Film-travel almanac 1982 № 169

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Goljdenblank B., Ostrovskij L., Riklin V., Eratov E.

Script writers: Zorkij A., Kotenko S., Ostrovskij L., Riklin V.

Operators: Maevskij Ya., Revzin Ya.

Text writers: Belokurov L.


1. "Kyiv - XV centuries." 2. "For the pass - pass". 3. "Gold Reach". 4. "In the Bay of Astrolabe."

Towns and countries

Reel №1

1. Kyiv - XV centuries.

Panorama of Kiev.

Hagia Sophia (St.

Sophia Cathedral).

The interior of the cathedral.

House of Peter I, now a branch of the Museum of History of Kiev (Museum of charity).


One of the buildings of the Kiev Academy.


The monument to Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

Top view of the streets of Kiev.

The walls of the house, decorated with stone carvings.

Chronicle of the Great Patriotic War: Destroyed building behind the monument to Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

Red building of the Kiev National University named after Taras Shevchenko (NUC).

The street near the burning houses fleeing soldiers.

Park of Eternal Glory, the memorial of the Great Patriotic War, the eternal flame.

Fragment of a monument "The Motherland".

View of the eternal flame and square in front of the monument in water.

Flowers at the edge of the pond.

View of the monument "Motherland."

View of the bridge over the Dnieper.

Panoramas streets of Kiev.

Fountains in the park.

Man and woman with a bouquet of flowers.

People talking in the park.

People cross the road.

Flowering poppies.

View Kiev across the Dnieper.

Panorama of the city.

2. Pass the pass.

Great Caucasus Range.

Waterfall in Digora Gorge.

Urukh Valley, Mountain View.

Chalet "Dzinaga" poster of the 1st All-Union tourist meetings.

The life of the tent camp.

Begin tourist events, people run to the edge.

Crossing the river.

View of the mountains on the opposite shore.

Man running on the rocks protruding from the ground.

Climbing rope.

A man looking through a telescope.

The descent on the rope.

Climber equipment checks.

Man on the wall.

The man looks up.

The descent from the cliff.

Participants of motocross.

Athlete runs to the motorcycle and travels the route.

Uphill on motorcycles.

Members of motor racing.

Overcoming a water barrier.

Rafting down the river in canoes.

Kayak overturns, athletes fall into the water.

Boat and athletes carries through the rapids.

View of the tent city from the opposite bank of the river.

Panorama Mountains.


1982 1941-1945





History; Architecture; Caucasus and Transcaucasia (the nature and geography)

Reel №2

3. Gold Reach.

Picture I. Levitan "Gold Reach".

View from the hill on the Volga, on the banks of the Church of the Resurrection of Christ.

View of the city.

Monument to Prince Vasily I.

The remains of defensive walls, autumn landscapes.

View of the city, the river is a boat.


Old buildings on the banks of the Volga.

On the way, goes the cart.

Wooden bridge over the river.

Birch Grove.

Bench in the alley.

Boat on the water near the shore.

Boat on the beach.


Autumn landscape.

The river is the ship (the view from the trees).

Tour group.

Rowan branch.

Fragments ornaments on old houses (wooden architecture).

People walking on the street.

House-Museum of I. Levitan.

Alternation: I. Levitan paintings, people on the tour in the museum.

The staircase to the mezzanine.

Room I. Levitan artist's studio.

Box from under the paint on the table.

View from the window.

Autumn scenery Ples.

Monument I.I.Levitanu.

View of the Volga.

4. In the Bay of Astrolabe.

New Guinea, Aboriginal village.

Hollow Man in a log boat.

Villagers play ritual theater performance.

Portrait of NN Miklukho-Maclay.

View of the coast.

Natural scenery.

The fruit trees.

Near the hut children play.

People sitting around the campfire, cook.

A woman goes to the hut.

A man working in the garden.

A child on a palm tree.

The boy cut the nut.

Portrait of NN Miklukho-Maclay.

Blogs NN Miklukho-Maclay.

Museum exhibits.

Figures Aboriginal people.

The man sharpens a machete, a woman watches.

Man weaves palm fronds.

Ritual dances holidays.

The top of a palm tree.

View of the bay from the shore.

View of the coast from the water.




Ivanovo region
Papua new Guinea



Artists; History; Traditions and customs