Secrets of Nature № 16 (1989)

Newsreel №55329, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:48
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)


1. "Snail - record" 2. "In the arms of the volcano"

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"Snail-record holder."

Part of an experiment to determine the strength of the muscles snail: the animal carries on the table with a cargo truck.

Snail in their natural habitat: lying on the ground, moves through the leaves and branches.

Movement cochlea glass bottom view.

Courtship and mating.

Egg laying, the appearance of progeny.

Snail crawling on a leaf upside down.

Movement on hazardous surfaces (prickly brush, razor blades).

Moving up the glass with weights on the suspension.

Snail carries on the table with a cargo truck.

"In the arms of the volcano."

Clear sunny day.

Kuril view from the water to the island Yankicha.

Sun glare on the water and chop on a motorboat.

Ship at the entrance to the bay Kraternaya.

General view of the bay.

Toothed ridge bordering the bay.

Water-filled crater Ushishir, the water spreads smoke volcanic fumes.

Crater, top view, the evaporation over the thick and dense.

Two scientists are sent to the volcano Ushishir.

Volcanic gases over boiling water, boiling mud.

Sulphur dioxide is floating above the ground and above the water.

Bird colony on the slope.

Motor boat approaching the shore.

A group of scientists is preparing to conduct research.

Two people with special equipment and scuba diving down into the water.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The bottom of the crater, bubbling gases under water.

Scientists take samples from the bottom of the crater.

Man with metal frame sinks deeper.

Colony of sea urchins.

With the help of the frame and a net scientists determine the exact number of sea urchins on 1 square meter of the colony.

Dive deeper visibility deteriorates, it becomes darker, people light their way underwater lights.

Underwater inhabitants: starfish, white sponges, nudibranchs, sea squirts, red sea cucumbers, sea anemones (sea anemones), polychaetes (marine worms).

Bacterial mats.

Scientists rise from the depth of the top, a colleague to help them get to the shore.

Campground in the tall grass, man passes by.

Scientist sitting at a table in the laboratory, looking through a microscope.

Bacterial mat pieces solution under a microscope.

Scientist looking through a microscope.

People take hot baths in volcanic water.

Flying flock of birds.

Motor boat moves through the crater, skirting a small rocky island.

Bay Kraternaya clouded emissions of volcanic gases.

Waves lapping on the rocky shore.

Locations: Kurile Islands

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