Film-travel almanac 1991 № 252

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Zakrevskij Yu., Levin A., Slomnyanskij B., Trubnikova L.

Operators: Shuplyakov Yu.

Text writers: Kemarskaya I.


1. "Winter in Yelets." 2. "He stopped the sun ..." 3. "Land of Galich." 4. "Nowruz".

Russian cities and regions

Reel №1

"Winter in Yelets."


Before the icon of burning candles.

Dome of the temple.

Entrance to the church.

View over the roofs and church Michael of Tver and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

View of the river and the Ascension Cathedral.

The view from the window of the tower.

The walls of the Kremlin.

Bridge with an arch.

Tram tracks in front of the tobacco factory.

Clock Tower.

On the way there are people, rides the bus.

Domes of churches.

Old houses of the city.

The tiles on the buildings.

Living on the streets of the city.

Elements of wooden architecture in the decoration of houses.

Smoke comes out of the tube.

Elderly woman.

Ascent to the temple, birds fly from the roof of a village house.

House-Museum IABunin.

Rooms Museum.

Exhibits on the desk in the office: books, letters, glasses, etc..

Photo V.V.Paschenko.

Eletskaya gymnasium.

House V.V.Paschenko.

Trees in the snow.

Winter river landscape.

Bird's nest in a tree.

Sparrows under a roof.

The porch of the house.

"He stopped the sun ..." Frombork, a top view of the cathedral.

Gate Cathedral.


Balance brick columns inside the tree.

Painting Ya.

Mateyko "Copernicus, a conversation with God."

People on the observation deck at the top of the tower.

Plates in the grass at the entrance to the tower.

Excursion group in the courtyard of the cathedral.

Types of Towers Copernicus.

Bas Copernicus.

The museum exhibits.

Pendulum Copernicus.

Bust of Nicolaus Copernicus.

Old map of the constellations.

Museum exhibits on the table: a candle, a book, an inkwell and others.

Treatise on the rotation of the celestial spheres.

Types of Frombork.

Bust of Nicolaus Copernicus in old age.

Galleries Cathedral.

View from the gallery of the courtyard.

Copernicus Monument.


Lipetsk region [786] Poland [177]


Winter [823] Summer [824]

Religion; Museums and exhibitions; Science

Reel №2

"Land of Galich."

Streets Galic.

Passing trucks, horse driven sleigh.

People in ancient white stone building.

People in the square next to the bus.

Horse driven sleigh past the old houses.

Paintings E.V.Chestnyakova.

Wooden architecture of old buildings.


The wind stirs the branches of a birch.

The dome of the church.

Rural wooden church.

Details inside painting the dome.

Restorer works in the temple.

Abandoned stone building.

Artists restored Glazed Tile, icons, paintings.

Village landscape: old houses and churches.


Muslim prayer.

Woman cooks a festive meal.

A man riding a camel and pipes in karnay.

Festive procession on the streets.

People go on horseback.

Newlyweds in a carriage.

Gardeners in the cart.

On the square stands a circus.

Newlyweds go under the covers.

People's fun: playing with a scarf.


Children dance.

People eat at long festive table.

Farewell to the old and New Year's Eve: a man riding a horse, children are sheep.

Brass band in the crowd in the square.

Historic buildings.


Kostroma region [782]


Winter [823] Spring [825]

Religious Holidays; Traditions and customs