Film-travel almanac 1982 № 170

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Director: Berman V., Serebrenikov A., Eratov E.

Script writers: Serebrenikov A., Sklyut I., Slomyanskij B.

Operators: Revzin Ya.

Text writers: Mendzherickij I.


1. "Memorial on the Dnieper." 2. "Taganrog - the birthplace of Chekhov." 3. "On the roads of Samogitia". 4. "New Delhi landmarks of history."

Towns and countries

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

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1. Memorial on the Dnieper.

Panorama of Kiev.

The monument to Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

Hagia Sophia (St.

Sophia Cathedral).

View of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.


View of the monument "The Motherland" from the air.

The area in front of the National Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 (from July 2015 - Museum of the History of Ukraine during World War II).

The monument stands at the entrance to the museum.

People up and down the stairs.

Child near the anti-aircraft gun.

Top view of the area of military equipment.

People in the square.

The monument in water.

Chronicle of 1943:

Soviet troops stepping up the right bank of the Dnieper.

Fragments of the monument in water.

Colonel Aviation.

Sculptures memory guerrillas.

The monument "The Motherland".

The streets of Kiev.

High building.

The monument in water.

Flowers at the edge of the pond.

View of the eternal flame.

2. Taganrog - the birthplace of Chekhov.

Monument to Peter I, rear view.

View of the port of Taganrog.

Monument to Peter I. weathervane on the roof.

Streets of Taganrog, on the road going trams.

Old buildings.

Father's House of Anton Chekhov.

The children come home.

Rooms House Museum.



Rooms House Museum.

Wall clock.

View of the stone stairs from the Pushkinskaya embankment to the Greek street.

Climbing stairs.

Family grocery Czechs, now part of the museum.

Horseshoe in stone at the entrance.

The interior of the shop.


Taganrog Drama Theater named after Anton Chekhov.

Among the museum exhibits on the table ancient editions of Nikolai Gogol's comedy "Inspector".

Portrait of the young Anton Chekhov in the form of the mayor.

Room apartment in the city of Chekhov.

Grammar school, class type through a window in the door.

School desks.

On the desk is work of Anton Chekhov.

Corridors school.

Documents and inkstand on the table.

Matura Anton Chekhov.

The street passing car.

Home inspectors A.F.Dyakonova gymnasium.



House doctor P.M.Shedevi.



Hotel "Intourist".

The street passing trolley.

View of the hotel and restaurant.

Monument APChehovu.




Rostov region



History; Museums and exhibitions; Literati
Culture and Arts; Persons of arts; Biography; Literature

Reel №2

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3. On the roads of Samogitia.

Wooden idol of solid oak.

Driving on the road (shooting from the car).

Natural landscape - a place where the village Ablinga.

Sheaves in the field.

View of the river.

Memorial to the victims of Nazism on the hill Zhvaginyay.

Collective farm "Ablinga", on the road truck rides.

On the lawn grazing horse.

People near the drawn carts.

Ripe ears.

Sheaves in the field.

Rural landscapes.


PiС‘te village, on the field storks feed.

The museum in the trunk of an oak.

The door opens.

Poem D.Poshki "Guys."

Researcher takes notes.

Museum exhibits.

Flowering grass in the field.

On a hill grazing horse.

View of the field.

Boulders on the edge of the road.

Boulder under the trees.

The village Masedis, boulders along the road.

Rock Garden.

V.Intas doctor working in the garden, along with family members.

Forms garden.

Blooming sunflowers.

The man in the garden.

People go to the garden on the tour.

View of the village.

Water lotus.

Ducks with chicks at the shore.

The child feeds ducks.

Panorama fields.

4. Delhi, milestones.

Panorama Delhi.

Center New Delhi, urban transport surrounds the fountain in the square.

City streets.

Top view of the street Moonlight in the Old City.

Shopping Arcade.

Teenager blow bubbles.

The barber shaves a customer.

Goods artisan shop.

Buyers and sellers of the Old City.

On the street passing horse-drawn rickshaws.

View of the ruins of ancient cities.

Qutub Minar Tower (Tower of Victory), the view from the arch.

The man's face.

Tower View from the lawn.

Fort tughlaqabad fort.

Monkey runs through the stone wall.

Monkey on the tree.

Tughlaqabad fort ruins.

On the ground, sits an elderly man.

The fortress Purana Qila (Old Fort).


Fatal stage Emperor Humayun.

The tomb of Emperor.

Humayun's mausoleum.

Go down the street girls.

Red Fort.

Inside the fort.

Guided group.

Pearl Mosque.

Types of Red Fort from the outside.

Panorama of New Delhi.





History of foreign countries; Museums and exhibitions; Architecture
History; Culture and Arts