Film-travel almanac № 183 (1983)

Newsreel №55265, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:57
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)


1. The plot of the Kolyma highway and its significance in the life of the Russian North. 2. The plot of the monastery "Optina" and Leo Tolstoy museums and Fyodor Dostoevsky on its territory. The plot №3 «Beauty inherited" The plot №4 «Youth Meskheti"

Reel №1

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Plot №1 «On the Kolyma highway."

Magadan Region, the Sea of Okhotsk.

Snow-covered plain, snowdrifts, trees.

Chukchi reindeer sledding.

Chukchi woman plays the jew's harp.

Trucks on the Kolyma highway.

Sea port in the Bay of Nagaeva, cargo ships.

Unloading of ships, containers, harbor cranes operate, KAMAZ. The driver behind the wheel of a truck.

Mining along the Kolyma highway.

Quarry working machinery.

Trucks driving on the Kolyma, driver of the cab, snow-covered landscape outside the windows of cars.

Construction of Kolyma HPP. The construction crew is working.

Welders, fitters welded steel structures.

The village hydrobuilders Sinegorye.

Young people go through the village.

Passenger car traveling on the highway Kolyma.

The resort "Melt" Northern Hot Springs.

Huge snowdrifts, vacationers in bathing suits and swimming trunks on skis.

Steam from snowdrifts.

People swim in the geothermal source.

A woman receives medical suite.

Greenhouses in the snowdrifts.

Woman reaps a crop of cucumbers.

Kolyma highway, power line towers.

Central control GES, working engineers, managers.

Trucks driving on the Kolyma highway.

Plot №2 «Optina."

Kaluga region, a roadside pointer to Kozelsk.

Birchwood on the road to Kozelsk.

Riverbanks Zhizdra, forest thickets, meadows.

Monastery "Optina" monastery hotel.

The territory of the monastery, built in the trees.

Wooden Church of St.

John the Baptist, Museum of Leo Tolstoy.

Photos of Tolstoy on the walls of the museum, interior, grand piano.


The wooden house where they lived, Russian writers.

Commemorative plaque with a portrait of Dostoevsky's house.

Desk, desk Dostoevsky.

The manuscripts of the novel "The Brothers Karamazov."

Photo of Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Trees and buildings reflected in the water.

Visitors to the monastery are on the forest.

Locations: Magadan region [787] Kaluga region [779]

Reel №2

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The plot №3 «Beauty inherited."

Mordovia, village Podlesnaya Tavla.

Winter trees.

Roofs of houses, rural street under the snow.

Carved wooden figures on the pillars, birdhouse.

Wooden sculptures of stumps.

Children's art school, wooden figurines on the shelves.

Workshop, students learn to cut the tree.

Delicate wooden carving decorates the house.

Women embroider.

Traditional Mordovian clothes in the museum.

Women's apparel from the canvas, neck, chest, waist ornaments.

Embroidery, beaded jewelry.

Woman puts traditional costumes in a tub for a dowry.

Wood carving on a tub.

Wooden bars on the street.

Skilled wooden figurines: horses, baby rocker.

Mordvinic boys.

Photos Mordovian sculptor Stepan Erzya (Nefedov).

Erzya sculptures in the museum.

Boys in the studio cut wood.

Winter, wooden bucket rises from the well.

The plot №4 «Youth Meskheti".

Georgia, Meskheti mountain gorge, the river.

Flock of sheep in the valley, the shepherds.

Georgians sorted fleece.

An elderly woman bakes traditional bread cakes.

Kids in the mountains.

Kids watching his grandmother, grandmother makes goat cheese.

Cave city Vardzia 12th century.

Ancient dwellings Meskhetian carved in the mountains.

Vineyards in the valley.

Carved stone arches, the remains of the city.

Bunches of grapes.

Older Meshi and adolescents working in the vineyard, put the stones, digging, restoring terraces.

Highland terraces, green valley, the river (view from above).



Locations: Republic of Mordovia [749] Georgia [83]

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