A Burning Island.. (1961)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Karmen R.

Script writers: Borovik G., Karmen R.

Operators: Karmen R., Kiselev V.

Composers: Vasilev V.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


A film about the young Cuban Republic, its struggle for independence.

Temporary description

School town. The principal leads the class Buenoventuru boy, who came to study from a mountain village. City of Havana. Record volunteers in the national militia. Military training militias at the stadium. Production processes in the shop cigar factory. Type of tobacco plantations. Peasants working in harvesting sugar cane. Production of sugar in a sugar factory. Newsreel. U.S. Guantanamo Bay military base on Cuban soil. Fortress Moncada, marching American soldiers. Cuban rebel Fidel Castro in the Sierra Maestra, on the streets of Havana in January 1959. Farmers receive certificates for land use. The family moved into a new house. Meeting of the Government of the Republic of Cuba. Fidel Castro signed the document on the nationalization of the bank. Bank employees at work. Nationalized oil refinery. AI Mikoyan and Fidel Castro signed a trade agreement between the Soviet Union and the Republic of Cuba. Minister of Industry of Cuba, E. Guevara talks with miners. Miners trolleys being taken from the ore. Shop Metal Works. Goods produced in Cuban enterprises, are sold in the People's store. Fidel Castro speaks at the XV session of the UN talks with Nikita Khrushchev, with children - their pupils, with volunteer teachers. Celebrating 2nd anniversary of the Cuban Revolution. The podium Castro, O. Dorticos. Pass of the fighters of the People's Army, Cuba. Speech by Fidel Castro.

Reel №1

In the Sierra Maestra mountains on horseback riding Buenoventura father and son - are different.

Frustrated by the tank on the way riders - a place fighting for the liberation of Cuba.

School campus in the Valley - LS.

Children run along the street.

Pupils are introduced to a new student - Buenoventura boy in the class.

Buenoventura other children in the classroom.

Buenoventura looks at the board - CU.

Landscapes of Cuba from the plane - LS.

The capital of Cuba - Havana - LS. from aircraft and other points.

At the airport in Havana guitarists played in honor of the guests arriving aircraft (synchronously).

Passengers leave the plane.

A poster on the terminal building "Cuba - free territory of America," "Homeland or Death."

Monument Columbus discovered the island of Cuba - LS., MS.

The ancient building of Spanish architecture - MS., PNRM.

Quay Havana style of American architecture - LS. with movement

PNRM. Havana - LS.

The streets of the city.

The city with the top point.

Traffic and pedestrians on the streets of Havana.

A police officer regulating traffic.

On a narrow street posters "Homeland or Death" and others.

Along the street are young men in military uniform.

On the building of a poster "Cuba - yes, Yankee imperialism - no!» - CU.

A man selling newspapers on the street.

Men animated conversation on the street.

Pass the nuns.

On the back is a woman on a chain hanging cross.

The woman's face with a cross around his neck - CU.

Pass on the street monk fashionably dressed women - CU.

On the street sells fried bananas.

Plate on which the street fried bananas.

In the glass of the bottle is poured a drink - CU.

Visitors at a table in a tavern in the old artistic Havana.

In the pub at a table sitting Cuban poet Nicholas Guiliano and the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.

In zucchini comes and sings folk singer Carlos Puebla (synchronously).

Cafe - MS.

The machine cleans the oranges - CU.

Reel №2

In Havana, the street is a children's train.

Smiling children - CU.

Pass a boy and a girl.

Showcase clothing store.

Female mannequin in military costume.

The female lays her compact at the table, where is the gun.

Boys and girls learn device rifle.

Cuban people, voluntarily entered into militia battalions undergo military exercises.

Hernan builder Jansa recorded in the national militia.

People's militia: the mechanic, violinist, shoeshine - CU.

Brothers: Osevedo Ronlio - 19 years - captain, militia commander, and Enrique - 17 years, head of the militia schools, talk to the militia.

The mayor of Santiago Fernandez Electra - 24 years - CU.

Chairman of the Federation of Cuban Women Vilma Espin de Castro - CU.

The head of the association of young Cuban rebels, Major Joel Iglesias (23) talks with young people.

