Eureka № 2 (1992)

Newsreel №55321, 1 part, duration: 0:09:56
Director:S.Rajtburt, V.Vasiljev, A.Uljyanov, A.Saranduk
Camera operators:V.Ropejko, V.Novgorodcev, E.Ueckij


1. "It was a cloudy day" - about the discovery of the phenomenon of radioactivity. 2. "Visiting the myrmecs" - about how the anthill works. 3. "grandsons of the Dazh - God" - about the nodular writing of the ancient Slavs.

Reel №1

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1. "it Was a cloudy day."

A woman walks across the bridge.

Portrait Of A. Becquerel.

Becquerel's experiments with phosphors.

Luminous phosphors.

Portrait Of V. The X-Ray.

X-ray of the hand.

Becquerel's experiments with uranium.

2. "Visiting the myrmecs".

Spruce forest.


An anthill in the section.

Ant Queen.

Worker ants drag eggs.

Life of an anthill.

Ants "milk" aphids.

3. Grandchildren Of The Dazh-God".

The boy leafs through the book "Song of the prophetic Oleg".

An old man in a long Russian shirt approaches the boy and gives him three balls.

Thread with knots.

The old man tells the boy about the nodular writing used by the Magi.

The old man shows the knot that marked the Ground.

Node Of The Sun God.

Node Dazh-God.

Secret signs of the Magi in the ornament.

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