Film-travel almanac 1979 № 148

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Director: Mamedov D.

Script writers: Nadzhafov G., Stezhenskij V.

Operators: Kryuchkin V., Mamedov D., Holjnij G., Eratov E.

Text writers: Mendzherickij I.

Other authors: Kryuchkin V., Eratov E.


1. "The capital of the virgin land." 2. "On the river Omolon". 3. "Treasures of Ancient Colchis." 4. "On the Indians' land."

Reel №1

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1. The capital of the virgin land.

Grain field in Kazakhstan.

The movement of vehicles.

Monument to tractor.

Chronicle of 1950:

Tractors plow the land.

Photos Akmolinsk.

Demolition of old houses.

Streets Tselinograd (Astana).


Student group gets on the bus.

Students on the bus.

The view from the bus window.

Agricultural Institute.

Agricultural Equipment Plant Tselinogradselmash (Tselinselmash).

Production of the plant at the site.

City streets (residents, shops, offices).

Buyers in stores.

Bridge across Ishim.

Rowing competitions.

The participants of the festival.

Newlyweds hand loaf.

Grain fields.


2. On the river Omolon.

Natural landscape along the banks of the river Omolon.

Bear cub splashing in the water.

Cargo helicopter.

Members of the expedition on the coast.

Expedition on an inflatable raft, river landscapes.

Hunter's house, a woman feeds manually elk.

Expedition is approaching to the shore.

A woman with a deer.

Hunter points out the way.

The raft floats on the river.

Taiga Beach.

A family of foxes.

Bear runs through the trunk of a tree.

Raft on the water.

Reindeer in the forest.

Reindeer herders and veterinarians working in the herd.

Woman talking on the radio.

State Farm "Omolon".

Children at school classroom.

The family of reindeer herders in the taiga.

SUV crossing the river.

Cargo helicopter over the taiga.




Magadan region



Agriculture; Ethnography
Sectors of the economy; Geography and Nature

Reel №2

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3. Treasures of ancient Colchis.

Georgian vineyards and orchards.

The regional center of Vani.

Children at the fountain.

Car on a country road.

Carport with a fence.

Scientists are working on archaeological excavations.


Scientist finds statuette.

Archaeological finds in the museum (household items, figurines, ornaments).

Forms of the archaeological site.

Past excavations rides the bus.

The residue is an ancient stone wall.

The gardens on the slopes.

4. On Indian land.

Indian totem pole.

Natural scenery of Canada.

Totem pole.

Motorway in the mountains.



People are on the suspension bridge.

Indian hit the tambourine.

Alternation: tourists on excursions in the Indian settlement, a wooden sculpture from the lodges.

The car in the parking lot.


Indians working at the fair for the tourists.

Pictures of Indian artists.

Woman photographed at the lodge.

Male fish fry.

Tourists on the street.

On the wall of the house lit a lantern.

Man beats a tambourine.

The wooden mask on a pole.

Mountain views of the lake.





Architecture; Ethnography
Culture and Arts; Geography and Nature