Film-travel almanac 1980 № 153

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Director: Klyuchnikov A., Popov L., Sveshnikova I., Sokolov A.

Script writers: Ioch E., Karpova T., Sveshnikova I., Sklyut I.

Operators: Muravjev Yu.

Text writers: Vahnyuk B.

Other authors: Sokolov A.


1. "Morning Vologda land." 2. "Last Cherskiy route." 3. "Vyatskaya rainbow." 4. "Where the Mekong flows."

Towns and countries

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

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1. Morning Vologda land.

Panorama of the Vologda River.

Natural scenery on the banks of the river.

Rainbow over the river.

View of the city.

Flowering meadow.

Herds in the fields.

Panorama of farmland.

Bulldozers clearing the field.

Work on the drainage of wetlands.

Those workers.

Plowing the land.

For tractor flying flock of birds.

Panoramas plowed and cultivated fields.

Man touches ears.

Combine harvest.

Spilling grain.

Chickens in cages at a poultry farm.

Sow feeding the pigs.

Pigs in a stable.

The calves in the barn.

Adult cows in stalls.

Panoramas of the Vologda region.

The school building.

Students in the yard.

Collective farm fields.

View of the river.

2. Last Cherskiy route.

Portrait I.D.Cherskogo.

The expedition members go through the taiga from I.D.Cherskogo.

Rider and horse pack.


The rider crossing the river ford.

Horse's head.

The man with the horses on the opposite bank.

River rapids.

Field grass.

View of the forest and mountain tops.

The route of the expedition on the map.

Kolyma River.

The man pulls the boat to the water.

Figure I.D.Cherskogo.

The room in the house Cherskii.

Portrait I.D.Cherskogo with his wife.

Notation Yakut songs.

River bank.

River waves (shooting from a boat).

Picture a cross on the grave.

Portrait I.D.Cherskogo.

The modern monument on the grave I.D.Cherskogo.

Map with the route.

By Taiga road going trucks.

Plane takes off.

Radio station.

Harbor cranes, ships at berth.

Children in the streets of the village.

River view from the hill.


Vologda region
The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)



Geography and Nature; Agriculture; Scientific expeditions
Sectors of the economy; Science

Reel №2

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3. Vyatskaya rainbow.

Vehicles on the streets of Kirov.

Monument Kirov.

The streets of the city.

House-Museum of Saltykov-Shchedrin.

Past the house passes "KAMAZ".

A room in the museum.

Grin Museum.

Museum exhibits.

Cinema "Scarlet Sails".

At the crossroads of traffic lights.

Palace of Culture "Cosmos".

Past Building CUM passing trucks.

The woman at the storefront.

Snow-covered fir trees.

On the road going three.

Dymkovo toy.

Rural water well.

Toys are in the snow.

Master makes a toy.

Ready-made toys and whistles.

Horse threes.

Toys on the forest background.

Three on a forest road.

Forest edges.

4. Where the Mekong flows.

Panorama Vientiane.


Ancient tower of the wall.

Buddhist temple.

Monks pray.

Statues on Mount Phusi.

Buddha statues in the temple.

Stone idol in the jungle.

Stone vessel near the boulders.

View of the entrance to the house, which houses a sacred drum.

The drum is near.

Modern city streets.


City view from the arch.

Street Vientiane.

Sculpture with an elephant's head.

Residents of the capital, urban transport.

People ride bicycles.

Workers harvesting rice.

Feast on the Mekong River.

Alternation: Spectators on the shore, boat races.

A man carries a family on a motorcycle.

Cars overtake a group of cyclists.

A woman under an umbrella with a child in her arms.


Kirov region



Russian cities and regions; Folk Art; History of foreign countries
Towns and countries; Geography and Nature; National culture; Culture and Arts; History