PNRM. Troops marching in the street girls rebels (milispanes).

Pass units male milispanes.

In a park rest women and children.

The boy in the form of a warrior rebel army Cuba - CU.

Rebel-bearded - CU.

Workers make a cigar factory in the shop - LS.

Cigar boxes - CU.

Hands do the cigar - CU.

Radioreproduktor in the shop - CU.

PNRM. with it, making a cigar on her face - CU.

Hands girls placed cigarettes in a box - CU.

Reader reads a newspaper in front of a microphone for working cigar factory (synchronously).

Workers banging on the table with knives in approval of the article.

Men smoke cigars - CU.

Cuban tobacco plantations - LS. the top point, the shelter - MS.

Sugarcane fields.

Flowering rush - different.

Hands sharpening a machete - knives for cutting cane.

Workers cut cane - MS.

Chopped stalks of cane - CU.

Workers loaded cane for special vehicles.

Smiling faces of workers in the sugar cane - CU.

Tractor train passes with a cane.

Sugar cane is unloaded at the factory.

Machine in a sugar cane refinery processes.

Bees to cut cane.

Children chew the stems of reeds.

Workers poured sugar into bags.

Bag of sugar - CU.

Loading sacks of sugar on the trolley.


PNRM. Derelict land in Cuba - LS.

Barbed wire fence, which partition oneself off area monopolies and poor Cubans.

Villas and signage monopolists - CU.

PNRM. The farmer in ragged clothes plowing a piece of land - CU.

Poor peasant dwelling.

Poor peasant for dinner.

A face of a peasant - CU.

Hands of an old peasant, exhausted work - CU.

Unemployed men face - CU.

Lie on a plate boiled carrots and potatoes - CU.

Spinning roulette gambling house - CU.

Hands of men and women play in the casino table games - CU.

American tourists in Cuba met with the dictator Batista.

American battleship at anchor in Havana.

Muzzles of guns on the ship.

American Flag - CU.

U.S. military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (removed from the aircraft).

Airfield military base - MS.

American sentries guarding the base.

The Cuban airport out of the plane Nixon.

The meeting of Nixon and Batista with a glass of wine.

American soldiers marching on Cuban soil.

Moncada fortress, in the capture of a July 26, 1953 killed many revolutionaries.

Newsreel 1953:

Lie the corpses of the revolutionaries.

Team leader Fidel Castro's revolutionaries - CU.

Monument to Jose Marti in Havana - LS., MS.

Evening landscapes of Cuba.

Red from the setting sun and the sea, the clouds - LS.

Buenoventury face - CU.

Reel №3

Marsh, cluttered snags - MS.

Small schooner "Trunk" (in which the December night in 1956 came to the coast of Cuba, 82 revolutionaries led by Fidel Castro).

From schooner wade are soldiers with rifles.

Thickets of the swamp.

Morning sun penetrate the thicket.

Human footprints in the mud bog.

By sticky mud sneaking people.

Crawling in the mud crab - CU.

In the thickets of the swamp man sneaks.

Splash water on the marsh from the shells.

Man walks through the swamp.

Waves on the dirty swamp.

Sunrise over an overgrown marsh.

Sierra Maestra mountains from the plane.

Newsreel 1956:

At dawn, the rebels are still surviving in combat.

Fidel Castro in the mountains, talking to the locals.

Insurgent groups, which increased by volunteer farmers in the Sierra Maestra.

Fidel Castro, Camilo Cienfuegos and others are fighting in the mountains with an army of American protégé Batista.

Rebels on vacation after the fight.

Fidel Castro wrote.

Rebel radio operators in the radio broadcast appeals Castro.

Protest against the dictatorship in Cuba Police disperse a demonstration.

The protesters are wounded.

Killed and wounded protesters lying on the sidewalk in the blood.


Batista and Nixon toasted - CU.

Batista minister blesses the Vatican.

U.S. aircraft carrier - MS.

American tanks at the service of Batista.

Frustrated American tank in the valley on the island of Cuba.

A shell hole in the thick armor of the tank - CU.

Looks Buenoventura - CU.

