Film-travel almanac № 181 (1983)

Newsreel №55263, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:09
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)


The plot №1 «Pages ice epic" The plot №2 «White Sea. Solovetsky Islands " The plot №3 «north - only pole" The plot №4 «... And grow the city"

Reel №1

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The plot №1 «Pages epic ice."

The Northern Sea Route.

Paves the way for nuclear icebreaker, tunic ice.

Newsreel 1932: navigation icebreaker "Alexander Siberians."

Museum, engraving and layout Pomor fishing boat "Koch".

Household items coast-dwellers in the museum.

Nuclear icebreaker sails in ice.

Engraved picture of Peter the Great.

Mate's book early 18th century, the Russian Empire cards pioneers.

The exposition of the tragic polar expeditions in Russian history.

Photo polar Vladimir Rusanov and missing vessel "Hercules.

Photo polar explorer Georgy Brusilov and missing schooner "Saint Anna".

Newsreel 1932: navigation icebreaker "Alexander Siberians";

icebreaker sails, bears on the ice, the crew members on board.

Moscow, a conference room, a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Northern Sea Route.

Sailors cadets make banners.

In the hall veteran explorers in awards.

Icebreaker cuts the ice sheet, a plane over the courts.

Caravan icebreakers in the Arctic Ocean.

Uploading heavy equipment and machines on a barge from the icebreaker, with polar radio.

Caravan icebreakers sailing in ice.

The plot №2 «White Sea.

Solovetsky Islands. "

Solovetsky Archipelago (view from helicopter).

Monks Herman, Zosima and Sabbatius (founders of the monastery) on ancient paintings and icons.

Solovetsky Kremlin, masonry walls of the blocks.

Channels on Solovetsky Island.

Murals of the temple.

Restorers restored mural, wall.

Solovetsky Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral.

View of the archipelago and the Museum-Reserve of the helicopter.

Key words



V. Rusanov G.Brusilov Saint Zosima Saint German Saint Savvaty

Locations: Arctic Ocean Moscow [820]

Reel №2

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The plot №3 «north - only the pole."

Newsreel 1937: May, Papanin expedition to the North Pole.

Ivan Papanin and the expedition out of the plane, hugging, waving their hands in a waving flag.

Franz Josef Land on the map.

The archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, Franz Josef Land.

Bay, snow-covered rocks.

Photos of the Norwegian polar explorer Fridtjof Nansen.

Cape Flora, a dilapidated wooden house explorers.

Photo: a meeting with the British polar explorer Nansen Frederick Jackson.

Photos Russian Arctic explorer Georgy Sedov and members of his expedition.

Snowy Rudolf Island, the place of death Sedov.

Cross over the grave of the Sedov.

Newsreel 1937 .: Start air expedition to the North Pole led by Papanin Rudolf Island.

Ivan Papanin and polar communicate to the plane.

Rudolf Island View from the plane.

Research Station on the island.

Soviet polar scientists of the equipment.

The rocket ship.

The rocket flies in the direction of the pole.

The plot №4 «...

And the city grow."

The office in the house of professor, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences NN Urvantseva.

Paintings, photographs, guns on the walls.

Nikolai Urvantsev with papers and newspapers running the table.

Taimyr tundra views from a car window.

Photo 1919: Urvantsev and members of his expedition to the Taimyr Peninsula.

Taimyr mine explosion rocks in a quarry.

Powered mining equipment, trucks carry ore.

Melting in the shop of the Norilsk Mining and Metallurgical Combine.

People on the streets of Norilsk with flowers, kids.

View from the top of Norilsk.

First House of Norilsk built expedition Urvantseva.

Commemorative plaque on the house.

Professor Nicholas Urvantsev at a desk in his home office.


Fridtjof Nansen F.Dzhekson Papanin G.Ya.Sedov N.N.Urvantsev

Locations: Arctic [941] Franz Josef Land Moscow [820] Krasnoyarsk Territory [762] Norilsk [927]

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