The Friendly Visit to African Countries.. (1962)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Derbysheva L.

Operators: Voroncov V., Popova M.


The film is about Anastas Mikoyan's visit to Guinea, Ghana, Mali, Morocco, Guinea.

Historical background

January 4, 1962 AI Mikoyan traveled on an official visit to Africa - Guinea, Ghana, Mali, Morocco.

Temporary description

Film about the visit of Mikoyan in Guinea, Ghana, Mali, Morocco. Guinea. City of Conakry. Streets, buildings of the city. Palace of Sekou Toure. Solemn meeting Mikoyan at the airport. Mikoyan meeting with President Sekou Toure, visiting a trade fair, stadium and airport. Ghana. City of Accra. Meeting Mikoyan with President Kwame Nkrumah. Stadium. University named after Kwame Nkrumah. Sports festival at the stadium. Mikoyan meets with members of farmers' council, attends field cocoa, maize, meets with tribal leaders. Mali. The city of Bamako. Streets. Market. Hunters sell crocodile skins, leopard. The Arts House. Craftsmen at work. Solemn meeting Mikoyan at the airport. Mikoyan meets with the Prime Minister of Mali Modibo Keita, visiting the rural collective economy, examines the irrigation system, visit the manufacturing workshops, speaking before city residents. Threshing millet. The River Niger. Morocco. City of Rabat. Meeting Mikoyan, travel around the city. Mausoleum of King Mohamed V. Mikoyan talks with King Hassan II, lays a wreath at the tomb of Mohammed V. City of Tangier. Seaport. Handling of oranges on the court. Mikoyan visits seaport meets with residents of the city. Strait. City Shauen. Streets and buildings. The inhabitants of the city. Mikoyan talks with Minister of Information and Tourism Moulay Ahmed Alaoui.

Reel №1

AI Mikoyan and his party in the cabin en route to Africa.

Screws aircraft shot through the window - CU.

Multrabota, geographical map of Africa with the designation of country they were visiting AI Mikoyan - CU.

At the airport in Kanakri - Guinea's capital A. Mikoyan meet Speaker of the National Assembly of the Democratic Party Political Secretary Sayofulay Diallo of Guinea, etc.

The honor guard at the airport in honor of the guest from the USSR.

G. Kanakri - LS., With a / t, PNRM.

Streets in Kanakri - MS.

Administrative building - MS.

Presidential Palace - LS.

Arrival at the palace to visit AI Mikoyan - MS.

Visit AI Mikoyan, President of the Republic and head of the government of Guinea, Sekou Toure.

AI Mikoyan and his party lay a wreath at the monument to those killed in the fight for freedom, set in the heart Kanakri.

AI Mikoyan, Sekou Toure, and others at the monument.

Soviet pavilion trade fair in Kanakri - LS.

Sekou Toure opens the exhibition.

AI Mikoyan, Sekou Toure visiting the exhibition.

Visitors to the exhibition visiting the exhibits in the pavilion and an open area.

Farmers with interest examining agricultural machinery.

Vehicles with a delegation passing through the picturesque road Guinea - LS.

Guinea landscapes taken from the passage.

The people welcomed the Soviet visitor in the path of the country.

CU. plan for men and women of Guinea.

AI Mikoyan, Sekou Toure and persons accompanying them in the construction of the country's first University of Technology and the stadium for 25 thousand people.

Soviet specialists The designers talk with AI Mikoyan and Sekou Toure.

PNRM. of stadium construction - LS.

PNRM. reconstruction plan airport Kanakri, AI Mikoyan is considering a plan, talking with builders - Guineans at the airport.

Arrival AI Mikoyan to Ghana, guests are greeted at the airport President Nkrumah of Ghana Kwale.

The honor guard at the airport in honor of the guest from the USSR.

Port in Ghana - LS.

Fishermen on the boat - LS.

Landscapes of Ghana, taken from the passage.

The road was built in colonial Ghana (with us).

