Fishermen on the workload 1987 № 9

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Director: V.Toropov, E.Eratov

Script writers: Yu.Kalinichev, V.Toropov, E.Eratov, N.Chervonobab

Operators: I.Puntakov, B.Moskalenko, G.Kreps, A.Gorchukov

Text writers: I.Sumarokova


1. BAT "XXVI Congress of the CPSU" - about the work of the large Autonomous trawler "XXVI Congress of the CPSU". 2. Komsomol-youth link of M. I. Busov - about the youth fishing link of the collective farm "Red star" of the Ikryaninsky district of the Astrakhan region 3."At Voronezh cooks"

Reel №1

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"Fishermen on labor watch".

Report from BAT "XXVI Congress of the CPSU".

Trawler in the ocean.

Captain V. Gusko at the helm.

The work of the 6 team on the trawler.

Lifting the net with fish.

The fish is unloaded on the deck.

Processing of fish caught on a trawler.

Packing frozen fish in boxes.

Product quality control.

Mechanics carry out engine maintenance.

Unloading fish at the port.

2."Great prospects for industrial fish farming".

Thermal power plant.

Fish farm.

Fish fry in cages.

Compact fish-breeding installation RKU-240.

The oxygenator is one of the units of the installation.

Grown carp.


Checking the water quality in the laboratory.

Fish farming shop at the Chelyabinsk metallurgical plant.

3."Komsomolko-youth link of M. I. Busov".

Volga delta.

Fishing crew.

The Busov link goes fishing.

Caught fish in a boat.

A caravan with fish goes to the floating plant.


Kamchatka Krai
Astrakhan region


Verkh-Isetskiy plant
Chelyabinsk metallurgical plant
Krasnaya Zvezda collective farm in the Ikryaninsky district



Reel №2

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The continuation of the story "Komsomolka youth link M. I. bousova".

Ice on the Volga.

Boats on the shore.

Link busova with the Chairman of the collective farm VI Sannikov discuss plans for the winter.

Fish-Smoking shop of the plant.

Package of smoked fish.

One of the team members is working on a tractor.

The other is an electrician-Adjuster.

The boys look at a male electrician who is fixing a street lamp.

3."Live fish - all year round".

Carp fishing in an artificial pond.

Ivorine base for storing fish in the winter.

Ponds with fish.

Fish in cages.

Aeration of cages.

Fish on the shelves of stores.

3.At Voronezh cooks".

The building of the experimental fish gastronomy plant.

Defrosting of fish briquettes.

Smoking small fish.

Packaging of finished products.

Mechanized line for the production of fish cutlets.

Finished products in the factory canteen.

Products of the plant in the store.


Belgorod region
Voronezh region