Ecological problems in foreign countries (1950-1969)

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Scene №1 Ecological problems in foreign countries

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Skyscrapers in New York, smog over the city.

Highways, interchanges, traffic (above).

Parking, parking car factory.

Types of night city illumination.

View of Paris from the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower (above).

Smoke from factory chimneys.

Plane takes off, leaving a trail of engine emissions.

The city covered in smog.

London smog over the highway, passing the omnibus.

Electronic traffic, transport, pedestrians in smog.

View of the Palace of Westminster.

The Eiffel Tower in smog.

The man behind the wheel of a respirator.

Tokyo, heavy traffic on the streets.

Passers-by, traffic.

Photo: Japanese woman in the street breathing apparatus.

The exhaust pipes of cars.

Streets, dried tree.

Hospital medical staff with patients.

A man in an oxygen mask in a hospital bed.

The exhaust pipe of the vehicle.

Item measure the degree of emission cars.

Neftenasosnaya station.

Wreck, oil spots on the water.

Fuel oil on the shore.

Fisherman in a gauze bandage in the boat pulls into the heating network.

Shows the hand stained with fuel oil.

Rybaki clean network.

Boats at the shore.

Waves in the sea.

Cargo ship.

Fuel oil on the water, on the beach.

Ships at sea.

Birds in the fuel oil.

Man raises poultry.


Dead fish in the water, on the beach.

Sewers, dead fish.

Waste Disposal.

Panorama of the deceased forest.

Destruction of sparrows in China.

A flock of sparrows in the sky.

Woman beats the mallet man dudit into the tube, the military fired a rifle.

Sparrow on a branch.

A flock of sparrows in the sky.

The Chinese on the ground, on the roof waving poles, giving the wheel to land.

Chinese shooting, sparrow falls from the branches.

Teens caught injured sparrows on the ground.

The headquarters of the military over the map.

Man reads radiosvodku front of the microphone.

Woman waving a scarecrow on a pole, a man beats the drum.

A flock of sparrows in the sky.

Dead sparrows on the ground.

People strung a carcass of sparrows on the ropes.

Bundles with the carcasses of sparrows.

Body truck filled with carcasses of sparrows.

Truck driving on the street.

The Chinese bicycles.

Calendar: 1950-1969

Locations: USA [851] France [77] China [46] Japan [112] UK [232]

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