Film-travel almanac № 174 (1982)

Newsreel №55257, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:30
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Klyuchnikov A., Slomyanskij B., Eratov E.
Camera operators:Sologub N., Fomichev L.
Text authors:Rodionov A.


1. "The City on the Angara River." 2. "In the shallows of the Amu Darya." 3. "Studenaya land - Spitsbergen." 4. "Springs of memory."

Reel №1

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"City on the Angara River."

Scenery along the banks of the Angara.

The river is the ship.

View of the Irkutsk (shooting with water).


Monument to the pioneers of the Siberian land.

Details of the monument: portrait, coat of arms of the city.

Tour group at the grave G.I.Shelehova.

Monument G.I.Shelehovu.

People go to a wooden house.

History Museum (former ESRGS - East Siberian Branch of the Russian Geographical Society).

Residents of Irkutsk on the streets.

Irkutsk Academic Drama Theatre named after N.P.Ohlopkova.

Monument to the fighters of the revolution.

Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute.

Work in the smelter.

A group of tourists.

The man with the camera.

The Church.

Old houses, wooden architecture.

Movement of people and vehicles on city streets.

The fountain in the square.

Overgrown slope.

People climb the stairs.

View of the city from the water.


The river is the ship.

"In the shallows of the Amu Darya."


Beetle crawling on the sand.

Desert vegetation.

Research ship "Terrible".

Cargo ferry.

Scientists are working on the ship.

View of the river.

The ruins of ancient cities.

The boat is on the water.

Scientists bombarded network.

Night in the desert.

Gecko in the light of a lantern.

People around the campfire.

Desert bloom.

Turtle crawling on the sand.

Man runs on the water near the shore.

Caught Pseudoscaphirhynchus placed in a bag.

The river is motorboat.

Pseudoscaphirhynchus transplanted into the aquarium.

Scientific equipment sets.

Big Amudarya Pseudoscaphirhynchus.

People change the water in the aquarium.

The vegetation along the river.

Scientist looking through a microscope.

Observation of Pseudoscaphirhynchus.

Panorama of the Amu Darya.

Locations: Irkutsk region [777] Krasnoyarsk Territory [762] Siberia [926] Turkmenistan [225]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Summer [824] Spring [825]

Reel №2

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"Studenaya land - Spitsbergen."

Rocky shore.

Ice in the water.

Seal dives into the water.

A pair of polar bear cubs playing with ice floe.

Polar bears on shore.


Waterfall in Gorge.

I.Starostina cabin.

Valley Isefjord.

The Museum.

Portrait V.A.Rusanova.

The museum exhibits.

View of the mountains across the bay.

Operating the mine entrance.

Stages of coal mining.

Cargo ships at berth.


Stairway to home.

In the yards of seagulls fly.

People meet at the port of the vessel.

City street.

The river is the ship.

"Springs of memory."

Panorama of the mountains.

Because of the mountain helicopter crashes.

Under the trees at the foot of the mountains flowing stream.



Springs in the monastery.

Stone buildings.

Creek flowing over rocks.


Monument A.O.Tamanyanu.

A fragment of the monument "Cascade".

Girl sitting on the edge of the fountain.

Woman walking on a park path.

Sayat-Nova (the monument with a spring).

Yerevan fountains.

People drink water from fountains.

Fountains on the Republic Square.

Eternal Flame.

The memorial complex Saradarapat.

Water monument.

Man drinking from a spring in the park.

People at a spring on a mountain road.

Spring at the venue with the coffin Griboyedov Pushkin.

Monument David of Sasun.

Locations: Norway [165] Armenia [12]

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