The President of the Republic Cuba in the USSR.. (1961)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Grigorev R.

Operators: Bgancev I., Grachev I., Kiselev V., Mikosha V., Khalushakov R.


On the visit of the Cuban President O.D.Torrado to the USSR.

Historical background

From 11 to 21 September 1961 in Moscow at the invitation of the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR LI Brezhnev visited the President of the Republic of Cuba Dr. Osvaldo Dorticos Torrado.

Reel №1

Cuban landscapes: mountains, palm trees, cacti.

Cuban soldiers in the mountains.

Go soldiers.

By area, the feast day is young.

On the podium, Fidel Castro and Osvaldo Dorticos.

Vnukovo airport building - CU.

The sky plane "IL-18", accompanied by an escort of honor.

Plane taxis.

The ramp down Osvaldo Dorticos, greets LI Brezhnev.

Among the greeters NG Ignatov, AN Kosygin, state and public figures of the USSR.

Stand with the president arrived, one of the leaders of the revolutionary united organizations Blas Roca Cuban Foreign Minister Raul Roa Garcia and others.

Report headmistress of honor.

Twenty-one volley of anti-aircraft guns - international salute.

Soviet and Cuban flags - CU.

The microphone are: LI Brezhnev and O. Dorticos.

Guests passing through the streets of Moscow.

Muscovites welcome them.

Car rides with guests in the Kremlin, where guests provided residence.

Pigeons in Red Square - LS.

Admission LI Brezhnev Cuban guests.

Sit, talk, LI Brezhnev, the Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR T. bathe, Foreign Minister AA Gromyko, President Osvaldo Dorticos, one of the leaders of the revolutionary united organizations Cuban Blas Roca, Cuban Foreign Minister Raul Roa Garcia, Ambassador José Antonio Partuondo, Faurs Chomon, Raul Roa Kouri and others.

Osvaldo Dorticos and his entourage visited the mausoleum of Lenin and lay a wreath.

Moscow to travel.

Soviet area - a monument to Yuri Dolgoruky, Pushkin Square - a monument to Pushkin, the Bolshoi Theater.

One of the new areas of the capital.

Directions to the Soviet Era.

The guests in the pavilion "atomic energy."

Operate mechanical arms - CU.

Models of the first satellite in the pavilion "Science."

A copy of the pennant delivered to the moon.

O. Dorticos records in the book of honorable guests

Chandelier in the Grand Theatre.

In the government box - Cuban guests.

They LI Brezhnev.

A scene from the ballet Adam "Giselle".

PNRM. down to MSU from travel.

O. Dorticos and his party are in the assembly room, they are greeted students.

MSU rector GI Petrovsky in commemoration of Osvaldo Dorticos Torrado in the development of legal science gives him a diploma and a medal of honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Moscow State University.

O. Dorticos acts.

Soviet-Cuban negotiations, which began Sept. 12 in the Kremlin.

Sit LI Brezhnev, AN Kosygin, O. Dorticos and others.

Neva embankment.

Nevsky Prospekt.

Leningraders greet passing president.

Cruiser "Aurora" - LS.

The plaque on the gun TANKS - CU.

Guests on the deck of the cruiser.

Group of Cuban children to the "Aurora", among them the son of Fidel Castro - Fidel Castro Diaz and the young hero of the film "Burning Island" Buenaventura.

O. Dorticos of Cuban children in the cruiser and among veterans of the revolutionary battles of the seventeenth year, a former sailor, "Aurora."

Guests go to Smolny.

Room VI Lenin.

President's visit to the Leningrad Metal Plant.

Guests on the site and in the workshop of the plant.

O. Dorticos among workers.

NDP "Wedding Palace."

O. Dorticos and his party are present at marriage merchant seaman Vladimir Fadeev and shoe factory worker Alla Prokofiev.

O. Dorticos congratulate the newlyweds.

Reel №2

Volgograd - LS.

Ship with Cuban guests at the gateway of the Volga-Don Ship Canal.


O. Dorticos and his party are responsible for greeting people.

Guests walk up the stairs, get acquainted with the city.

Volgograd - different.

The ruins of the destroyed mill.

The plaque on the house of Sergeant Pavlov - CU.

Volga hydroelectric dam - LS., MS.

PNRM. by Engine Room - MS.

Bank of the Dnieper - Volodymyr Hill - PNRM.

Machines with guests passing on Khreschatyk.

Kiev welcome guests.

Monument to the Unknown Soldier in Kiev - LS., PNRM.

Eternal Flame at the Tomb, there are two guards.

The members of the Cuban delegation to lay a wreath at the grave.

Streets and squares of Kiev.

Bohdan Khmelnytsky Statue - LS.

President O. Dorticos examines new Kiev Metro.

The lobby is one of the stations.

Subway rides.

Guests enter the car.

President's visit to farm "Druzhba", Kyiv region.

Guests are greeted with bread and salt.

PNRM. in the field of sugar beet.

Guests get acquainted with cleaning.

O. Dorticos on harvesters.

Corn harvesting.

O. Dorticos with corn in their hands.

Cuban delegates at a party at one of the farmers.

Tbilisi residents welcome the passing of Cuban people.

Tbilisi - LS.

Seen O. Dorticos a collective farm near Tbilisi.

Meeting with compatriots Cuban youths who study in farm agriculture and preparing to become the driver.

Cuban young man on a tractor.

O. Dorticos the vineyard.

Caucasus Mountains from the plane.

O. Dorticos and his entourage on the plane.

The Grand Kremlin Palace - MS.

NS Khrushchev takes O. Dorticos.

Sitting members of conversation.

20.09. The signing of the Soviet-Cuban communique.

On the Soviet side signs LI Brezhnev, a Cuban - O. Dorticos.

Present: NS Khrushchev, AN Kosygin, Ignatov, EA Furtseva, NM Shvernik, members of the Cuban delegation.

Reception in the Kremlin in honor of President Osvaldo Dorticos Torrado arranged Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and the Soviet government.

Present: NS Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev, MA Suslov, EA Furtseva, AN Kosygin and others.

Muscovites meeting with envoys heroic Cuba at the Grand Kremlin Palace.

At the podium, NS Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev, O. Dorticos and others.

At the rally are: Abram composer Khachaturian, working Ustinov Kolkhoz Chobanov, student Chalykh, LI Brezhnev (synchronously), O. Dorticos (simultaneously in Spanish.)


21.09. Osvaldo Dorticos Farewell to Cuba.

Waving their hands, NS Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev - CU.