Film-travel almanac № 172 (1982)

Newsreel №55255, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:09
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)


Plot №1 «Land for grandchildren" Plot №2 «We live here" The plot №3 «The hearth home, do not forget ..." The plot №4 «Born in the songs"

Reel №1

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Plot №1 «Land for grandchildren."

Buryatia, winter.

Snow-capped mountains, pine forest, birch, blocks of ice.

Buryat section of the BAM.

Column of trucks driving on snow-covered road.

Builders pave the section of the route, the work crews.

Those builders icy mustache and beard.

The wedding, the bride and groom are trying to bread and salt.

The groom works for the construction of the highway.

Bride and groom at the table.

Groom chopping wood.

The bride and groom sawing wood.

The village Pechora.

Children's playground, kids roll down the hills, the children on the swing.

New village streets, houses under the snow.

Villagers with small children.

Go women with prams.

On the ropes dried baby clothes, underwear.

Veniks hanging on the porch.

Child with dog walking down the street.

City Severobaikalsk, winter.

Housing estate.

Children's School of Art, in front of the children.

Girls are engaged in a dance class at the barre.

Wood drifts, pine covered with snow.

District Dzelinda, radon hot springs in the winter woods.

Men bathe in the springs, wiping snow.

Snowdrifts, a woman in a swimsuit, kids swimming trunks.

House of Culture, the festival.

The girls sing on stage, the girls at the tables.

Builders BAM rest, dance.

Builders pave the section of the route, the work crews.

Winter, the train is on the line.

View of the new city from the train window.

Plot №2 «We live here."

The Barents Sea, a cargo ship, seagulls.

Helicopter over the coast.

Kanin Peninsula, the nomadic Nenets.

The shepherds with a herd of deer.

Nenets reindeer.


Parking Nenets plague.

Nenets women and children.

The woman shakes her young child on the sled runners.

Women sharpen knife on the stone disc.

National costumes in the Nenets Museum.

Elegant malitsa.

Nenets boys with ropes.

Boy throws a loop on the horns of a deer.

The shepherds chase the deer, the deer are on the ropes by the horns.

Shepherds harnessed reindeer.

Sunset over the tundra.

Nenets traveling across the tundra in reindeer.

Locations: Republic of Buryatia [740] Severobaikalsk Arkhangelsk region [768]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The plot №3 «The hearth home, do not forget ...."

Bulgaria, Gabrovo.

Winter views of the city.

Ethnographic Open-Air Museum.

City of Masters.

Tourists in the narrow streets.

Workshops, signage above the entrance.

Craftsman apron comes from the workshop.

Lantern on the porch.

The roofs of shops, smoke from the chimneys, mountain ash covered with snow.

Water flows down the gutters.

The old man drinks water from a street tap.

Artist painting outside the museum.

Painting with the Gabrovo houses and their residents on rooftops.

Workshops, art interiors.

Coach-maker paints crew.

Masters made metal utensils.

Crockery on shelves.

Painted plates hanging on the walls of the studio.

Shoemaker works, Bulgarian National Shoes.

Master blows up, lights the fire.

Jewelry metals.

Master makes a bell, playing the Bulgarian bells.

Tinker carries the clothes on the street of the town.

Musicians playing on old Bulgarian instruments.

Bulgarian New Year.

The boys in national costumes running through the streets.

Boys survochkami (branches with sweets) are knocking at the house.

In the square Christmas tree, the townspeople.

Diado Kalyada (Santa Claus) at the wheel of an unusual machine.

Parade through the streets of Gabrovo.

People with musical instruments in ancient costumes.

Columns clowns, citizens in the square.

The plot №4 «A native of songs."

Moscow, gathering tourist song contest.

Train passengers with backpacks and guitars.

Girls in the car playing guitar, singing (synchronously).

Young tourists with tents and guitars come to the gathering place.

Tourists equip tent city in the woods.

Backpacks, guitar.

People on mattresses in sleeping bags.

Playing guitar, singing.

Homemade banners teams.


People sitting around the campfire, play guitars, sing (synchronously).

Dolls on stage, the participants of the gathering applauded.

Overnight tourists around campfires with guitars.

Water is heated in kettles and buckets, people with mugs.

She sings in a tent, it is recorded on the tape.

Night, closing the contest.

Participants of the rally with torches lit the symbolic fire in the bowl.

Tourists chorus song Bulat Okudzhava "Union of Friends."

Decorative bridge-pier in the shape of a guitar, sailing nearby.

Participants of the rally are on the pier guitar.

Locations: Bulgaria [34] Afghanistan [250] Moscow region [788]

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