Our Contemporaries.. (1961)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Vermisheva E.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Braslavskiy L.


About builders of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station, oil workers of Kara Kum, divers, winterers of the Victoria island.

Temporary description

Construction of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric station. Blasting operations. Pit. Yenisei River during spring floods. Water dilutes the jumper dam, flooding the pit. Work to strengthen the bridge. City Divnogorsk. Foreman Yu Sevenard with his wife and son for a walk, in the home. Sevenard has a son in her arms in a kindergarten. Yenisei River. Road bridge over the River. Movement of the passenger steamer, the city bus. Turkmenistan. Karakum Desert. Oil fields Katur-Tepe and Barsa Gelmez. Production processes in the oil industry. Movement of the helicopter. Village Builders in Barca-Gelmez. Tractor brothers Burdacheva carry water for the oil Barsa-Gelmez. Krasnovodsk region. City Nebit Doug. Buses. The machine pours the street. Theme is the diver A. Valabueu. Volobuev during work to rescue diver B. Tyshchenko. A. Volobuyev and V. Tyshchenko make diving operations to verify the floor during the construction of a seaport on the Black Sea. Divers discover and raise to the surface of live ammunition, Demining them. Construction work at the port. Seascape. The theme is the chairman of the kolkhoz Tamara Bubnov. Novgorod region. Village Chuchemlya. T. Bubnov collective farmers, toured flax, corn, rye, visit the MTS. Harvesting flax and rye. Teacher Pavel Petrov - husband T. Bubnova with students, with T. Bubnov. Chronicle: 19-year-old T. Bubnov - kolkhoz chairman galloping on a horse, talking to the collective farmers in different areas. Arctic. Victoria Island. Landscapes of snow and ice. Blizzard. Seagulls. Expedition. Winterers-polar T. Sorokin, Vladimir Vasilyev, E. Zatolochin, Milov at work. Collection of data for weather reports and send them by radio. Airplane on a polar station. Polar explorers in leisure: playing guitar, chess. Theme is the crew of the schooner, which verifies the serviceability of lighthouses. Pacific Ocean. Schooner in motion, in parking. Check serviceability of lighthouses. Seascape. Bathing in the sea, dinner. Storm. Seals. Beacons are burning. Theme is the installer to high-altitude V. Malyave. Construction of the Krivoy Rog Metallurgical Combine. Installation of blast furnaces. V. Malyava at work. V. Malyava strengthens blast furnace at the banner-Union shock Komsomol construction.

Reel №1

The highway in the Yenisei are trucks, buses.

Young construction workers ride the bus to work - MS., CU.

The bus ride Sevenard Yuri Foreman and his wife Irina - engineer.

Taiga landscape - LS. PNRM. (With a / t).

Blasters preparing explosives.

Powerful explosion in the mountains.

City Divnogorsk - LS. (Helicopter).

Road bridge over the Yenisei - LS. (Helicopter).

Builders - CU.

Yu Sevenard pit passes on Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station under construction - MS.

Yenisei River during the spring flood - MS., CU. PNRM.

Water washes away jumper, erected on the Yenisei - MS.

Operate the pump mechanism, pumping water - MS., CU.

Water seeps into the pit.

Rages crowded Yenisei - LS.

Builders reinforce the jumper.

Go to pit cars with stones and gravel for building the bridge.

Tipper dumped rocks at the bridge.

Powerful crane loads the machine ground.

Sevenarda wife is a son of the nursery home and puts him to sleep.

Work to strengthen the pit at night - LS.

Clear spring morning Yu Sevenard carries her son in a manger.

Pit on the Yenisei - LS., Morning.

Yu Sevenard with the chief building Vasily Ivanovich Gladun inspect fortified bridge the next morning after the threat of flooding.

Oilers Katur Tepe in the Karakum desert at work at Neftebur - MS., CU.

Fountain of oil from a new well - MS.

Settlement of oil workers in the desert.

Helicopter flies over the Kara-Kum desert, helicopter shadow on the desert sands - LS.

Sand, sand hills in the desert.

PNRM. with sand on oil drilling rig in the desert area Gelmez Barca.

Oil workers work in the sun at t ˚ 70 ˚ - LS., MS.

Building plot Barca Gelmez - LS. PNRM.

Builders finished cement, carefully spend water.

Crawler tractors driven on sand cement, equipment, water.

Reel №2

Burdachevy brothers - Victor, Boris, and Gennady - Barca Gelmez taken to the water in the tank in a caterpillar tractor - LS., MS., CU.

Crawler tractor with difficulty held on loose sand, rises on a sandy hill.

Caterpillar tractor is buried in the sand - CU.

On one of the hills water tank overturns, the water spills out.

Brothers Burdachevy lift tank by a cable.

On the site Barca Gelmez builders continue to work.

A man wipes his lips.

Empty buckets and barrels.

The workers take turns drinking water from a thermos.

Sand in the desert.

The brothers returned to Katur Tepe for water, fill the tank.

Tractor with a tank hard way through quicksand in extreme heat.

The young man driving a tractor - CU.

Builders Barca Gelmez taken from the water tank, delivered Burdachevymi brothers, drink.

Oil town Nebitdag in the Kara-Kum desert.

On the streets of the city is green bus.

Machine pours out.

Green Square in the city - PNRM., LS.

Radio operator at the device on the deck of the barge - CU.

Rises out of the water with a diver Athanasius Volobuev saved them diver Vladimir Tyshenko.

