Soviet Ural Mountains № 4 (1979)

Newsreel №55817, 1 part, duration: 0:09:01
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:Galjper E.
Camera operators:Avdeev S., Duplenskij K., Krugovih A., Lyaginskov R., Monastirskij V.


1. On the ground, Tyumen. 2. Our candidates. 3. The plot of the census. 4. The plot of the opening of the Palace of Pioneers. 5. The plot of the folk choir. 6. The story about the artist masters of coinage.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. On the land of Tyumen.

An all-terrain vehicle is driving along the road.

A sign at the entrance to Surgut.

Construction of a manufacturing plant.

A man jumps out of the pipe.

Workers connect sections of pipes.

Drilling rigs are working.

The excavator digs a trench.

A sign for the site of the oil pipeline, a truck passes by on the road.

Transportation of pipes.

Work is underway to connect and lay the pipeline.

The crane unloads the pipes.

A truck with pipes.

2. Our candidates.

Izhevsk Metallurgical Plant, steel shop.

Steelworker A. A. Salamatov watches the furnace.

The fire burns, sparks fly.

The team of A. A. Salamatov works in the shop.

A. A. Salamatov talks with colleagues.

Sparks fly from the furnace.


Instructions for the population census.

Briefcases with documents on the shelves.

People work in the office.

The woman takes the briefcase, opens it, takes out the documents.

The census form.

Women read documents.

Railway district, Sorting block, view of multi-storey and private houses.

The counter of V. A. Kunitsyn enters the entrance.

V. A. Kunitsyna talks with the Sorokin family.

A car drives into the yard.

The counters are divided into entrances.

The wall of a multi-storey building.


Chelyabinsk, view of the new building of the Palace of Pioneers.

An empty hall.

People are looking at a panel on the wall.

A fragment of the panel.

Sports hall.

Concert hall.

Pioneers in needlework class.

Stuffed animals.

Children at a large table in the geology room.

Children study minerals with magnifying glasses and microscopes.

Mineral samples on display.

Art workshop.

The teacher gives advice to the student.

Class in the photography circle.


A lesson in the choreography class.

Ballroom dancing lesson.


Sverdlovsk region, the village of Katarach.

Birch crowns, snow falling from the branches.

On the way, a horse carries a sledge.

Snow on the branches.

Windows of a rural house.

A woman walks down the street with a rocker arm.

The folk choir performs an old Ural wedding song, a man and a woman represent the bride and groom.


Kirov region, the city of Kotelnich.

Artist Yu. A. Udaltsov draws sketches.

Yu. A. Udaltsov taps the pattern with a hammer on the metal.

Editing: Yu. A. Udaltsov at work, fragments of the artist's works appear on the side of the frame.

Finished minted works.

Locations: Surgut [932] Izhevsk [890] Sverdlovsk [876] Chelyabinsk [885] Sverdlovsk region [803] Kirov region [781]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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