Fidel Castro with a rifle - MS.; Together with the rebels on horseback, talking to the locals.

Fidel and his brother Raul Castro, whose forces captured the eastern province of Cuba.

The people welcomed the rebels.

Ernesto Che Guevara in the insurgency - CU.

Camilo Cienfuegos in the insurgency, which, together with other troops liberated the city of Santa Clara.

People welcome Camilo.

In early January 1959, Fidel Castro led the rebel army on the tank is a harbor town, freed from the army of Batista.

The people on the streets of the city joyfully welcomed the rebels - LS., MS. from different angles.

Fidel Castro welcomes people.

Animation: the peoples of the world welcomed the victory of the Cuban Revolution (nodules of newspapers and magazines in different languages).

Cubans are building a pigsty, a textile factory.

Working soldiers rebel army - CU.

Fidel Castro's rebel group and workers inspect the construction of a pigsty.

Animal Farm cooperative, cows in a pen - CU.

Farmers working in the barnyard, in the rice fields - LS., MS.

Plowed field.

Cotton blooms on cooperative field - MS.

The farmer sees green cotton bolls.

Machine cultivates a field of cotton.

Fidel Castro talks with farmers from the cooperative.

Insurgent Army Captain Julio Suarez agrarian reform in the province.

Julio Suarez with a gun in his hand and in uniform inspects farms, talking to farmers.

Director of the Institute of Agrarian Reform and geographer rebel army captain Antonio Jimenez in the office talking to the peasants.

One of the leaders of 29 associations of cooperatives in Oriente Province Felix Perez speaks with N.Himenesom.

N. Jimenez, F. Perez and others on horseback tour the sugar plantations.

Reel №4

Peasants in wagons from the sugar plantation to go to a rally in the honey-moon.

The meeting at the sugar factory after the transfer of ownership sugar plantations and factories in the state ownership.

He spoke (synchronously).

Men in the study removed from the wall a portrait of the former owner of a sugar factory.

Captain Agillera rally presents credentials farmers to use the land.

Participants in the rally in approval knock machete.

It says the farmer, received a letter on the ground (synchronously).

Handshake hand - CU.

Squalid settlement monsana de Gomez on the outskirts of Santiago - MS., PNRM.

PNRM. Negro children in the village are sitting naked in a pool at the water points.

A child with a pacifier in his mouth - CU.

Poorly dressed girl - CU.

Naked girl in the shack - MS.

Children, women on the streets in a miserable village.

Inside view of the shack.

The new town, which grew close to the village monsana de Gomez for shack dwellers.

The family leaves the shack.

Man breaks his shack, get a new apartment.

On the floor lies a picture of a rich girl - CU.

A street in a new town with a well-appointed mansions.

The boy looks into a new home.

Apartment in the new house, the portrait of Fidel Castro on the wall.

A man admires the new apartment.

Mistress strokes new things on the equipped kitchen ..

A woman with a baby sitting in a chair on the porch of a new home.

Sleeping baby in the mother's arms - CU.

Happy faces of people who received new apartments.

A woman kisses a warrant for a new apartment.

NDP: "This is your house, Fidel" (in Spanish).

PNRM. the new village - LS.

The new district of Havana - LS. from the plane.

The Ministry of Public Works on the phone stores the address of the empty houses and mansions (synchronously).

Girls and boys in the form of volunteers go by car to the addresses received in the Ministry.

Hands seal the door of a vacant house, which passed under the control of the government.

The meeting of the revolutionary government of Cuba.

Fidel Castro, President of Cuba's revolutionary Osvaldo Dorticos, ministers at the meeting shall sign the decision to nationalize the banks, large industrial and commercial enterprises.

The soldiers of the revolutionary army stuck on the bank building a poster with the NDP: "This bank was nationalized."

Former bank lifter Mario Luna led the nationalization of banks.

The hand opens the bank vault - CU.

The new executives of the bank are safe.

Bank employees in suits militias - the militia fighters work in their places.

Posters on the nationalization of the industry at one of Cuba.

Minuteman on duty at the plant shop.

The Cuban airport trolley rides with things people fleeing to America.

Go to the plane passengers with their belongings.

American embassy in Havana.

