Film-travel almanac 1981 № 158

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Director: Burkovskij K., Rodivilin V., Holjnij G.

Script writers: Burkovskij K., Stezhenskij V.

Operators: Fomichev L.

Text writers: Belyakov V.


1. "Chukotka Sea Gate". 2. "Dune Sarah Kum". 3. "Rainbow over the Daugava". 4. "From the banks of the Neva River in Canada".

Towns and countries

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

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1. Chukotka Sea Gate.

Far North, the ice in the water.

Chaun Bay.

View Pevek.

Panorama of the city.

Blocks of flats.

People on the streets of the city.

Dining Restaurant "Arctic".

Children playing in the yard.

Adults and children on the coast.

Cargo ship.

Ships in port.

Unloading of ships by port cranes.

Workers at the docks.

The ship is launched.

Man climbs the steps.

Entrance to the Marine Operations Headquarters.

Powered radar.

The dog looks at the radar.

Private documents on the table.

People climb into the plane.

Motor plane top view of the polar ice caps.

The pilots in the cockpit.

Sea view from the icebreaker.

Captain looks through binoculars.

Icebreakers in ice.

The nose of the ship circling gulls.

Landing plane.

Airplanes on the airfield.

Boarding the plane.

Reindeer herders camp on the tundra.

A herd of deer.

Helicopter takes off.

Aerial view of mining.

Natural scenery.


Panorama lake El'gygytgyn.

On the rocks running stream.

Adults and children are mushrooms in baskets and buckets.

Construction of residential houses.

View of the port of Pevek.

2. Dune Sarah Kum.

Karakum Desert.

A flock of ducks taking off from the water.

Caucasus Mountains.

Cars on mountain streamer.

The grass blooming poppies.

Stony slopes.

Flowering meadows.

Flock of sheep in the pasture.

View farmland.

Young trees.

Oasis on the way to the dunes.

Dune Sarah Kum.

People climb the dune.

Tidal bore.

View of the mountain slopes.

The bed of a mountain river.

Sparse vegetation on the rocks.

Traces of weathering rocks.


With the crumbling dune sand.




Feather grass.


Footprints in the sand.

Rocky cottonmouth.


Snake crawls through the sand.

Screech agama preparing to attack.

Screech agama fights with a snake.


Snake lizard watches the entrance to the burrow.

Alternation: a bird of prey in the sky, agama lurking on the surface of the sand.

Red ducks beside a stream.

Sand dunes.

Sunset in the desert.


Chukotka Autonomous Okrug
The Republic of Dagestan



Geography and Nature; Flora and fauna

Reel №2

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3. Rainbow over the Daugava.

Pine Forest on the Baltic Coast.

Sea View.

A girl playing on kankles (other names - cocle, kuokle).

Coniferous forests.

View of the river.

Panorama of the Daugava River within the boundaries of Riga.

Riga is a holiday song.

On the streets of the city a lot of people in national costumes.

The choir sings a song.

People dressed as fairy tale characters follow a military band.

A military band in full dress.

Girl with a camera in the crowd.

A festive procession through the main streets of Riga.

The operators remove the procession from the machine.

People are carrying garlands of oak leaves.


One of the symbols of the holiday.

Ahead of adult children are running.


Girl goes down the stairs, the rain.

Panorama stadium.

Members and guests under umbrellas.

Musicians in raincoats.

Girl playing the flute.


People sing holiday songs.

With water dripping umbrellas.

The rows of the audience.

Girls congratulate the participants of the concert.

The match consists of dancers.

Panorama Arena stadium, live pictures.

People dance in the stadium.

Dance of children in a meadow.


View of the coast from the pine forest.

A girl playing on kankles.

Coniferous forests.

Top view of the bridge across the Daugava River.

4. From the banks of the Neva River in Canada.

Leningrad, University Embankment, the statue of the Sphinx.

View of the Neva.

Wheel for hydraulic turbine.

Captain supervises the loading wheel on a barge.

The barge passes by the bridge.

Reloading the wheel on the ship "Novomoskovsk".

In the sky the seagull soars.

Sea waves.

USSR flag on the ship.

Animation: the route Leningrad - Vancouver - Kemano map.

Sea view from the ship.

Canada, British Columbia, Canadian coniferous forests in the mountains (shooting from a moving vehicle).

Corniche (shooting from the car).

Mountain view, view of the road.

Freight train on the railroad.

On the road passing tank trailer.

The rain is falling, automotive wipers clean the glass.

View of the road from the cabin.

Vancouver, Stanley Park, a statue of a girl in a wetsuit (analogue of "The Little Mermaid").

View of the city.

Port overload wheel on a barge.

Above the beach flying a helicopter.

View of the coast and mountains.

Tug «Seaspan chief» at the pier in the port of Kemano.

Transport wheel on the truck.

Panorama of lakes and forests of western Canada.

The mountain river.

Truck on a crossing.

Truck convoy moving on the road.

Mountain-forest waterfalls.

Truck on a crossing.

Tug pulling a cargo platform on the river.

Flows into the creek.

Forest Creek at the foot of the mountain.

Mountain views of the river.

Worker on the platform.

Trucks on mountain road.

Natural landscape.

View of the dam of «Side-1."





Traditions and customs; Industry; Geography and Nature
National culture; Culture and Arts; Sectors of the economy