Film-travel almanac 1979 № 143

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Director: Zakrevskij Yu., Klyuchnikov A.

Script writers: Barashev P., Djyakonov Yu., Zakrevskij Yu.

Operators: Filimonov P., Shatalov V.

Text writers: Vahnyuk B.


1. "The road length in six decades." 2. "Winter in Bratsk." 3. "Where was Gurgandzh." 4. "Denmark, the city of Aarhus."

Towns and countries

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

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"The road length in six decades."

Grass in hoarfrost on a background of mountains.

Swirling clouds over the mountains.

Panorama of snowy slopes.

Map: mountain route Ordzhonikidze - Tbilisi.

Chronicle 1938: Mountain Division Ordzhonikidze in the campaign.

Red Army soldiers and horses laden uphill in the snow.

Soldiers shoot budennovki participants march in front of the monument in 1919.

Communicator transmits the message.

Figure: climbing a mountain.


Rally in front of the monument G.K.Ordzhonikidze.

Veterans - the trip participants in 1938.

Pictures on the wall.

Room in the house G.K.Ordzhonikidze.

People walk along the river.

Crossing over the river on a suspension bridge.

Bubbling mountain stream.

People climb the trails.

The ruins of the fortress.

Go through the creek on logs.

Birds fly over the mountain.

Temple Thaba-Yerdy.

People pass in front of the camera.

Assinsky Valley Gorge.

People on a ski slope.

"Winter in Bratsk."

Bratsk hydroelectric plant.

The newlyweds are photographed at the site of the reservoir.


Monument I.I.Naymushinu.

Street signs on the houses.

Wooden house among the pines (shooting from the car).

Village of power, top view of the multi-storey buildings.

Road to Central Bratsk (shooting from the car).

Children in the square.

Shops and homes.

People walk across the yard.

The artist draws.

The man with the dog.

Taiga dispensary premises.

Wooden architecture.

Stained-glass windows.

Children playing in the pool.

Skiers go on the snow.


Train luge.

Man flying on a hang glider.

Architectural Workshop.

Architects work with the layout of the city.

Cinema "Aurora".

People come to the cinema, shake off the snow from his coat.

The artist paints the walls.

Children's dance group performs on stage.

Multi-story building.


View of the city at dusk.




The Chechen Republic
Republic of Ingushetia
Irkutsk region



Russian cities and regions; Army; Social life
Towns and countries; Geography and Nature; Defense and internal security

Reel №2

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"Where was Gurgandzh."

The Amu Darya River in the desert, top view.

Shadow of the aircraft on the ground.

Khorezm oasis.

Surveyors working in the desert.

Archaeological excavations in Khorezm.

Flocks of pigeons over the ruins of the city.

Snake crawling on the sand.

The ruins of Toprak-kala.

Flowering tree.

Ruins Guldursun.

Lit the fire.

Mausoleum Tyurabek Khanum.

Dome of the mausoleum inside.

Mausoleum of the Khorezm Shah Tekesh.

Scientists are working on the excavation.

Archaeological finds.

"Denmark, the city of Aarhus."

Tugboat leads the ship.

Views of the marina.

People on the dock.

Children see the ship "Volodya Shcherbatsevich."

The young man on a motorcycle.

Traffic in Aarhus.

Residents of the city streets.

Posters and street decorations for the holiday of the 1st of May.

Flower Fair.

Cyclists pass the intersection.

People are building the university.

The street passing motorcyclist.

The girl on a bicycle.

A married couple with a stroller.

Baby stroller carries on the sidewalk.

Monument bacon.

Museum "Old City".

Pond in the park.


Watermill wheel.

Old houses along the river.

People walk through the Old Town.

Showcase souvenir shop.

Pruning ivy with lift.

People relax in the forest park.