People who do not accept the revolution, the crowd in front of the embassy for a visa to travel to Cuba.

Dog in a cage at the airport.

Passengers sit on a plane, escaping to America.

At the airport taxis American aircraft - CU.

U.S. plane rises from the airfield.

Skyscrapers of New York - MS.

Reel №5

Refinery in Cuba - LS. the top point.

Workers remove the sign from the plant "Texaco".

Down the American flag from the building company.

According to the plant is the militia squad of fighters.

Lying on the ground Removing the light commercial plants "Shell" and "Esso» - CU.

Tanks refinery - MS.

Soviet oil tanker "exactly" in the sea, on the way to Cuba.

At Cuban ports are loading sugar on the Soviet ship "Michurin".

In the port of Soviet workers talk with Cuban stevedores.

A. Meeting Mikoyan with Fidel Castro in Cuba.

AI Mikoyan and Castro signed a joint trade agreement.

Cuban farmers with interest the Soviet tractors put to Cuba under the agreement.

A hand touches the NDP "Belarus" on the tractor - CU.

The Cuban road passes a large column of tractors "Belarus» - LS.

Cuban driving a tractor - CU.

Oil drill works - CU.

Geological expedition bore hole for oil on Cuban soil.

Hands are considering a piece of rock - CU.

Industry Minister considers Che Guevara piece copper ore talks with miners.

Worker driving a truck with a copper ore.

Shop smelter.

Working in the shop at work - CU.

General Secretary of the People's Socialist Party of Cuba Blas Roca plant talking to workers.

Workers make a bolt, faucets, pots.

Woman's hand opens a handbag made in Cuba.

PNRM. Machete, made in the USA - CU.

The shelves in the store popular with domestic products.

Mark on goods "Made in Cuba".

U.S. weapons dropped by parachute on Cuban soil to suppress the people's revolution.

On the rifle, the projectile, a parachute - stamp "Made in the USA."

Cubans intercepted a cargo diversion, consider American hallmarks.

Fire on cane plantations - counterrevolutionary sabotage - LS.

The people ran to the fire, extinguish the fire, saving the cane.

Fire on board the "Cuba", exploded in the port of Havana.

People extinguishes the fire.

Cubans are wounded from the fire.

A heavy rain on Cuba - MS.

Mountain landscape - LS.

Landscape with flowers - MS.

The monument to the defenders of the homeland, died in the battles against saboteurs.

Militia fighter goes to the monument.

The female lays fresh flowers on the grave of the dead.

Mother of two dead sons Frank and Josué Pansy goes along with the youth of the place of death of Frank.

Said the mother of the dead heroes (synchronously).

Young people listen.

In the streets of Havana, a people, a people's militia fighters with the colors that will be laid on the graves of the fallen defenders of Cuba.

Boy in uniform Cuba - CU.

Portraits of Cuban revolution hero Camilo Cienfuegos, who died at sea.

Farmers with flowers riding on a tractor, riding to the sea.

Militia fighters with flowers.

All Cubans are thrown into a sea of ​​flowers in memory of Camilo.

Flowers floating in the sea.

Waves breaking on the rocks - MS., CU.

Fidel Castro speaks at the XV General Assembly of the United Nations.

Fidel Castro and Nikita Khrushchev talking to the session.

Morning landscape of Cuba - LS.

Morning fog creeps over the land of Cuba.

Palm trees in the fog.

Riders pass by the morning wood.

Farmers ride on a tractor - MS.

Cuban girl's smiling face - CU.

Reel №6

The smiling faces of the girls - CU.

Part of the building of the new Cuban schools.

PNRM. Pupils out of school.

In his free time, children swinging on a swing, slide down the wooden roller coaster, running around.

Buenoventura and others playing ball in the school campus.

NDP on the blackboard "Today, we are moving to a new school" (in Spanish) - CU.

Empty class in the old barn.

Teacher with students moving to a new school, the old woman accompanied children.

Children in class at the new school - different.

Listen to the children in the class - CU.

Children living in the home of Fidel Castro, work on the farm, all dined together.

Fidel Castro talks with pupils in the family circle.

