Film-travel almanac 1982 № 168

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Director: Zagryazhskij B., Zakrevskij Yu., Sokolov A.

Script writers: Abizov V., Gurvich Yu., Zagryazhskij B., Klado L.

Operators: Fomichev L.

Text writers: Belyakov V.


1. "The revival of the earth." 2. "Tikhvin true stories." 3. "In the spring in Tajikistan." 4. "Eternal companion of Athens."

Towns and countries

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

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1. Revival of the earth.

View Makeyevka Metallurgical Plant.

Go work in the smelter.

View of the factory buildings.

Work in the mine.

Chunks of rock on the conveyor.


View of the factory.

Wastewater treatment plants.

Construction equipment and blurs rake blade.

Work on alignment of dumps.

View of the city.

The gardens are grown on the land reclamation program.

Pears on the branches.



Rose bush.

A man mows a bush.

Cottage, standing on the balcony of the children, the parents go to the shed.

Family drinking tea in the courtyard.

Water running over the rocks.

The recreation area in the quarry.

People swim, go fishing, boating and catamarans.

Blooming roses.

People walk through the streets of Makeyevka, manicured flower beds everywhere.

Fountain in front of the building.

City streets (shooting from the car).

People ride on a sailboat and relax on the beach.

2. Tikhvinskye were.

Winter natural landscape.

Tikhvinka River.

View of the village houses.

View on the field from the forest on the horizon church.

Gateways are Tikhvin water system.

Polennitza front of the house.

Gallery Tikhvin Virgin Assumption monastery.

The view from the window in the wall.


Gallery on the second floor.

Open the gate.

The turrets on the wall.

View of the main entrance to the church.

Go down the street people.

Poselkovaya street, wooden houses.

The window in the building.

The boy plays the violin.

The boy is engaged with teachers.

Girl on the piano lessons.

Portrait of Rimsky-Korsakov in his youth.

Premises House Museum Rimsky-Korsakov.

On the table are notes and an extract from the church metric books.

Vase of flowers on a table in the living room.

Notes in the open piano.

Portrait of Rimsky-Korsakov's maturity.

Girl with a teacher.

People on the streets of the city.

The soldiers fired into the air.

Laying wreaths at the monument.

The alternation of fragments of the Tikhvin military memorial complex, winter natural landscapes.

Country house.

Bridge over Tikhvinka, town houses away.

People on the streets of the city.

The branch of the Kirov factory.

On the road going trucks.


Leningrad region



Industry; History
Sectors of the economy

Reel №2

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3. In the spring of Tajikistan.

The stones are remnants of snow, blooming tulips.

On the rocks flowing water.

The mountain river.

Varzob pass.

Blooming tree on the rocks.

Lambs are jumping on the rocks.

Woman with kids down to the river.

Mountain river rapids.

On the trail ride on horseback riders.

Past flocks is a caravan of donkeys.

A man riding on a donkey.

Flowering mountain poppies.

Excursion to the ruins of Penjikent.

Vegetation on the rocks.

Mausoleum of Khoja Mashhad and madrassas.

Hissar fortress.

Lake View Iskanderkul clouds hanging over the mountains.

Top view of a mountain stream.

Bird on a branch.

Sources Chiluchor Chashma.

Algae and small fish in the water.

Snake on the branches of a bush.

Vakhsh River in the territory of the State Reserve Tiger bar.

Along the shore flying seagull.

On the sand runs nutria.

Greenfinch on the branches.


Blooming Albitius (silk tree).

Along the path there is a female deer (Vazhenkov).

Young saiga.

A member of the reserve saiga calf feeding with milk from a bottle.

Vazhenkov eating out basin in human hands.

Employee Reserve floats on the boat.

Women and children planted cotton.


4. Eternal Companions Athens.

Theater of Dionysus.

Public transport passes in front of the Arch of Hadrian.

View from under the arch of trees and columns.


View of the port of Piraeus.

Monument Themistocles.

The fountain near the monument.

Past the fountain are people.

Fragments of defensive walls.

On the road going car.

City streets (shooting from the car).

Church of St Nicholas in the harbor.

Cars in the parking lot.

Blooming tree.

Fruits of lemons on the branches.

A child playing with a puppy.

The tent city.

The woman's face.

The restaurant on the shores of the Saronic Gulf.

Lobsters on ice in a glass case.

Visitors to the table.

Fisherman on the boat.

Man cleans crabs.

General view of the shop windows.

A man climbs onto the sidewalk.

People at a table in a restaurant (the view through the glass).

Man and woman unfold the lace tablecloth.

Sailboat on the beach.

The tops of the trees.

Flower sells on the street.

View of the port on the opposite side of the road.

Above the port is flying the plane.

The masts of ships.

Forms of the port of Piraeus.

People walk along the promenade.

Ships at berth.

Panorama of the harbor and the bay.

View of the city.





Geography and Nature; History of Greece
History of foreign countries; History