

Holidaymakers on the beach under palm trees.

Cuban vegetation.

Stone idol on a rock.





History; Traditions and customs; Holidays
National culture; Culture and Arts; Social life