Film-travel almanac 1980 № 155

Film-document №55237 2 parts, Duration: 0:18:45 to collection Price category G

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Gerasimov A., Kuznecov V., Popov L., Serebrennikov A.

Script writers: Naazhafob G., Sineljnikov A.

Text writers: Mendzherickij I.


1. "In the land of Sayan." 2. "Yesenin in Baku." 3. "Rendezvous with Belozersky". 4. "Pink City".

Towns and countries

Reel №1

"At the edge of the Sayan".

Taiga on the banks of the river, the view from the top.

The river is a boat.

Fog in the valley.

Snag on the bank of the river.

Water running over rocks.

A drop of dew on the grass stalk.


Web on the branches.

Glare on the water through the pine branches.

Tree trunks.

Raspberry bush.

Red currant (oxalis).

Girl eating blackberries from a mug.

A woman collects berries.

Crop of berries in barrels.

The truck takes away the harvest.

Bubbling mountain stream.

Group of people on the boat overcomes rapids.

Daisies on the beach.

People walk through the woods.

Trail rides through a flooded terrain vehicle.

People work on a drilling installation.

Cutting of trees.

On the road going timber.

Timber floating on the river.

Coal mining.

Construction of hydroelectric power plants.

Work signals.

Welder working at height.

Working out of the lift.

Man drinking brew.

Work on the construction site.

Boiling water passes gateways HPP. View of the hydroelectric power station from all sides.


People on the streets of the city.

Flowers on the lawn near the house.

Children play on the court.

Blooming sunflower.

Monument MAZ.

Tower power lines.

View of the river and taiga top.

"Yesenin in Baku."

Panorama Baku.

Chaise drove up to the house.

Photo: SAEsenin and P.I.Chagin.

Group shot.

Monument 26 Baku commissars.

Laying wreaths at the monument.

The street passing phaeton.

Collection of poems SAEsenin "Persian motifs".

Streets and old houses of Baku.

Fragments of historical buildings.

Phaeton enters the village Mardakan.

The Tower.

Giant Pineapple front of the balcony.

Singing peacock.

Blooming rose bush.

Peacock hiding behind a cactus.


Ducks and swans swimming in the fountain.

Thickets of cactus.


Peacock is on track.

People on the tour at the museum SAEsenin.

Portrait SAEsenin.

Equestrian team in traffic.

Working oil rigs.

The streets of Baku.

People bring flowers to the monument SAEsenin.


Krasnoyarsk Territory
Irkutsk region



Reel №2

"Rendezvous with Belozersky".

Rocky shore.

Seagulls hover over the water.

On the waves rocking the boat.

Canal view from the top.

Sailboats in the channel.

Obelisk of the road.

View of the Belozersk.

People go to the ramparts.

Memorial Stone to the founding date of the city.

The Bell.

Wooden church.

Rural houses, wooden architecture.

Water Fountain.

People near the fountain.

From under the bridge boat leaves.

Dome reflected in the water.

Belozersk Church.

Building with columns beside the road.


Streets Belozersk.

The eternal flame at the monument to soldiers-Belozertsev.

Bypass channel.

Timber rafting.

Warehouse forest on the shore.

Via going barges.

Panorama Belozersk, top view.

"Pink City".

Aravali mountain range.

View of the mountains from Jaipur.

Remains of walls on the hills.

Types of houses and roofs of Jaipur.

Monument: Sawai Jai Singh II.

Jantar Mantar Observatory.

View of the Palace.

Statues of elephants in front.

A police officer on duty.

Excursion in the courtyard.

Fragments ornaments palace.

A policeman controls traffic.

People ride bicycles.


Cyclists riding on the square in front of the tower.

City gate (shooting from the car).

Traffic on city streets.

Jaipur Bazaar.

Caravan of camels.

Palace of the Winds Hawa Mahal.

People on the streets of the city.

Street-border on the edge.

Colony of monkeys on the city walls.

Panorama desert valley.


Vologda region