The Flags Of All-Union Sports and Athletic Competitions.. (1961)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Veyland B.

Script writers: Tarasov N.

Operators: Kiselev S., Mikhaylov L., Monglovskiy U.

Anouncers: Gulyaev B.


About the final competitions of the VII All-Union Sports and Athletic Competitions of the Trade Unions.

Temporary description

Opening of the 7 th Games of Trade Unions in Moscow: the solemn passage of the city flags as games, Games of the opening at the Central Stadium. Lenin. Secretary of the Central Committee of the All AN Shevchenko welcomes the participants sport. Sports festival at the stadium: mass demonstrations by athletes. Games of competition: competition in 100, 200 meters for men and women, long jump, high. Among the participants of the competition world record holder Vladimir Brumel. Competitions for canoeing, fencing, volleyball, boxing, cycling. Speeches weightlifters. Swimming competitions for men and women in gymnastics. Among participants gymnastic competitions Larissa Latynina, Irina Pervushkina and others. Rewarding teams - winners of sport.

Reel №1

Moscow streets on motorcycles with sidecars wheeling flags - LS., MS.

Fanfaristy on motorcycles.

In Red Square on the race cars and the Moscow River on a river boat wheeling flags.

Lenin Stadium in Luzhniki.

At the stadium are participants of parade - LS., MS.

World record holder in the high jump, Valery Brumel, parade commander, gave a report Secretary of the All Shevchenko.

Shevchenko welcomes athletes.

Flag fluttering in the wind Games.

Flag of the Ukrainian Republic - LS.

Pass athletes Ukraine.

Athletes are Crimea.

Competitions athletes of Ukraine for the right to travel to Moscow for the Games.

Hurdles on the Kiev stadium.

Stadium in Voronezh.

Ran athletes.

Caption: "Stadium Park" car builders "in Riga.

Group of female cyclist with the coach.

Staff of Riga Railcar Ayia Vismans, Indulis Jansons.

Cyclists on the road.

Building State Optical and Mechanical Plant (Gomza) are employees of the plant.

Factory trained in the stadium - CU.

Central Lenin Stadium in Luzhniki - LS.

March-parade of sports and athletics at the stadium - LS.

Go team cities and republics - MS.

Young astronauts on the field.

Launching model rockets into the air.

Playing athletes Moscow universities.

The judge.


The race for 100 meters.

Among running Lyudmila Ignatieff - LS., MS.

Final race.

On the podium Liive Hyarsing (1st place), Ludmilla Ignatiev (2nd place).

Final race of men's 100 meters hurdles.

Judges record the results of the race.

The winner race Igor Ter-Hovhannisyan interview (synchronously).

Rewarded the winners of the race in the 200 meters Ludmilla Ignatiev.

Sports reporter interviewing athletes (synchronously).

Reel №2

Spectators in the stands (the rain).

Long jump.

Jump Igor Ter-Hovhannisyan (7 meters 72 cm), the Minsk Automobile mechanic Anatoly Zirka (7 m 44 cm).

Reward them.

Jump: world record holder Valery Brumel and fitter Leningrad plant Gomza Igor Kukharev.

On the pedestal Valery Brumel (1st place), Igor Kashkarov (2nd place), Igor Kukharev (3rd place) - MS.

Race to 10,000 meters: Peter Bolotnikov ahead, followed by two athletes Russia - Boris Efimov and Faiz Khuzin.

Peter Bolotnikov finish.

Congratulates his son.

Framing plans: competitions in canoeing - LS.

Fencing competitions.

Volleyball competition.

Boxing events.

Group race for 150 km.

Chelyabinsk athlete finishes Hainan Saydhuzhin - LS., CU.

Weightlifting competition in Sokolniki.

Raise the bar Victor Marzagulov Anatoly harness (1 place).

Medals on the table - CU.

Swimming competition among women.

Swim in the 200 meters.

The winner - a student of Kiev University Alla Kovalenko - MS.

Swim men's 200 meters.

Winner - participant of the Olympic Games in Rome, the Bauman Higher Technical School student Valentin Kuzmin - LS., CU.

Read the cameramen CSDF II Sokolnikov - LS.

Competition diver.

Olympics champion in jumping from the tower Constantine Karavaev - LS.

Exercise rings at the Sports Palace: Yuri Aivazian - LS.

Exercise the horse performs Makurin Yuri (Ukraine).

On bars - Olympic champion Larisa Latynina.

Performs floor exercise gymnast Irina Pervushina - LS., MS.

Awarding of the winners in the Sports Palace.

Reward team RSFSR, Moscow, Ukraine, Gomza.

The final parade of Games.

The spectators in the stands.