Vladimir Tyshenko assist.

Sunset over the sea - LS.

B. Tyshenko evening talking with a friend on the beach.

A port on the Black Sea coast.

Welders working - MS.

Working crane.

Excavator crane lifts from the bottom of the sea together with the ground shells wartime - MS., CU.

Divers A. and B. Volobuev Tyshenko wear suits and sink to the bottom of the sea.

Two divers on the sea floor looking for shells.

Divers of algae - MS.

Algae on the bottom of the sea - LS.

Divers find zamytye and report it to the top.

Reel №3

Divers on the sea floor clear of mines shells, they tie up the ropes.

The shells are removed from the water with a crane.

Hanging by a rope round - MS.

Divers rise to the surface.

Execute the task divers Volobuev Tyshenko - CU.

Landscapes fields - LS.

She rushes across the field on horseback.

Harvest on the field - LS. PNRM.


19-year-old Tamara Bubnov - chairman of a collective farm in the Novgorod region - verifies that farmers in different parts of the economy.

Marching feet in the mud - CU.

Chuchemlya village in the Novgorod region. - LS. PNRM.

Are abandoned agricultural collective farm machinery.

Collective farmers speak with the new chairman - the 23-year-old Tamara Bubnov.

Women on the clean linen - MS., CU.

T. Bubnov inspects a corn field, the rain polegshuyu mature rye.

Polegshey rye field - LS.

Former collective farm, a communist, E. Lomaev, associate Tamara prepares harvester to harvest polegshey rye.

The dirt road going truck with youth who have fled the center to help the farm "New Victory".

Men and women together with the chairman of the collective farm T. Bubnova shock of rye.

Combine harvest the rye - LS.

Rural teacher, poet, part-time students of the Moscow Literary Institute Pavel Petrov, husband T. Bubnov, the guys in the woods.

T. Bubnov with her husband on a walk.

Landscapes snowy expanses of the Arctic between Spitsbergen and Franz Josef Land - LS.

Wintering village on Victoria Island - LS.

Winterers Vasily Buchin, Toll Sorokin, Viktor Vasilyev, Edward Zatalochin, Vladimir Milov in the house.

Aircraft over the island Victoria - LS.

Radio Tower, PNRM. on wintering house.

Radio operator transmits a telegram (synchronously).

Polar offers a package from the aircraft.

Polar planes dropped the parcel.

Head wintering VP Beech in the greenhouse.

Chef prepares dinner.

Reel №4

Winterer Victor Vasilyev runs on snow and ice.

Flying seagull - LS.

A crack in the ice - CU.

Alexey Knyazev collects data for the weather report.

A flock of seagulls on the ice - LS.

On the ice is the polar bear, frightened of him flying gull - MS., LS.

Knyazev shoots a pistol, scaring off the bear.

The hand on the lever radio - CU.

Blizzard on the island - LS.

PNRM. on wall clock - CU.

The icy polar field go to the dog, making their way to piling up in search Vasilyev, remaining on the ice during a blizzard.

Polar alert a shot from a rifle (synchronously), run to the back shot.

Ice-hole in the ice - LS.

Explorers in a rubber boat to cross the ice-hole floating ice, which remained Vasiliev.

Polar together resting in his house, each engaged their favorite thing.

General view of the village on the island of polar Victoria.

Landscape of the Pacific in the evening.

Lighthouse keeper lights.

Beacon lights - LS., CU.

In the fog visible patrol boat with a searchlight.

Schooner passes, test the lighthouses.

Sailors check and charge lights, located in dangerous areas on the water, on coastal rocks and islands.

Beacon Lights "Stone danger" on a rock in the La Perouse Strait.

Sailors from a rope from the schooner passed the lighthouse toolbox.

Schooner in the ocean.

The team on the deck of the schooner resting, bathing in the ocean, the alarm goes upstairs.

Rain on the ocean - LS., MS.

Basking seals - LS.

Schooner goes to rocks Verkhovsky where extinguished lighthouse.

Komsomol members Anatoly Petrov and Nikolai Anisimov boat sailing to the lighthouse on the rocks during a storm beginning.

Reel №5

Petrov and N. Anisimov disembark from the boat on a rock, a boat pulled up, poured water from his boots, climb the cliff to the lighthouse, the lighthouse troubleshoot.

Storm on the ocean - MS.

Lights lighthouse on rocks Verkhovsky aboard lit spotlight.

Young workers go to work at the Krivoy Rog Metallurgical Combine them.

Lenin - LS.

The workers go to work great, continuous flow - LS. (With a / t).

B. Malyava airfield to the pilot of an airplane.

B. Malyava who graduated correspondence courses radio TV technician collects the receiver.

B. Malyava his friends built a new blast furnace.

Honored Builder of Ukraine Anatoly Matvienko talks with V. Malyavoy.

Works team welders high altitude - MS.

B. Malyava puts insurance zone and weld metal structures.

Workers of different professions working on the construction of the Komsomol blast furnace.

Builders - CU.

Senior construction inspector Nikolai Rovenskikh talking with the worker-mason on site.

The workers at the blast furnace at lunchtime eating, resting.

The inscription at the blast furnace 'Union Komsomol-youth building. "

After completion of the blast furnace AP Matveenko hands banner, which was team of installers, Valentina Malyave.

B. Malyava raised a banner to the top of the blast furnace and fixes it there.

New blast furnace Krivoy Rog Metallurgical Works named.

Lenin - LS.