A Big Heart. (1962)

Film-document №5615 2 parts, Duration: 0:20:31 to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Semenova M.

Script writers: Semenova M.

Operators: Epifanov G.

Composers: Kholminov A.


About the friendship of a boy with animals. A fairy tale - novel.

Temporary description

Content of the film is presented in the form of kinoskazki; dramatization relations movie characters: the young naturalist, and the boy's "great heart", the zoo animals. Sound design movie - "dialogues" heroes. Beasts of the Moscow Zoo: hippopotamus, rhinoceros, monkeys, bears, guano, elephant, deer, lion, tiger, sea lions and others. Starring Yunnatov and the boy's "great heart" filmed pupils Grisha Klimov and Evgeny Dudin.

Reel №1

Hippopotamus in pool zoo - LS., CU.

Birds Flamingos in the water - MS.

Tiger in a cage washes.

The boy in the early morning at the zoo feeding animals, animals take food from the hands of the boy.

Visitors to the zoo.

Camels in the aviary.

Naturalists talking to the boy about the rules of behavior of visitors to the zoo (synchronously).

Polar bear in the enclosure.

Looking five-year girl - CU.

Cubs wild animals play peacefully in the same cell at the site of young animals.

Children and adults are looking at animals.

Guanaco - the animal family of camelids - in the park.

The boy in the reading room reading a book about animals.

Pensive boy's face - CU.

Guanaco in the aviary - MS., CU.

Pair of elephants at the zoo - MS.

Boy talking to guanacos (synchronously).

Chick secretary bird in a cage - PNRM.

Elephant raises its trunk - CU.

Walrus in the pool.

Deer in the aviary.

Sea Lion resting on the island pool.

A monkey in a cage.

Black bear is in the cell.

Nimble birds at the zoo.

The street is a boy with a dog, the dog has teeth umbrella.

Dog playing with a kitten.

A boy in the street watered kitten milk from his hand.

Dog barking - CU.

Bird on a rock - MS.

A boy runs along the paths zoo.

Brown bears are sitting on the rocks at the zoo.

The boy feeds the bears.

The bear stands on its hind legs.

Reel №2

Boy calls up to his sea lions swimming in the pool zoo.

In pool swimming sea lions - LS.

The boy from the hands of the sea lions feed.

Elephant - CU.

Boy feeding walruses, playing with a monkey.

Monkeys in a cage.

Hippo in the pool.

Guanaco head - CU.

Boy Gives guanaco green branch.

Naturalists boy makes an observation (synchronously).

Plaque with the inscription "To feed, tease animals forbidden» - CU.

Parrot in a cage - CU.

Monkey head - CU.

Elephant Eye - CU.

Secretary bird in a cage.

Walrus in the water - CU.

Tiger in the aviary.

Different birds on the pond at the zoo.

Sika deer in the pen.

The boy with the deer.

Sad face boy - CU.

Naturalists walks on footpaths zoo.

Spotted deer, frightened, fled to the aviary.

Giraffe with cub in the aviary - LS.

Hippopotamus with a baby in the pool and on the court.

Flamingo birds in the pond - LS.

Boy at home reading a book about animals.

A dog in the apartment, a teddy bear - CU.

A boy caresses a dog.

Alert guanaco in the aviary - LS., CU.

Frustrated naturalists.

Lion in a cage - MS., CU.

Zoo animals in cages - MS., CU.

Sculpture of a deer at the zoo - MS., CU.

Polar bear swims in the pool.

The brown bear is on the rocks.

Naturalists with a boy coming to animals.