Development of the Moscow Trade (1928-1929)

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Scene №1 Development of the Moscow Trade

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The building department store on Red Presnya.

Log in to the store.

People walk past a shop window.

The building department store in Khamovniki.

People come in the door of the store.

People coming and going.

Faces of people entering the store.

People come into the store.

Feet of people coming up the stairs.

People come into the store.

Persons buyers.

Woman looks at products.

Ham on the meat counter.

Cereals in bags lying on the counter.

Potatoes, vegetables, fruit, sausages on store shelves.

Clay pots on the counter.

A woman in a scarf looks around.

Samovar on the shelves.

Coffee pots on the shelves.

Banks with canned food on the shelves.


Wall clock different models hanging on the wall.

Face women customers.

People on the stairs inside the store.

Stand in the store that sells water "Borjomi".

Fountain in the store.

The customer comes down the stairs.

The buyer and seller in the department of dishes on the counter are enameled chamber pots.

Buyers in the department of dishes.

Woman looking around.

Sales Office hours.

Department of hardware products.

A woman walks down the stairs.

Buyers on the stairs between floors of the store.

People going up and down the stairs.

Rotating advertising stand.

Toys on a pedestal.

The seller of goods measures the tissue.

Hands of the seller.

Seller fabric roll unwinds.

Vendors serving customers.

Face seller of hats.

Military front of the mirror trying on a headdress.

Woman trying on a scarf.

The saleswoman of ready-made clothes helps a woman try on a dress.

Employee of the female fitting.

Saleswoman helping a woman try on a dress.

Seller shoe department trying on shoes shoppers.

The child gets out of the box groovy bus gets it, let the floor.

A child catches a toy bus.

The mother takes the child in his arms.

Mother holding a child at the counter in the toy department.

Toy carousel rotates.

Smiling baby.

Carousel rotates.

Rotating platter.

Trumpet gramophone.

The seller offers the buyer a choice of plates.

Plate in the hands of the buyer.

Frying pan in female hands.

Seller wrap the pan in the paper.

Buyers pay for goods in cash.

Hand the cashier takes money.

Cash register.

Part of the cash register.

Cashier hand, removes the money in a box and giving a check.

People come to the checkout.

Hands cashier working at the cash register.

Hand rotary knob to the cash register.

The window unit indicating the amount.

Rotating advertising stand.

Calendar: 1928-1929

Locations: Moscow [820]

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