Secrets of Nature 1986 № 11

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1. "Gulls" 2. "Hide and Seek" 3. "Cobra de capella"

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

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Polar landscape.

Flying swans.

View of the tundra above.

Flocks of birds over the tundra.

Goose flies over the lake.

A flock of Ruff.

Gray crane on the current.

Fighting males Ruff.

Gull circling over the tundra.

Gulls in the grass.

Birds walk on the edge of the hole in the ice.

Gulls on the nest.

Seagull floating in the water.

Hawk watching the victim.

Seagull cries.

A pair of seagulls taking off from the water.

Hawk breaks down a cliff.

Flying Hawk.

Seagull soars into the sky.

Hawk tries to attack the nest.

Seagull protects offspring.

Female pink gulls nest.

"Hide and Seek".

Insects crawling on the tree trunk.

Moth caterpillar is crawling on a branch.

Stick insects hiding in the branches of a bush.

Thickets of sedges.

Bug-living stick water beetle attacks.

Defenders green tree crawling on the stalk.

Phylliidae (listovidka) crawling on the ground.

Phylliidae eat leaves.

Female Shrike ordinary hunts insects.


Shrike on a branch.

Hooded locusts eating grass.

Shrike beetle eats.

Wasp crawling on the ground.

Frog hunts wasp.

Bee on a daisy.

Insects on flowers.

Ants milking aphids.

Goldeneye ordinary.

Bush leaves.

Ants destroy larvae lacewings.

Forest Glade.

Flora and fauna
Geography and Nature

Reel №2

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"Cobra de Chapel".


Cobra crawls out of the hole in the bricks of the old buildings.

People go on the rocks.

Cobra de Capella (Hat snake).

Scientist lights illumination on the camera.

Cobra crawling on the rocks.

Cub runs behind the bushes.

Hunting for a frog.

Varan sneaks into the grass.

Cobra eats a frog.

Lizard in threatening pose.

A pair of snakes.

Jerboa digs a burrow.

The full cobra runs the animal.

The operator is hiding in the bushes.

Cobra in the nest.

The operator is shooting.

The mother leaves the nest.

The eggs hatch kobryata.

Snakes in the nest.

Adult cobra.

The ruins of ancient buildings.

Breaking Dawn.

Flora and fauna
Geography and Nature