Film-travel almanac 1980 № 149

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Babayan A., Burkovskij K., Zakrevskij Yu.

Script writers: Babayan A., Zakrevskij Yu., Stezhenskij V.

Operators: Sologubov N.

Text writers: Vahnyuk B.


1. "Vladivostok - the gateway to the ocean." 2. "Living chronicle of Buryatia". 3. "At the foot of Mount Elbrus." 4. "One day in Bielefeld."

Towns and countries

Reel №1

1. Vladivostok - the gateway to the ocean.

Amur Bay.

Port of Vladivostok, port cranes and ships at berth.


The buildings of the XIX century.

The station building, station square.

Monument S.G.Lazo.

The monument to the fighters for Soviet power in the Golden Horn Bay.

The Eternal Fire.

The memorial plate in honor of the crews of sunken ships.

Submarine Museum C-56. Monument to the Fallen repairers.

Port cranes.

Work welders.

Ships at berth.

Go loading operations.

Bay View, ships at berth, tugs, harbor cranes.

The streets of Vladivostok.

Anchor and guns at the Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the people down the stairs.

On the streets of marching sailors.

Children draw chalk on the pavement.

View of the roofs of houses.

Port cranes on the bay.

2. Live chronicle of Buryatia.


Ethnographic Museum of Transbaikalia.

Buryat home, is hitching post horse.


Children's cot.

The smoke goes up the chimney.

Home Furnishing, household items, fire burns in the hearth.

Pot over a fire in the street.

Evenk swine, deer eating hay.

The plague is a fire, rocking the cradle.

Hides and wooden figures.

Boat under a canopy.

Hunting caches.

Near the house is a cart.

Russian log hut.

Interior furnishings, clothing and household items.

Outside, the rider rides.

Open the gate.


Kitten in the yard.

According to the court walks a horse, a cow eats hay.

Excursion to the museum, people look into the tent.

Street of the village museum.

Houseware settled drilled.

Museum of Decembrists.

Portrait N.A.Bestuzheva.


Candle and books on the table.

Pages books with illustrations.

People on the tour in the museum.

The monument at the grave of N.A.Bestuzheva.

People near the monument.

View of museum building from the trees, people walk along the path.


Republic of Buryatia



Russian cities and regions; History; Museums and exhibitions

Reel №2

3. At the foot of Mount Elbrus.

View to the top of Mount Elbrus.

Panorama Caucasus Mountains.

Flowering alpine herbs.

Crocus buds.

Blooming burdock, bee on a flower.

Butterflies on flowers.

Parageum mountain.


Rhododendron Caucasus.

Thickets of rhododendron on the rocks.

Flowering mountain herbs.


The fruit on the branches of a yew.

The hillsides are reflected in the lake, the lake light mist.

Grass on the beach.

View of the waterfall from the opposite shore of the lake.

The slopes of the mountains in a fog.

Waterfall "Devil's Mill."

Crones of birches.

Birch trees grow out of the stone.

On the waterfront there are people with horses (reflection in water).

People look through binoculars.

The man's face.

Caucasian tour of the tree.

Stay down to earth.

As the forest is running doe with a calf.

Buck in the grass.

Bear with a cub.

Bear cub splashing in the water, the second cub flees.

Bear swims to shore and shakes.

Cubs playing on the beach.

Nestling Dipper.

Dipper feeding chicks and flies away.


Flying eagle.

Herd tours on the rocks.

Snow on the slopes.

View to the top of Mount Elbrus.

4. One day in Bielefeld.

View of the roof of Bielefeld.

Skylight windows.

Flowers on the windows.

Flowers in pots in the streets.

Man sweeping outdoor cafe.

Saleswoman washes the door of the van.

Woman sweeping the street in front of the store.

The spiers of the Church.

Park alley.

Sculpture weaver.

View of the City Museum of Art, is a sculpture on the lawn.

A copy of the sculpture F.O.R.Rodena "The Thinker."

The composition of the triangular stone slabs in front of the entrance.

The street passing bus.

Street in the new district of Bielefeld (shooting from the car).

The pedestrian area in the old part of the city.

Poster stand.

Go down the street girls.

The man with the dogs at the storefront.

A child looks in the window.

Sports equipment.

Motorcyclist at the traffic lights.

Transport starts to move.

University building.

Bicycle parking.

Reading rooms of the University.

View from the roof down to the lobby.

On the front is a student.

Bulletin board.

Group of students sitting on the stairs.

The building of the Labour Exchange.

Empty boards.

Historic building in the square.

POW cemetery in Stukenbrock.

People bring flowers to the graves.

Flower beds outside Bielefeld.

A street musician playing guitar.

View of the rooftops of the city.





Caucasus and Transcaucasia (the nature and geography); History of foreign countries