Soviet Ural Mountains 1979 № 2

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: Galjper E.

Operators: Avdeev S., Duplenskij K., Monastirskij V., Novikov M.


1. The plot of the Seversky Tube Works. 2. Our candidates. 3. Plot of Professor A.V.Emmausskom. 4. The plot of the sculptor I.Beschastnom. 5. Birch. 6. Sport.

Reel №1


City Polevskoy.

Seversky Tube Works, rolled metal.

Alternation: working shop T-1 stages of production tubing.

Finished pipe.

2. Our candidates.

Ufa, sewing association "Mir".

There is a production meeting.

Among the workers sewing-machine G.Aguzarova, the candidate of the Council of Nationalities.

Applause workers. G.Aguzarova is in the shop.

Ceilings shop. G.Aguzarova at the sewing machine.

Alternation: G.Aguzarova talking with colleagues, a photographer takes pictures.

3. A.V.Emmausskogo colleagues congratulate the 80th anniversary.

Alternation: A.V.Emmaussky teaches classes at the Kirov Pedagogical Institute, the students in the audience.

Professor typing. A.V.Emmaussky pulls a book off the shelf.

Pages of the book.

Books A.V.Emmausskogo professor.


People walk on park avenue.


Hoarfrost on tree branches.

4. Chelyabinsk I.Beschastnyh sculptor working in the studio.


The bas-reliefs.

Master works on wood.

Sculpture P.P.Bazhova.

Processing wood chisel.

General view of the workshop, examines I.Beschastnyh workpiece.

Fragments of the compositions based on fairy tales P.P.Bazhova in Chelyabinsk Palace of Pioneers.

5. Birch.

Photos of the State Academic Choreographic Ensemble "Birch".

Rehearsals dance on stage.

View of the street of Izhevsk.

Members of the ensemble on tour at the car factory.

Dancers are warming up backstage.

On stage he stands at the State Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Udmurt Republic "Italmas".

The audience - the ensemble of "Birch".

Leaders of teams exchanged greetings and gifts.

6. Sport.

Chelyabinsk pool "Elektrometallurg."

Championship in diving.

The panel of judges.

The parade of athletes.

Jumping into the water meter springboard competitions among men.


Jumping student S.Kuzmin. S.Kuzmin with competitors on the podium.

The operator removes the competition among women.

Winner I.Umnova.

I.Umnova with rivals on the podium.

The camera in the stands.

Competitions on jumps from the tower.

Judges assign grades.

All-Union competition for the prize of "Izhevsk rifle" Biathlon.

In the distance beyond A.M.Elizarov. A.I.Tihonov shoots and leaves.

Fires A.M.Elizarov. A.A.Ushakov on the track.

The controller records the results.

Starts A.I.Tihonov.

Athlete aiming at a target.

The athlete completes the race.

The rows of the audience.

Team competitions.

Relay race. A.M.Elizarov aiming at a target.

The defeat of the target.

Athletes continue the race.

Checking targets.

Athletes shoot.

The defeat of the target.

The arrows are on the snow, past the people running around.

A man with a telescope.

Athletes finish.


Emmaus AV - Historian and local historian, candidate of historical sciences, professor, lecturer, Honored Scientist of the RSFSR.
Tikhonov AI - Biathlete, champion of the USSR and the world, the Olympic champion, Honored Master of Sports, President of the Russian Biathlon Union, the first vice-president of the International Biathlon Union.
AM Elizarov - Biathlete, champion of the USSR and the world, the Olympic champion, Honored Master of Sports.
Ushakov AA - Biathlete, three-time world champion, Honored Master of Sports.


Sverdlovsk region
Kirov region



Industry; Education; Culture and Arts; Sport