Film-travel almanac № 156 (1980)

Newsreel №55238, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:35
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Goljdenblank B., Mamedov D., Holjnij G., Eratov E.
Screenwriters:Balandin R., Sklyut I., Stezhenskij V.
Camera operators:Ziljberg L., Mahov B.
Composers:Haryutchenko A.
Text authors:Mendzherickij I.
Other authors:Goljdenblank B.


1. "Peninsula treasure." 2. "Ski over the ocean." 3. "In the mountains of Svaneti." 4. "Sri Lanka: masks and dances."

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Peninsula treasures.

Fishing boats in the sea.

Seal in the waves.

Seals are selected on the shore.

Desert (shot from a helicopter).

The ruins of an ancient fortress.

In the desert camels run.

Camels going in the steppe.

Cargo Helicopter, geologists go out into the wilderness.

Spinning propeller helicopter.

In the desert surveyors work.

Cracked earth.

View of the production company.

Work on the drilling facilities.

Scientists examining the sample of oil.


Children playing around the fountain.

Panorama Shevchenko (Aktau).

Women with a baby in a stroller.

Children blow bubbles.

Girl eating ice cream.

The streets go watering machine.

People go up the stairs, the children play in the front yard.

Multi-storey residential building on the supports.

The view from the balcony corridor of the sea, the balcony is a woman swimming in the sea sailing yachts.

Sunset over the Mangyshlak.

Scientists go into the wilderness.

2. Ski Track over the ocean.

D.I.Shparo team sitting at the table, people dismantle photos.

Taimyr Peninsula on the map.

Panorama Taimyr.

View of the parking lot of the expedition E.V.Tollya on the rocks.

Wooden poles with marks.

The researchers carried out the excavations.

People visiting the Point of canned food.

Long Strait on the map.

Alternation: Camping, the researchers determined the coordinates of the camp by the sun.

The antenna of the ski poles.

Man climbs into the tent.

The radio operator sends a message.

Duty lights the fire, preparing a meal.

Near the tents are skiing, it is a blizzard.

Animation: spinning map D.P.Shparo route of the expedition to the North Pole.

People go skiing on snow fields, continuing blizzard.

May 31, 1979, the completion of the transition.


Members of the expedition.

Portraits of famous Russian polar explorers.

A group of journalists and photographers.

Raising the flag of the USSR. People dismantled photos.

Team D.I.Shparo the table.

A man adjusts his backpack.

Skiers go to the forest.

Skiers are on the edge of the ravine.


Shparo DI - Traveler, writer, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor of the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Honored Master of Sports, a member of the Russian Geographical Society. Chmielewski Yu - supervisor of the routing group, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, a member of the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute. Ledenjov V. - Candidate of Technical Sciences, a member of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of fermentation products. AV Melnikov - Traveler, trip radioman polar expeditions, Honored Master of Sports. Davydov V. - doctor polar aviation. V. Rakhmanov - a design engineer, Gidrostroitel, orienteering athlete.

Calendar: 05/31/1979 1970s 1980

Locations: Kazakhstan [114] Krasnoyarsk Territory [762] Arctic [941] The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) [750]

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825] Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

3. In the mountains of Svaneti.

A shepherd with a herd of cows on mountain pasture.

Flowing mountain river, mountain peaks on the horizon.

Panorama settlement.

Houses Svaneti.

Former Watchtower, from under the arch leaves "UAZ".

Residents in the gallery of the house.

In the village street are a woman with a baby in her arms.

The man in national costume.

People break off the bread.

The men at the table.

He lit the fire.

People drink wine and a snack, hanging over the fire pot.

Watchtower and part of the fortress wall.

The street children are running.

Children gather and sit on the ground in front of the elderly.

Man plays chuniri.

A man with a child on his lap telling stories.


People listen to the stories of elders.

Bell, walls.

Frescoes on the wall.

Candles on the stand.


The frescoes in the church.

The tops of the towers.

Biplane flying over the valley.

The roofs of the settlement.

People go to the cinema "Georgia".

Panorama of the valley.

New houses.

A general view of the old and new part of the settlement.

Modern street.

The building of the boarding house.

People come to the house.

People walk on the balcony.

People are moving river on the bridge, the rider passes ford.

River rapids.


Construction work on the dam Inguri.

Water flow.

Man plays chuniri.

View of the mountain road.

4. Sri Lanka: masks and dances.

Ritual masks.

Natural scenery of Sri Lanka.

Remains of ancient stone structures.

People in front of the temple.

On a tree branch tied ribbons.

People pray.

The sculptural decoration of the building.

Souvenir shop.

Master carves a mask made of wood.

Samples masks.

People don the masks and costumes.

Alternating: the man beats the drum, the performance of ritual dances, wooden masks.

The coast of Sri Lanka, the waves lapping on the shore.

Locations: Georgia [83] Sri Lanka [206]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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