Film-travel almanac № 165 (1981)

Newsreel №55248, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:13
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Burkovskij K., Zagryazhskij B., Kuznecov V.
Screenwriters:Adamyan F., Burkovskij K., Zagryazhskij B., Sklyut I.
Camera operators:Muravjev Yu.
Text authors:Vahnyuk B.


1. "Youth centennial Ashgabat". 2. "Welcome mountains!" 3. "On lake Zaisan". 4. "Meteoro - trail in the Middle Ages".

Reel №1

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1. Youth centennial Ashgabat.

Desert landscape.

Against the backdrop of the mountains grazing camels.

Panorama of the city.

The street going cars.

Ancient stone wall.

The streets of Ashgabat.

Photos of the earthquake of 1948.

The modern look of the city.

Citizens on the streets of the capital.

The building of the Academy of Sciences.

The streets of Ashgabat (shooting from the car).

Turkmen State University named after M. Gorky.

Students read the notes.

Industrial plants.

Art Experimental Carpet Factory.

Turkmen carpets.

The street passing bus.

Botanical Garden.

Collection of cacti.

Tropical trees.

Albitius (silk tree).

Water lotus.



Women sit on a bench near the fountain.

Monument Makhtumkuli.

Memorial in honor of those killed in World War II.

The Eternal Fire.

Women are on the avenue of the park.

The starter gives the signal to start the race.

Alternation: galloping horse, face the audience.

Traffic light.

On the road going watering machine.

The streets of Ashgabat (shooting from the car).

People on the streets of the city.

The monument to Vladimir Lenin.

2. Welcome mountains!

Caucasus Mountains.

On the slope of work glaciologists.

Snowy peaks.

Shells observatories.

The mountain slopes.

Bus at the entrance to the observatory.

Scientists at work.


View of the Elbrus cableway.

The cabin rises.

Skiers in the cockpit.

Skiers on the cable car in the Baksan Gorge.

The man in the sunglasses.

People skiing.

The descent from the slope to the hotel.

Skiers at hotel

Man playing guitar.

People near the bar.

Queuing for a barbecue at the ski station.

People dine al fresco.

People skiing dismantled and sent to the track.

Skiers going down the slope.

Mountain peaks.

Locations: Turkmenistan [225] Kabardino-Balkar Republic [743]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

3. On lake Zaisan.

Zaisan Valley, the origins of the Irtysh.

The river is powerboat.

On the shore of cows.

Man looking through binoculars.

Flock of sheep on a watering place.

Flowing Lake Zaisan.

Birds are raised from the water.

The man in the boat.

Ducks on the water.

The boat in the channel.

Eggs and chicks in the nest.


Mute swan.

Swans fly.

Seagulls fly over the lake.

Marsh duct (shooting from a moving boat).

The river is the boat.

Dam Buhtorminskaya hydro power plant.

View of the lake in the foreground grass stalks.

Tugs boats are through Buhtorminskoe reservoir.

Motor boat approaching the shore.

Fishermen pulled out of the water network, load the fish in the boat.

Boats on the water.

4. Meteoro - trail in the Middle Ages.

Greece, Thessaly, views village Meteoro (shooting from the car).

Monasteries on the rocks.

Ropes for lifting people and objects on the walls.

Rotational gate.

Alternation: internal passages of the monastery, the people on the tour.

The old altar.

View outside the walls of the monastery.

Bars on the windows.


Along the corridor passes monk.

Burning candles.

Outdoor Gallery.

People walking down the stairs.

Trading on the market.

People see souvenirs and other goods.

A group of children.

The monastery on the rock.

View from the rocks down.

Panorama settlement in the valley.

At the river sheep graze.

Convent of the Holy Trinity.

Nuns on the bridge.

Monasteries of Meteora from the road (shooting from the car).

Locations: Kazakhstan [114] Greece [87]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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