Russian the agroindustrial complex 1991 № 4

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Director: Rodivilin V., Taravkova E.


1. "The Garden all year round" 2. "Cheese from Lipetsk" 3. "Grain for the currency"


Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

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"Garden all year round."

Snow in the fields around the greenhouses.

Greenhouse plants.

Module continuously growing vegetables.

Specialist comes in and checks the status of the plant.

Design features of the module.


Specialist inspects ripe cucumbers.

Tiered setting UVR-1200, the development of the Moscow NGO "Agricultural engineering".

Specialist works with plantings.

Ready vitamin feeding coiled.

Feeding cows.

The pigs in the sty.

Eggs on a conveyor belt in the house.

Animation: circuit installation and operation of UVR-1200. Seedlings on floors installation.

Rows of greenhouses. "Cheese from Lipetsk."

Cheese on the counter.

The queue at the grocery store.

People make purchases.

The building of the Lipetsk oblpotrebsoyuza.

People on the streets of the city.

Workshop for the production of cheese.

Lipetsk Metallurgical Plant.

Cheese is in rows on shelves.

Technological flips cheese circles.

The staff in the shop.

Chan for milk processing.

Remote temperature control.

Cows eat.

Mechanical milking.

Vat stir blade materials.

Curd is pressed into tubs.

Cheese workpiece under pressure.

Followed shift in tubs and numbered.

Technological flips cheese in brine.

Circle cheese mixture to form a coat with a protective cover and placed on a rack.

Technological flips cheese circles. "Grain for the currency."

Harvesters in the field.

Man rakes grain.

Wheat field.

Combines harvest.

Vintage farm "May 1st" Rostov region.

Selection and sorting of grain.


People see the grain.

Meeting with representatives of the company "Minataur International Enteprisers".

Photos agricultural machinery.

Tractor "Case International".

People visiting and studying the tractor.

Precision drills "Case International".

On-board computer.

The patient lies on a couch.

Doctor performs an ultrasound.

Survey data on the screen.

The doctor prints out the results.

Man pours grain from hand to hand.

Combines harvest.


Bread on the table.


Moscow region
Rostov region