Far to the north.. (1961)

Documentary №55961, 1 part, duration: 0:09:10, black-white
Producer LSDF
Director:G. Donec
Camera operators:A. Vajgachev, B. Kuznecov, E. Asadov, P. Fedorov
Text authors:M. Lanskoj
Sound mixer:E. Beljskij


The film tells about the work and life of the participants of the hydrographic expedition on Franz Josef Land.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Landscapes of Franz Josef Land (top).

The dog sled is moving past the ice cliffs.

Dogs run in a team.

Views of the cape where Fridtjof Nansen wintered in 1895.

View of the islands of the archipelago, destroyed wintering grounds of previous expeditions.

Polar explorers will explore the expedition's base on Alger Island, which was located here in the 1910s.

A bag with the brand of the company that sponsored the expedition of the American millionaire Ziegler.

The polar explorer examines the preserved pages of the found book.

One of the polar explorers tries canned food from the found jar.

Polar explorers open a box of biscuits, try them.

Icebergs in the Franz Josef Land area.

Grave grave panorama of Soviet polar explorers at Cape Heller near the dilapidated grave of Norwegian sailor Benson.

Polar explorers dig up the grave.

Polar explorers put the remains of the deceased in the coffin.

Reburial of Benson's remains, installation of a wooden obelisk.

The inscription on the obelisk.

Polar explorers at Benson's grave, rifle salute.

Icebergs in the archipelago area.

A polar aviation plane lands on an ice airfield.

Unloading of the property of the expedition of hydrographers.

Engineer Ligachev winds movement of the camera, starts shooting.

Installation of the expedition equipment.

Members of the expedition at work on the map of the area.

Measurement of the depth of coastal areas of the sea.

Equipment of points of the geodetic network.

A trigger point set on the edge of a cliff.

A hydrographic vessel is conducting surveys of the ice-free area.

Captain and helmsman in the wheelhouse.

The radio operator establishes a connection.

The navigator plots a course.

Arctic landscapes, views of the islands of the archipelago and icebergs.

Folding the expedition camp for relocation, loading equipment on a tracked all-terrain vehicle.

View of the expedition camp.

Dog at the tent.

Members of the expedition work in conditions of severe frosts and wind.

Relocation of the expedition's assets during a snow storm.

Views of the settlements of polar explorers on the islands (above).

Ships in the bay on the island of Heise.

Unloading the ship.

Installing the TV antenna.

Polar explorers watch a TV show.

The image on the TV screen.

One of the polar explorers swims in a kayak between the ice floes.

Geophysicist Ievlev undresses on the edge of an ice floe.

Ievlev jumps into the icy water, swims with a white bear named Snowball.

Ievlev and the bear cub get out on the ice floe.

The bear cub runs away.

The dog drives the bear cub away from the calf.

Pigs dig in the ground.

Arctic summer landscape, polar explorers on a ship.

A family of polar bears in the water.

View of a residential village on one of the islands of the archipelago.

Engineers Ganiev and Maloletkin service equipment ionospheric Department.

Assembling a weather rocket.

Let's blow up the rocket launcher.

Launch of a meteorological rocket.

Polar explorers raise the rocket head, which descended on a parachute.

Employees of the Institute of Applied Geophysics study the substances that lie in the layers of Arctic snow, collect samples.

Kindling of part of the extracted samples.

Extraction of a block of snow to be sent to the base for radiochemical analysis.

Loading a block of snow into an airplane.

Arctic landscapes under the wing of an airplane.

The icebreaker goes through the ice, breaking the ice at the side of the icebreaker.

View of the bow of the icebreaker.

The sea beyond the icebreaker.

Calendar: 1961

Locations: Arctic [941]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824]

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