Search and rescue equipment "ZIL" (1989)

Documentary №56117, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:55
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Smirnov B.
Screenwriters:Lavrentjev V., Smirnov B.
Camera operators:Krilov I.


The film tells the story of a search and rescue models of all terrain ZIL production techniques and shows the field test machines in various conditions.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Chronicle of different years of the mid XX century: The soldiers pulled the car out of the mud with the help of a rope.

Trucks traveling on water.

The wheel scrolls in water.

People push the truck out of the mud.

The driver jumps from the roof of the sinking of the tractor on an ice floe.

People on the roads, a child climbs into the rover.

Bulldozers get stuck in the mud.

Working under the wheels enclose trunks of trees.

The technique of pulling out of the swamp in tow.

A child riding in tow.


Chronicle of 1965: Astronauts work in orbit.

Types of Earth from space.


Panoramas of the taiga.

Slings canopies of trees.

Astronauts encounter arrived at the landing of people.

Camp cosmonauts, people around the campfire.

People leave the camp on skis.


The first models of search and evacuation equipment, truck winter in the mountains.

Crossing the river.

The truck climbs up a hill.

Pipe carrier terrain in the desert.

SUV in winter forest.

Shipping on the bumpy forest road.

It shoots a rocket launcher.

Overcoming autumn slush.

Panorama tundra.

On the tundra is rescue equipment.

Cosmonaut is taken from the lander.

Past the apparatus goes amphibious truck.

Cameraman shoots interviews astronauts.

Truck pulls.

Complex machines to search and evacuation landers.

The basic model of an amphibious vehicle.

Animation: transmission scheme.

Testing equipment, uphill.

the slope movement.

Changes in tire pressure.

Passage of the art for soft ground.

Two track road to compare.

Demonstration steering characteristics.

The circular turn in a limited space.

The rear propellers.

Driving on the water.


The crew in the cockpit.

Air conditioning system.

The passenger compartment.

Freight car version with hydraulic lifts.

Sample handling.

Screw-propelled vehicle (all terrain vehicle).

Type all-terrain vehicle from below.

Movement through the mud.

Search equipment all-terrain vehicle.

Plane at the airport.

Opens the cargo hold.

Special climbs into the plane.

The plane takes off.

Check out the art from the hatch.

Technology goes on the airfield.

The movement of machinery in the city traffic.

Movement and amphibians turns on paved roads.

Driving on rough terrain.

Pass through the woods.

Climbing the hills.

Above the forest after the truck flying a helicopter.

Amphibian in the desert, overcoming dunes.

The passage through the grass thickets.

Driving on flooded road with obstacles.


PI Belyaev - Soviet cosmonaut, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Hero of the Soviet Union. Leonov AA - Soviet cosmonaut, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, twice Hero of the Soviet Union.

Locations: USSR [863]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Wheels in water.

Amphibious vehicle crossing the river.

Crossing the narrow river with a strong balance-board roll.

Movement on the mountainous and desert terrain with climbs, descents, unstable ground.

Amphibian enters the sea.

Work in the sea at night.

The truck travels over the camera.

Driving on ice and snow.

The driver behind the wheel.

Amphibian passes through the windbreak.

Laying of roads on virgin snow.

Rotary snow terrain vehicle in the woods.

Overcoming the steep descent.

SUV goes through the swamp.

Pass through the coastal thickets of grass.

Out on the open water.

Descend the hill side course.

SUV runs into the sea.

Truck amphibious among the sand and embankments, maneuvering, steep descents.

Drive over the railway embankment.

Driving on a country road without a wheel.

Movement at night in all weather conditions.

Alternation: astronauts bid farewell before the start, special on-site.

The ship at the pier.

Transshipment container in the truck-amphibian.

The use of technology in diving operations.

The use of fish farm.

The evacuation of the injured from the building in the forest.

Chronicle of different years: The collapse of the train on the border of Bashkortostan and Chelyabinsk Region, passenger train lies on its side (shot from a helicopter).

Broken trees.

Burned cars.

Rescuers dismantled rubble.

The consequences of the earthquake in Armenia.

Crying elderly woman.

Ruined city.

Special on-site.

Start a space rocket.

Locations: USSR [863]

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