Landscapes of the Sierra Maestra - LS. the top point.

Volunteer teachers go to the Sierra Maestra to teach peasants to read.

Teacher feet on the muddy rocks - CU.

Young people in the mountains passes courses for teachers.

Youth sport after school.

Young teacher in the village of writing on the blackboard.

Hands of an old woman on the output paper letters - CU.

The teacher teaches writing letters - MS., CU.

The youth learn to read a group of men.

The sun's rays breaking through the leaves of trees.

Young teachers are sleeping in hammocks.

Evening Landscape - MS.

A young man playing a guitar in the evening - CU.

Girls listen - CU.

The ancient city of Santiago de Cuba.

The buildings in the area.

Fortress of Santiago de Cuba.

City of Trinidad - MS.

Street Trinidad.

Girls in uniform talking on a city street.

Captain Jimenez reads graffiti in the caves - evidence of the ancient culture of the missing people of Cuba.

Ancient inscriptions on the walls of caves.

Well in a cave - CU.

Hunters made their way through the swamp Zapata.

According to Zapata swamp crocodile swims.

Hunters catch the crocodile and transfer it to the reserve.

Women travel on horseback along a shady path.

Wacker shepherds chase a herd of cows.

Passing riders.

The rider holds the rope in his hands.

Funny face Cuban boys and girls - CU.

Girl collects coffee beans - MS.

Mountain coffee beans - CU.

Hand takes a cup of black coffee, and women and men drink coffee.

Girls sitting in a cafe.

On the street of Santiago de Cuba Cuban singing a cheerful song (synchronously).

Passers-by listening to a song and music in the street, applauding.

Listening and smiling old man - CU.

Festively decorated Cuban capital Havana in honor of the new year - the second year of the Revolution.

Poster on education in Cuba.

In the streets of Havana are volunteer teachers who have returned from the Sierra Maestra to the party.

Teachers clean their shoes from the mountain of dirt.

Tree decorated with toys in honor of the new year.

Doll in a shop window.

Mannequins in the window.

Sunset over Cuba.

Illuminated buildings in the streets of Havana.

Funny people on the streets in the dark.

Sitting boy and girl - MS.

Dinner in the school campus "Freedom" in the former military fort in honor of the guests from different countries and volunteer teachers.

Volunteer teachers give beads to Fidel Castro.

Reel №7

Cubans have fun celebrating the new year of the Free State.

Lit largest department store in Havana, saboteurs set fire on New Year's night.

Firemen extinguish a fire.

PNRM. American-made weapons found in the caches of saboteurs.

Pass the arrested terrorists.

Cubans demonstration demanding punishment of terrorists.

Sunrise over Havana - LS.

Post defense.

Hour with a gun - MS.

Watchmaking bypass cane plantations.

Radio operators in the radio.

Fidel Castro - CU.

Surf on the waterfront of Havana - LS.

Footage of American Chronicles: the land of Cuba landed marines, American planes dropped military supplies for saboteurs on Cuban soil.

Troopers dismantled goods on the ground.

Soldiers of the People's Army of receiving weapons, say words of the oath to avenge the enemy (synchronously).

Story People's Army soldiers.

Pass and pass militia groups.

In the streets of Havana are patrols.

Shelters, anti-aircraft calculation, armed soldiers on the streets, embattled.

At the headquarters of the Commander of the Army, Major Juan Almeida working card.

Hands stuffed in a machine-gun ammunition belt.

Minister of the Armed Forces of Cuba, Raul Castro, Major together with the soldiers in the trenches.

Insurgent Army parade in Havana to celebrate the second anniversary of the Revolution.

The people welcomed the army.

By area, are tanks, guns.

Girl shouting "Cuba yes, Yankees no."

Woman in military uniform and carrying a baby - CU.

On the podium, Fidel Castro, Osvaldo Dorticos and others.

In the evening on the town square stands Fidel Castro (synchronously).

A huge number of people in the area - LS.

Comfortable houses, beautiful streets in Havana.

The people applauded, waving flags.

Buenoventura boy lies in bed - CU.

Students raise the flag of the town school.

Flying the flag of a free Cuba.

Children look at the flag.

Goes militias.