Film-travel almanac 1982 № 176

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The plot №1 «Virgin Soil Old Woodlands" The plot №2 «thrones Forest City" The plot №3 «Gay, broad Polonyna! ..." The plot №4 «Hot stones Amman"

Reel №1

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Plot №1 «Virgin Soil old Polesie".

Belarus, Polesye.

Forest, view from above.

Off-road riding through the woods.

Western Dvina, the water runs out of the boat.


Ferry on the river on a raft trucks.

Marshland, herbs, dried trees.

Newsreel 1979: rain, puddles, coming from the coast of the river; flooded the Belarusian village; a man in a boat floating on the river near the flooded houses.


Specialist fixes the water level.

Go work on reclamation, tractors and construction machinery in the field.

Dug furrows in the ground.

Ennobled by the river bank.

Irrigation system in the field.

Cleaning forage crops.

Cattle-breeding complex, cow stalls, a walk.

The territory of the complex, the view from the car.

Poselkovaya street, a woman with a stroller and babies.

Stork in its nest feeding chicks.

Hydrological Reserve, experts examined the soil, gather data.

Flowers in a meadow, on a swamp, lily of the valley.

The trees, the waterfront.

Plot №2 «Forest thrones the city."

Moscow region, Pushchino outlines, forest plantations.

Wooded bank of the Oka.

Types Pushchino, people, transport.

The Scientific Center of Biological Research of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

The territory of the center of the building.

Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory, locator.

Residential high-rise buildings, a lot of greens, people walk.

Green areas in the vicinity of Pushchino.

The reserve, river otters in the river.

Trees, grass, flowers, chicks in the nest.

Flowers on the balconies of houses.

Swallows' nests under the roof.

Hedgehog in the grass, Wildlife Photography with the camera in the forest.

Fairy wooden playground, a woman rolls the children.

People go to the cinema.

Activities Children's Environmental station in the forest.

Children with teacher study an anthill.

Wooden sculptures in the forest amateur.

Horse-racing club "Mustang".

The boys cleaned the horse, a pony ride through the woods.

Boys in a clearing perebintovyvayut dog paw.

Haystacks in the green, high-rise buildings.

Adults with young children on the riverbank.

Types of Pushchino.





Russian cities and regions; Geography and Nature; Agriculture; Science
Towns and countries; Sectors of the economy

Reel №2

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The plot №3 «gay, broad Polonyna! ...".

Ukraine, Carpathian Mountains, the city of Rachel.

Mountains, forest, river.

The musicians in national costumes played trembitas.

The ancient festival "Seeing flocks to the meadow."

Festivities, hutsuly play musical instruments, dance.

Parade through the streets of the city, the shepherds on horseback.

Alpine pastures, shepherds chase a flock of sheep.

Shepherds milking goats cheese cook on a fire in the boiler.

Cheese head hung to dry gauze.

Hanging dyed yarn.

Hutsul women sew, spin in the garden.

A woman hanging on a clothesline national carpets in the garden.

Women woven on looms on the street.

Carved wooden fairy figurines, folk paintings on wood.

The final celebration.

Men kindle a large fire on the meadow.

Shepherds in the mountains near the fire, Forest.

The plot №4 «Hot stones Amman."

Jordan capital Amman views.

Vehicles, pedestrians on the streets.

Minaret, television tower.

Abu Darwish Mosque 1961.

Jerash, the ancient Greco-Roman city.

Architectural monuments, columns, tourists.

Tourists walk around the amphitheater, sitting in the stands.

Bedouin rolled tourists on a camel.

The driver behind the wheel of the bus, the view from the window on the track.

Tourists riding in a narrow mountain gorge.

Petra, the ancient capital of the Nabataean kingdom.

The temple-mausoleum Al Khazneh, columns cut in the rock.

Tourists on the shore of the Dead Sea, Bedouin with camel guides.

Jerash, the Cardo Max (Street of the Pillars). 13-meter tower, the ruins, the view of the city.



Towns and countries; Folk Art; National culture; Architecture; History of foreign countries
Geography and Nature; Culture and Arts; History