Film-travel almanac 1981 № 167

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Boldireva L., Popov L.

Script writers: Popov L.

Operators: Popov A.

Composers: Goljdshtejn A.

Text writers: Vahnyuk B.


1. "The Tale of the Ust-Ilimsk." 2. "In the footsteps of polar Odyssey." 3. "From those early days." 4. "Where lives a kangaroo."

Towns and countries

Reel №1

1. The Tale of the Ust-Ilimsk.

Panorama taiga.

Angara River.

Ust-Ilim hydroelectric station.

Panorama of the city.

On the road going buses.

A group of workers in the forest.

Felling using a combine harvester (Harvester).

The young forest grows on the ground cutting.

Harvester pulling felled trees.

The truck carries logs.

Unloading logs at the Ust-Ilim LPK. Wood sent for recycling.

Stages of processing materials.

Packaging of finished paper products on the conveyor.

By passing a warehouse forklift.

Shop factory.


Computer's operator.

The data on the monitor.

The shop is a woman.

View of the PBL from the road, on the road going cars.

Sewage treatment plant on the reservoir.

From the river caught fish pull.

Fishermen in a boat.

Children swim in the pool.

Pool view from the outside.

Winter natural landscape.

People with dog sitting by the fire.

The roofs of greenhouses.

The greenhouses grow cucumbers.

Harvest tomatoes.

Playing football at the city stadium.

Students in the classroom.

Group in kindergarten.

The territory of the kindergarten.

Dwelling houses, people in the courts.

View of the city from the forest.

2. In the wake of the polar Odyssey.

The crew of amateur sailors on the deck of a small fishing boat.

Presentation of commemorative medals to those who pass the first time the Arctic Circle.

The operator removes the team.

Man shoots into the air pistol (salute the Arctic Circle).

Captain teacher winds up the rope.

XO engineer looks in the mirror.

Photographer at the helm.

Watchman-TV operator fixes the sail.

Sailor journalist checks tackles.

Boatswain trade worker repairs the instrument.

Kok philologist preparing dinner.

Boat is on the route of the expedition E.V.Tollya.

The crew of the lifeboat with canvas covers.

Sea views from the board.

Ships in the White Sea.

Boat aground.

Sailors on HIV prevention engine.

The crew at the stern, sunset over the sea.

Sailor looking through binoculars.

Panorama Cape Stone-nose.

Grave crosses Pomerania.

The construction of the navigation tower.

Storm surges in the Barents Sea.

The sailor on the nose bot.


Sea view from the ship.

Users control the sails.

Captain rest.

XO paves course.

Pechora Sea, the crew picks up the sail.

The operator is shooting.

Boat is under full sail.

Boat in the Kara Sea.

Anderma village.

Reindeer with children leaving for the team.


Flowers tundra.

Berry cloudberries.

Those crew members.


Boat in the ice of the Kara Sea.


Irkutsk region



Industry; Expeditions and discoveries

Reel №2

3. From those early days.

Vladimir City.

City streets and squares.


The monument to Vladimir Lenin.

War Memorial.

Monument to the 850th anniversary of Vladimir.

Golden Gate diorama "Storm of Vladimir by Batu Khan's February 7, 1238".

Golden Gate today.

Museum of crystal and lacquered miniature.

Place of burial A.Ya.



Bust A.Ya.


Cathedral of the Assumption.

The interiors of the temple.

Wall painting brush Rublev.


View of outdoors.

The walls of the Princess of the Assumption monastery.


General view of the monastery.

Demetrius Cathedral.

Details of ornament, stone carving.

Fragments of the cathedral.

General view of the cathedral.

Bogolyubskii monastery.

Church of the Intercession on the Nerl.

Domes of the Assumption Cathedral towering over the forest.

4. However, where lives a kangaroo.

Brisbane River.

Ships in port.

Streets Brisbane (shooting from the car).

The driver behind the wheel.

Rural road.

Administration Building Reserve.

On the bench sits a man on the grass next to a photographer.

The inscription at the entrance to the reserve Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.


Visitors to the reserve from the fence enclosure.

Sulphur-crested cockatoo.

Fischer's Lovebird.

Chinese silk chickens.

Garden bird flutters on the bench.

Bird sits on a water bottling machine.

People take pictures of animals.

Koala on tree branches.

Koala at the hands of personnel reserve.

Visitors to the reserve koala photographed.

Koala sitting on a dog's back.

Child feeding kangaroos.

Kangaroo lie under the trees.

Kangaroo take food from the hands of the people.

Man petting a kangaroo.

Man feeds the female kangaroo and her baby.

The administration of the reserve.

Panorama of Brisbane.


Vladimir region



History; Architecture; Geography and Nature