Film-travel almanac 1979 № 146

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Director: Babayan A., Burkovskij K., Kuznecov V., Mironov A., Riklin V.

Script writers: Gurvich Yu., Minc L.

Operators: Kuznecov V., Popov A.

Text writers: Belokurov L., Kemarskij N.

Other authors: Riklin V.


1. "Along the shores of Lake Sevan." 2. "Korely. Wooden architecture. " 3. "In the Curonian Spit." 4. "Orchids of New Guinea."

Towns and countries

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

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1. Along the shores of Lake Sevan.

Panorama of Lake Sevan.

The ruins of the fortress on the shore.

The remaining buildings on the castle hill.

Tombstones of an ancient burial site.

Ruined tower.

Lake view from the tower.

Guided group visiting the settlement.

People on the ground near the tour buses.


Man and woman are on the lake.

View of the lake and the edge of the cliff.


Industrial buildings.

View from the hill to the valley.

Rocky shore.

Algae on the bottom of the lake near the shore.

The researchers sampled water.

Pattern transfer Photo Arpa River into the lake.

The workers are discussing a plan.

Vardenis ridge.

Entrance to the tunnel.

The builders are working in the tunnel.

Out of the tunnel.

Arpa River.

On the lake floats your boat.

Fishing nets.

Seagulls circling above the lake.

Fishermen hauled on board with fish nets.

Sevan trout (trout).

Boat on the lake surface.

An employee of the nursery with a net.

Trout fry.

Fry released into the lake.

Excitement on the surface of the lake.

Fishing boats on the background of the mountains.

Network to dry above the water circling gulls.

2. Korely.

Wooden architecture.

On the way, going triple.

Spinning spinning wheel, people play the balalaika.

Men play the balalaika, women engaged in handicrafts.

Older women braid for home decoration.

Ready-made decorations.

Small Korely, state museum of wooden architecture and folk art of northern Russia.

The interior of a peasant's hut, household items.

Dwelling houses and outbuildings.

Fragments of decoration of windows and roofs.

Open the gates, in the courtyard of a windmill.

Church of the Ascension in the village of Kushereka Onega District.

Through the branches of the fir trees visible roof belfry.

Church of St.

George in the village of Apex Verkhnetoemsky area.

Macarius Zheltovodskogo Chapel from the village Fedorov Plesetsk District.

Interior design.

Ceiling painting.

Wooden sculptures of saints.

Roof stands behind fir trees at home.

View of the belfry of the branches.

General view of the territory of the museum.


Arkhangelsk region



Geography and Nature; Traditions and customs; Museums and exhibitions
National culture; Culture and Arts

Reel №2

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3. On the Curonian Spit.

Decorative signs at the edge of the road.

View of the Curonian Spit.

Sand dunes.

Sand showered in the wind.

Flowering herbs.

Young pine.

Coniferous nursery.

Children work in the nursery with seedlings.

Employees visiting the nursery of the forest from the tower.

Panorama of forests.

Forest Park.

Storks in the trees.

A bird in the sky.

The fence around the tree.


Hedgehog in the grass.


Monument to the first landscapers Nida.


Asphalt forest roads.

A pointer to the village of Nida.

The streets of the village.

It opens the door to the cafe reading room.

People at cafe tables.

Holiday Tree, the path followed by people.

House P.T.Manna.

A plaque on the wall.

View of the house from the pine branches.

Flower pots on the windowsill.

The view from the top of the window down the stairs and outside.

Monument Neringa.

People go on holiday.

Parade opens the orchestra.

The procession with flags on the waterfront, in the water are boats and catamarans.

Neringa people meet the bridegroom.

The actors are children with flowers.

Spectators on the embankment of Nida.


4. Orchids New Guinea.

North-east coast of New Guinea, ships at berth.

The streets of the port city of Lae.

Soviet botanists with foreign colleagues in the bus.

The bus travels across the bridge.

The road in the jungle.

Panorama of mountains and tropical forests.

Scientists are studying the flora, collect samples.

Aboriginal settlement.

Scientists go through the woods.

Flowering exotic plants.

Flowering trees.

People in the mangrove forest.

Scientists collect orchids.

Botanical Gardens in Lae, on the lawn with palm trees.

Administrative building.

The tropical greenhouse.

A collection of orchids.

Blooming orchid on a tree trunk.

Sprouted coconut water's edge.

Ocean view, leaning palm trees.


Kaliningrad region
Papua new Guinea



Holidays; Geography and Nature
Social life