Film-travel almanac № 145 (1979)

Newsreel №55227, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:51
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Dombrovskij K., Kuznecov V., Mironov A., Ostrovskij L., Holjnij G.
Screenwriters:Balandin R., Sklyut I., Stezhenskij V.
Camera operators:Voronov R., Revzin Ya., Holjnij G.
Text authors:Rodionov A.


1. "Bidding - town of the taiga." 2. "Flowing Yauza in Moscow ..." 3. "Prykarpattia Hiking trails ..." 4. "Vancouver. Canada. "

Reel №1

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1. Bidding - town taiga.

Winter natural landscape.

Above the trees flying helicopter.

Winter forest on the slopes of the mountains.

The pilot at the controls.

Panorama of the village of trading.

Men come out of the administration building and down the stairs.

Go work on logging.

The man hewing timber.

Construction of houses.

The construction manager.

People climb the steps.

The corridor of the house.

The room workers play chess.

The garage is leaving rover.

Winter forest.

Branch startled by the explosion, spilling snow.

Blasting operations in the mountains.

Geologist describes a sample of ore.

Workers extract new models.

Samples of rocks.

Scientist working with microscope and writes the results of research.

Geologists fill the card.

Beyond the trees passing truck.

Road construction.

Transportation equipment.

2. Flowing in Moscow Yauza ...

Moscow region, a view of the bridge over the Yauza.

Meadow is a cow.

Children allowed boat and fish.

View of the church.

Boy running along the path.

Thickets of grass along the river.

The tree hangs over the water.

Syromyatnicheskiy waterworks.

Unfold the sluice gates, comes out a small freighter.

The ship on the river.

The ship is on the Yauza, near the highway going cars.

Park alley.

People sit on the shore of the pond.

Twisted tree trunks.

Old gazebo.

Grotto in Lefortovo Park.

Catherine Palace.

WTU Bauman.

Top view of the parking lot.

View Yauza.

A ship passes under the Palace Bridge.

The street going cars.

Manor Usachev-Naydenov on the earthworks.

Sculptures in the park paths.

Gazebo at the end of the alley.

A ship passes under the bridge, on the bridge there are people.

View of the left bank of the Yauza.

Andronicus monastery courtyard.

View of the Cathedral of the Savior through the gate.

Entrance to the Cathedral.

On the path sits the artist.

Rublev monument under the trees.

On the bridge there are people.

View Yauza and houses on the beach.

The walls of the waterfront moored ships.

The ship passes Ustyinsky bridges.

It departs from the pier pleasure boat.

View of the Kremlin.

Locations: The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) [750] Moscow [820] Moscow region [788]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824]

Reel №2

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3. Hiking trails Prykarpattia ...

Carpathian mountains, natural scenery.

Skiers ascend the slopes.

Women dismantle skiing.

A man stands on skis.

Group of skiers.

The mountain river.

View of the mountain slopes on the bridge train rides.

Panorama recreation.

Sightseeing buses.

A group of tourists is on the base.

Bus passes over the bridge.

View from the bridge over the river and the mountain slopes.

River rapids.

Tourists cross the river on a bridge.

Monument O.V.Dovbushu.

People near the monument to heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

People come out of the house.

Tourists climb the stairs.

The restaurant "Hutsul" wooden architecture.

The restaurant hall.

Wooden panels on the wall.

Painted dishes.

Skiers walk past the hotel building.

Houses recreation.

View of goodies, from parking the bus leaves.

People skiing.

View of the mountain road.

The slopes of the Carpathian Mountains.

4. Vancouver.


Movement on Canadian highways (shooting from the car).

Suburbs of Vancouver.

The streets of the city.

Aerial view of traffic on the street and parking lot on the roof.

Panorama of the city.

The pedestrian area in the old part of the city.

In the streets people walk.

Speakers street musicians.

Ancient ship at the pier.


People listen to the musicians.

The young man greets the operator.

Blocks of flats.

Vintage signboard and decorative lanterns on a building shop.

People walk down the street.

Car drives through the intersection.


The driver and passenger.

Highway in the new residential areas of Vancouver passes through the private sector (shooting from the car).

On the road passing bus.

House under construction.

High-rise buildings.

The ship enters port.

Panorama of the port area.

Buildings corporations.

Locations: Ukraine [229] Canada [39]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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