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The plot №1 «BAM. 520 km " The plot №2 «Where Alazan winds ..." The plot №3 «Valley of the Giants" The plot №4 «A Day in Tokyo"

Reel №1

Plot №1 «ASB. 520 km. "

Winter, Mountain, Buryat section of the Baikal-Amur Mainline.

Cars on the road, a freight train.

Buryat schoolgirl meets at the board with a map of the BAM.

Village New Uoyan pointer "520 th km".

Snow-covered streets, buildings, houses.

Students enter the school building.

Children play basketball in the school gym.

Hunters with dogs are in the winter woods.

Evenk reindeer.

Sewing workshop, Evenk sew boots and hats made of leather and fur.

Villagers carry children on a sled.

Signs with slogans on buildings BAM village.

Go boy with a dog, people with prams.

Shop "Children's World" in the village.

The builders of BAM in a meeting in the office.

On the table layout for future settlements in Siberia.

Architect puts on a mock sugar cubes instead of buildings.

The men unloaded the car, skidding to a private home furnishings.

The mother in the kitchen, family with children having tea.

Palace of Culture in the village, a sign "We are building BAM".

It sounds song about Uoyan (VO).

Girls and women demonstrate national clothes in the palace.

Winter travel builders laid highway link.

Winter landscape, the coast of Lake Baikal.

Highway and railway along the Baikal.

Plot №2 «Where Alazan winds ...".

Georgia, an ancient village of Tsinandali.

Patrimony Georgian princes Chavchavadze House Museum.

River, English-style park, autumn landscape.

A woman sweeps the fallen leaves.

The interior of the house, portraits of the genus Chavchavadze.

Picture: Adjutant General Garsevan Chavchavadze signed the Treaty of Georgievsk.

Portrait of the prince-poet Alexander Chavchavadze.

Interior, manuscripts and books on the table, paintings: the Decembrists and Pushkin visiting Alexander Chavchavadze; Alexander Griboyedov with the Prince and Princess Chavchavadze.

Portrait of Princess Nina Chavchavadze.

Benches in the park, the leaves fall from the trees.

Picture: his wife Nina Griboyedov at the piano.

Sheet music for piano.

Chapel in Chavchavadze.

Types manor house with lighted windows.

Antique clock, portrait Nina Chavchavadze Tombstone Griboyedov at St.

David's in Tbilisi.

The inscription on the slab from Nina.

Autumn park in the estate of Chavchavadze.

Cross over the ancestral grave.

Employees of the house-museum area clean.

The door closes.


Republic of Buryatia [740] Georgia [83] Tbilisi [859]

Russian cities and regions; Construction; National culture; Museums and exhibitions; Literati

Reel №2

The plot №3 «Valley of the Giants."

Ukraine, Uman.

Arboretum "Sofiyivka" of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Former Park Polish magnate Stanislav Potocki.

Heaps of huge stones.

Architectural objects illustrate the Greek myths.

Tourists in front of the "underworld of Tartarus."

Tourists in the "Charon's boat" floating through a tunnel under a rock.

Fountains, waterfalls in the park, sculpture.

View of the "Assembly Square and the Ionian Sea."

Tourists walk along the paths of the park.

Pink Pavilion.

The Grotto of Diana, the sculpture of Diana.

Lake, sculpture composition of stone.

The plot №4 «A Day in Tokyo."

Tokyo, top view.

TV Tower.

The man at the telescope on the observation deck.

Private Japanese houses in the old part of the city.

The Japanese come out of the houses.

Children run to school in the streets of Tokyo.

Japanese children playing in the school yard.

Passers-by, cars, pedestrians.

Dummy cop on a dangerous crossroads.

Busy traffic, freeway.

Residential houses along the highway.

View of Tokyo from the top of the smoke.

Japanese rest in the city park, and ride on the carousel.

The Japanese are sitting in the park, the child and pigeons.

An old man sells children's toys.

View top traffic junction.

The old man comes to the territory of a Buddhist temple.

The Japanese call the bell in the temple.

On the tree strips of paper with the prediction of fate.

Stone garden trees.

View from the top of the industrial Tokyo.

Night Tokyo, advertising signs, lights, transportation.


Ukraine [229] Uman Tokyo [866]

Architecture; Towns and countries; Social life