Legend of the earth Lipetsk. (1997)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Solovjeva A.

Operators: Borodin V., Shahov V.

Anouncers: Gurzo S.


The film tells about the difficult life of the inhabitants of towns and villages of the Lipetsk region after the end of restructuring, covers the history of the area from the time of Peter I and to this day, combining the themes of agricultural associations, various enterprises and handicrafts.

Russian cities and regions

Reel №1

Panoramas of the Lipetsk region (forests, fields, rivers).

Autumn scenery.

The field is a person.

River near the village of the future.

Children are heated by the fire.

The wooden veranda.


The interior of the church.

Lit candle.

Paintings on the walls.

Alternation: panorama of towns and villages with churches, excerpt from an interview with a representative of the administration of the Lipetsk region.

Novolipetsk Steel (NLMK).

Works in the smelter.

Students on an excursion to the museum.

Museum exhibits.

Children with balloons.

Inauguration of the monument to Peter I. People in the square listening to a speech. V.S.Sorokin in the crowd.

On the monument is removed the veil.

A general view of the area.

The ceremony of consecration of the monument.

Alternation: a general view of the area, a fragment of speech of the military monument.

To the monument are a garland of fir branches.

Military Cross and salute.

Laying flowers at the monument.

The launch air balloons.

Those workers.

Rolled metal.

The game of volleyball.

Alternation: work in the shops of metallurgical plant, the museum complex, spraying lemon in a greenhouse, budgies, breeding sturgeon, sings folk choir.


Sorokin VS - People's Artist of the RSFSR.


Lipetsk region



Reel №2

The streets of Lipetsk.

Public transport people and everyday life of the city.

Language lessons in a language class.

Lipetsk State Technical University (LGTU), students in the classroom.

Between the trees, the children run.

Monument plane.

Higher tactical flight school of the Air Force, the street in front.

Wing Memorial.

Models of airplanes in the museum of the school.

The banner on the ceiling.

Students in the classroom.

Lesson in a flight simulator.

From the airport take off the fighter.

The nose of the aircraft.

Aircraft in the sky.

Students in the classroom.

Refueling in the air.

Fighters above the clouds.

Panoramas of the Lipetsk region (fields, gardens).

Tractor carries boxes of apples.

Says the head of the agricultural association.

Autumn plowing.


Work in the shop canning.

Ready canned foods.

People visiting the garden.

Working bakery.

People visiting the finished bread.

The car enters the courtyard of the farm.

Cows in their stalls.

People talking in the yard.

Sow with piglets.

Stern shop.

People walk along the river bank.

A fragment of an interview with the head of the economy.

Harvesting of sugar beet.

Tractor machine repairs in the field.

People go to the cart.

Beets are loaded into a trailer KAMAZ.

Trading on the Lipetsk Fair.

People in costumes on horseback.

Girls in costume among the crowd.

Dance elderly women in folk costumes.

Those viewers.

Child among the dancers.

The rows of the audience.

The man tells the children about the structure of an old car.


Wooden sculpture.

People talk with the artists.

He says a man sitting on a bench.

Building local pipelines.

The two-story building.

Children ride a roller coaster.

The man goes down from the window of a house under construction.

Geese on the edge of the pond.

Across the street is distilled herd of goats.

Work on clearing the river bed.

The children ran out of the school.

Panorama fields.


Lipetsk region



Reel №3

Panorama of forest and country road.

Laying asphalt.

On the road going cars.

Dolomite Plant.

On the territory of a passing car.

Construction machinery, KAMAZ is going ahead is male.

Women working in the shop for production of enterosgelya.

Enterosgel in packages.

Corridor Regional Hospital.

Hospital ward.

Doctors carried out a survey on the special equipment.

Surgeons operations.

Women doctors.

The doctor adjusts the equipment.

Elets lace.

Finished work.

Wooden blanks for the dishes.

Factory workers "Lipetsk patterns."

A man grinds souvenir wooden spoon.

Racks with finished products.

Painting souvenirs.

A woman sends a man a wooden bird.

Souvenirs on display.

Opening of the exhibition, the men cut the ribbon.

The choir welcomes guests from the administration, singing a folk song.

People at the table with refreshments.

Buyers and sellers in the wholesale seasonal fair.

The fair presents a wide range of products from clothing and lace to fish and alcohol.

Work on the distillery, laboratory tests, bottled drinks.

Production of sausage products.

Shop for the production of juices.

Cookies on the line, the master takes samples.

Chocolate candies.

Various products of confectionery factory on the table, sitting at the table wizard.

The director looks at the magazine, takes a book.

Workers in the shops.

Women work on the computer.

The street passing car.

Buildings banks.

Construction of residential houses.

Reconstruction of the temple.

On stage, the boy playing the balalaika.

The girls embroider, weave.

The girl smiles.

The women embroider and sew dolls.

The artist is drawing lesson.

Supports children's dance ensemble.

Potter's wheel.


Teenagers watching wizard.

Awarding of the young musician.


Lipetsk region



Reel №4

Alternation: spectators in the stands, the game of hockey.

