Small wonders of big nature 1974 № 13

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1. "Giants of the North" 2. "The Cradle in the mouth" 3. "Children of the Sea"

Geography and Nature | Flora and fauna

Reel №1

"Giants of the North".

Arctic Ocean, Wrangel Island.

The ocean is filled with large blocks of ice, on ice floes are walruses.

Walrus looks around, looking at the camera.

Flock of birds fly over the rocks and the water.

Spring flowering in the Arctic.

A herd of walrus swimming in the ocean and is selected on the shore.

Adult walrus with large tusks.

Female walrus and her calf.

Polar bear in the water.

Walrus with a broken tusk roar warns of the danger of relatives.

Polar bear goes ashore.

Walruses flock to the water and dive.

Polar bear walks along the shore, then swim away.

Walruses are selected again to the shore and arrange rookery.

A pair of polar bears swimming in the ocean by large ice floes.

"The Cradle in the mouth."

Aquarium fish swim among plants and driftwood.

African jewelfish spawns.

Couple hemihromisov protect offspring from attack other tank inhabitants.

Chromis Bultó spawns.

Female chromis Bultó collects eggs, hides in his mouth and bears offspring.

Fry for the first time leave their "cradle", begin to feed on their own, but with the appearance of other fish mother reassembles them back and float away.


Wrangel Island
The Arctic Ocean



Reel №2

"Children of the Sea".

Waves lapping on the shore, the sunlight in the water.

Dolphins swim, dive and dive into the sea.

Trainer dives with dolphins and swim side by side, holding fin.

Dolphin playing with a man in the ball.

Dolphin trainer shows the ball and hung at the side of the pool box, and then closes the box screen, hiding the ball into one of them, lowers the screen and dolphin guesses  exactly where the ball is, opens the box and throws the ball into the water; repetition of the experience.

Dolphins play football and basketball.

During a basketball game dolphin repeatedly picks up the ball and throws it straight to the basket.

A flock of dolphins in the sea.