Film-travel almanac № 240 (1989)

Newsreel №55212, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:54
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Golovnya B., Dilanyan K., Mironov A.
Text authors:Linkova I.
Other authors:Anennskij A., Dilanyan K., Mironov A., Saranduk A.


1. "Rivers napoyayuschi the universe ..." 2. "Flying in reality." 3. "Legends of the old city." 4. "The Day of the grape."

Reel №1

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1. Rivers napoyayuschi universe ... man plays the wing-shaped harp.

Ancient drawings.

Cover of an old book.

Day of Slavic Literature and Culture in Veliky Novgorod.

People greet clergy flowers.

Parade through the streets of the city residents.

People come to the Novgorod Kremlin, walk past the belfry, sent to the St.

Sophia Cathedral.

The priests led the procession.

Monument "Millennium of Russia".

The orchestra, the choir performs a patriotic song "Glory" of Glinka's opera "A Life for the Tsar" ("Ivan Susanin").

The priests lay flowers at the monument "Millennium of Russia".

Fragments of the monument.

Old books in a museum.

Restorer Leafs and closes the book.

Restoration of the cover.

An employee of the museum carries the book.

Books are placed in the trunk.

Restorers working in the studio.

Representatives of the Rockefeller Foundation, the charitable photographed against the backdrop of the monument "Millennium of Russia".

The return of the city-sided icon of St.

Sophia Cathedral.


Photo Novgorod birchbark documents in the book.

People at the memorial sign dedicated to literacy.

A man playing the harp.

Reception bells.

On the table are musical instruments.

Service in the church choir sang Many Years.

Sofia belfry.

View of the St.

Sophia Cathedral at sunset.

View of the Kremlin from the opposite bank of the river.

2. Flying reality.

Koktebel, Klementeva Mountain (Uzun-Sirt).

Paragliders start from the slopes of the mountain.

Face athlete.

People look up at the sky.

In the sky flying a hang glider.

Paraglider over the mountains.

Athletes in the room of the museum.


Paragliders preparing for the descent, the sky athletes gliders.

Paraglider flies over the mountains to the sea.

The sportsman soars over the water.

After landing, the athlete collects and pulls the wing out of the water.

Preparation of the glider for takeoff.

Athletes jump off a cliff and fly away towards the sea.

Paraglider above the cliffs.

Athlete drops and lands on the edge of the cliff.

Continued descent among the rocks.

Paragliders in the sky.

Landing wing glider settles on the grass, people looking at the sky.


Alexy II (Ridiger AM) - Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

Locations: Novgorod region [791] Crimea [981]

Seasons: Spring [825]

Reel №2

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3. Legends of the old city.

Kutna Hora, a view of the Cathedral of St.

Barbara (also known as the Cathedral of St.


Street next to the church.

The spiers of the cathedral.

Fragments of ornamental wall.

The interior of the cathedral.

Dissolve: Burning candle arches of the cathedral, icons, stained glass windows.

The frescoes on the walls.

Window bars.

View of the courtyard gate.

Old buildings, excursion in the yard.

Dissolve: Burning candle arches of the cathedral.

Sculptures and sculptural groups that reflect the life of the miners.

Old coins and hammers on the anvil.

Church stained glass windows.

Statues of angels.

Cemetery monuments in Siedlce.

Dissolve: frame on the background of the ossuary is a fire.

The pyramid of human skulls behind bars.

Fragment of ornament on the wall.

View from the upper gallery in the hall.


Details of the interior.

Schwarzenberg family coat of arms.

Old houses.

Plague Column.

The facade of the old house.

Decorations on the walls of houses.

Stone pond.

The street passing car.

Stained-glass window.

View of the Cathedral of St.


4. Day grapes.

Grape brush on the branches.

View of the vineyards.

Historic building, metal fence.

Bunches of grapes.

Citizens go on holiday.

Sellers Fair waving at the camera.

People dance traditional dances.

Play musicians.

The woman at the loom.

Reflection in a mirror.

Sale of painted pottery.

Sale of fruit and spices.

People looking at sheepskins, a man tries sheepskin.

Horse gear.

Seller glass figurines.

Cooper with the goods.

Seller offers people a wicker basket.

Woman at a tray with toys.

A woman holds a child with balloon.

Young couple in traditional dress.

Trade fair vanity.

Past shopping arcades passing hussars.

Newlyweds in the festively decorated carriage.

Violinists played for visitors to the summer cafe.

Tamer of snakes.

Cage with birds.

Woman eating corn.

Shepherd shows how to deal with the scourge.

Alternation: folk dances, the audience, a brass band.

Over fair Trike flying.

Top view of the fair.

Bunches of grapes on branches.

Locations: Czech Republic [59] Hungary [100]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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