Panoramas of the countryside.

Says a representative of the local administration.


Block gas distribution points (shooting from the car).

Gas Station.

New homes.

The car drove up to the parking lot in front of the JSC "Lipetskoblgaz."

Store gas equipment, sale of plates and associated parts.

The wizard verifies the gas car engines.

Gas filling station.

They say the villagers Average Matryonka.

People gather for a rally dedicated to the completion of the Teplovsko gas drainage and run GDS.

Speakers Head of Administration.

Those workers.

Works welder.

Those listeners.

The operator removes the camera by the representative of the administration.

The rows of the audience.

Workers check equipment.

Bucket wheel excavators.

Excavator paves the trench for the pipeline.

They say the villagers.

Cat in the manger.

A woman puts on the plate bucket of potatoes.

Woman petting dog.

On the streets of the city lights burn.

Stairway to Lipetsk State Academic Drama Theater named Leo Tolstoy.

Alternation: applause, the actors on stage.

River fountains.

Sculptors in the studio working with wood, metal, stone.

The banks of the river.

Bird's nest in the branches.

Poultry and foal.

Stone cross in the box.


Lipetsk region



Reel №5

In the field are a woman and a teenage boy.

The banks of the river.

The foundation of the burned house.

Abandoned building.

Forest alley.

Village pond.

In the grazing horse.

The banks of the pond, the reflection in the water.

People walk across the field to the abandoned church Shipovskaya.

View of the dome from the inside.

Grille on the window.

Birch branches.

Birch Grove.

Village pal Mikhajlovka, manor Stakhoviches.

The woman in the forest.

Autumn scenery.

Photo MMPrishvin.

Children in the classroom during the lesson.

Portrait MMPrishvin.

Those students.

Tour-a tea party at the museum.

High school students take part in archaeological excavations.

View from the hill.

Lebedyan, Holy Trinity Monastery, view of the dome of the church and rooftops.

The woman tells the story of Elijah's Church.

The walls of the church yard of the building.

Old icon of the Holy Trinity.

Types of Holy Trinity Monastery, modern and old buildings destroyed.

Silver Gospel, a gift of Peter I. Portrait of a bas-relief of Peter I and the sword on the wall.

Burning candles.


Monks go down the stairs.

Elec, people on the streets.

From the registrar goes the bride and groom on their hands.

Tells T.N.Hrennikov.

The Old Church. T.N.Hrennikov accompanied by a woman coming to his house-museum.

T.N.Hrennikov comes into the courtyard of the church and greet the elderly woman.

View of the church.

Figured fence. T.N.Hrennikov talking with residents.

Elderly woman behind the fence.

The street car rides.

Cyclorama church with surrounding houses.

Artist's Workshop V.S.Sorokina. V.S.Sorokin.


The artist touches the picture.

The paintings on the walls and around.

Artist painting.

Creative evening in the cabin, the artist's studio.

White rose on the table.

On the chairs sat a woman, a woman in a black dress out of the room.

The artist with the guests at the table.

It performs the song "takes everything" (SV Rakhmaninov Composer, lyricist D.M.Ratgauz).


Sorokin VS - People's Artist of the RSFSR.
TN Khrennikov - Composer, musical and public figure, teacher, professor.


Lipetsk region



Reel №6

V.S.Sorokin and his guests.

Performed Lensky's aria from Tchaikovsky's opera "Eugene Onegin" on poems by Pushkin.

The branches of larch.

Autumn scenery.

Church in scaffolding.

Celebration of the 850th anniversary of Yelets.

People in folk costume ring the bell.

The spectators under umbrellas.

Folk dances.

Those viewers.

They act out scenes of ancient battles.

A military band.

The opening ceremony of the monument to the defenders of the city.

Men cut the ribbon.

Administration officials.

On the monument is removed the veil.

Operators are shooting in the background the church.

People in folk costume ring the bell.


Past the crowd passing horse-drawn carriage, waving out the window, "Peter I".

Children on a parent's lap.

Opening of the monument Yelets Infantry Regiment.

Soldiers of the cross, put on his cap and saluted.

By the monument is placed a garland of fir branches.

An adult and a child in a historical military uniform, a woman looks out the window.

Spectators watch the sky.

Speakers paratroopers.

Parachutist landing on a field.

The spectators in the stands.

The opening of the memorial plaque.

The operator with the camera.

Fighters in the skies.

People watching the planes.

With airplanes dropping fireworks.

Administration officials.

The girl's face in the crowd.

Speakers young ballerina. T.N.Hrennikov among the spectators.

Children waving adults from the scene.

Starting festive balloons.

A fragment of an interview with a representative of the administration of the Lipetsk region.

Frame Sequential with the workers and heads of enterprises and organizations involved in the shooting, the faces of young people on the streets; behind the scenes people talk about their dreams and plans for the future.

Panorama of the Lipetsk region (gardens and fields near the river).


Sorokin VS - People's Artist of the RSFSR.
TN Khrennikov - Composer, musical and public figure, teacher, professor.


Lipetsk region