The war in Spain (1936-1939)

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Scene №1 The war in Spain

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Mountain scenery in Spain.


Madrid Square with the monument to Cervantes (the top).

Statue of Christ on the Cerro de los Angeles.

Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo.

A plaque in honor of Primo Dzhibelli.

Cathedral of Salamanca.

Newsreel 1989 .: The streets of Madrid traffic. --- People on the promenade of the Spanish city.

Flamenco dancer performs.

Children bathe in the sea, boats, surf.

Aircraft in the sky.

Drop burning aircraft.

People were running down the street.

Refugees are leaving the city.

Lit House.

The smoke over the city.

People extinguish a fire.

The ruins of houses.

People laid the dead in coffins, carry away the wounded on stretchers.

The bodies of women and children, girls.

Soldiers evacuated women and children.

People cry over the dead bodies.

A pile of broken bricks on the street.

Drying clothes, carriage rides.

Campaign posters on the streets of Madrid.

Last minute ruins.

Damaged statues, paintings from the museum.

Mikhail Svetlov with the Spanish soldiers.

Mikhail Svetlov, Mikhail Koltsov, Martin Andersen Nexo, Egon Erwin Kisch, Willi Bredel et al.

At the meetings in support of Spain.

The demonstrations around the world against the Franco regime.

London police detain protesters from the Spanish Embassy.

Protests in Paris, Leningrad, Moscow and other cities..

Spaniards escorted children in port.

The Soviet ship "Zyryanin №19. Odessa".

A man kisses a girl.

The crowd on the waterfront, on rooftops.

Calendar: 1936-1939

Locations: Spain [205]

Scene №2

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On the streets of the columns Brigades.

Passing trucks with soldiers.

There is a 11th Division Lister.

People read the leaflet.

Columns volunteers.

Education volunteers handing weapons.

General Franco rides in an open car.

It takes a train with soldiers.

Are columns of soldiers.

Columns of soldiers on the streets, women welcomed the soldiers.

People in the area are a formation of soldiers.

Flyers in the air.

Rallies in support of Spain in the different countries.

Hand makes a mark on the map of Spain.

Wall inscription: "Armen 14 Madrid".

The ruins of the houses, the smoke over the city.

Fighting in the city, the soldiers snipe.

Landscape with mountains.

The soldiers have guns, fleeing the attack on the field, in the trenches, fighting.

Go soldiers dragged the machine gun.

Columns of fighters are on the streets, raising their hands in greeting.

Those soldiers.

The soldiers dragged a box of ammunition.

Boxes of ammunition.

Artillery guns from the calculation, shoot.

Hemingway with Spanish soldiers.

The fighting, commanders, artillery firing, cavalry.

A soldier comes out of the tent.

Lying dog.

Mirror on the tree.

The soldiers at the table, disassemble the weapon.

The commanders of the People's Army and the Lister Kompensino the table above the map.

Photo of soldiers of the People's Army.

The soldiers on the front line.

The commander looks through binoculars.

Refugees are on the road under the snow.

The soldier in a trench with a rifle, posing the operator.

Fighting: soldiers in the trenches, shooting, fleeing the attack, firing artillery.

On the road passes cavalry.

General Miaja the table above the map.

German transport aircraft.

Passing tanks.

Locations: Spain [205]

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