Vehicles are on the road-LS.

First quarters of modern houses for the workers in Ghana - LS., To travel.

The building of the new University.

Kwale Nkrumah (with motion).

Stadium - LS., To travel.

At the stadium, are young athletes Ghana - LS., With a / t

AI Mikoyan at the stadium.

Athletes at the stadium are in uniform, the pioneers, the mass gymnastics.

Accra - LS., From the plane.

Street of the city.

Public building - LS.

AI Mikoyan in Accra, in dirmerskom Council.

Youth presents the guest gifts.

CU. plans of young Africans.

AI Mikoyan speech.

Women trail feet guest white veil.

PNRM. - The field of peanuts - LS.

AI Mikoyan and others visiting the peanut field.

The fruit of the cocoa - CU.

AI Mikoyan considers fruit.

Dried cocoa beans - CU.

AI Mikoyan inspects a corn field, cobs.

Uprooting trees in the virgin lands.

Young pioneers of Ghana presented with AI Mikoyan pioneer tie.

Chiefs welcome AI Mikoyan, who arrived in the city Solpon.

Residents Solponta welcome guest.

CU. Plan blacks of different tribes.

Reel №2

CU. plan for men and women of Mali.

Pedestrians, cyclists, cars on the streets of Bamako - the capital of Mali.

Open market stalls in


Malians are selling skins of tigers, crocodiles, manufactured goods.

"House of Art» - LS.

Artisans working in a studio.


Finished wood products - figures of gods.

Festively decorated buildings in Bamako in honor of the arrival of AI Mikoyan.

Welcome slogans - CU.

Bamako residents enthusiastically welcome AI Mikoyan in the streets, when they met him at the airport.

Business meeting with the Prime Minister Modibo Keita, members of the government and leaders of the Sudanese Union presence AI Mikoyan.

Farmers threshing millet on the collective flow (manually).

AI Mikoyan and others in the collective field.

Women manually wind the millet.

Peasants on horseback.

Tina men of different tribes of Mali - CU.

PNRM. Niger - LS.

The dam and the bridge on the Niger - LS., MS.

Construction of industrial workshops.

Builders welcome AI Mikoyan.

Residents Mali heat escort AI Mikoyan.

A group of workers dancing to the accompaniment of folk instruments.

CU. plans smiling women of Mali.

AI Mikoyan speech before leaving Mali.

People listening, applauding - LS., CU., MS.

An honor guard of soldiers at the airfield the Kingdom of Morocco in Rabat in honor of the arrival of AI Mikoyan.

A. Meeting Mikoyan at the airport.

The people welcomed the AI Mikoyan on the streets of Rabat.

Seen AI Mikoyan Mausoleum of King Mohammed V and the laying of a wreath at the tomb of the king.

King Hassan II takes AI Mikoyan.

Highway from Rabat to Tangier - removed from the movement.

LS. - The road in the valley of Rio Maritino - LS., To travel.

Tangier - LS.

The streets of Tangier from the passage.

Loading Moroccan oranges in Tangier port.

AI Mikoyan on orange plantations.

Fruits oranges on the branches - PNRM.

Strait of Gibraltar, is seen in the distance the coast of Europe - LS.

AI Mikoyan and his party on the African shore of the strait.

Strait - LS.

Women with covered faces on the streets of Tangier.

A lot of people on the streets, donkey laden, passers-carts, European women pushing baby strollers in the streets.

Residents of the city gathered outside the hotel where he was staying AI Mikoyan, to conduct a guest on a trip to their country.

Road going to the mountains Reef - with movement.

G. Shauen - LS.

The streets of the city, taken from the motion.

People on the streets.

Tina Highlanders - residents Shaurena - CU.

The people welcomed the AI Mikoyan's Shauene.

AI Mikoyan talks with the Minister of Information and Tourism Moulay Ahmed Alaup.

G. Shauren with a / t

Landscapes of Morocco.


Map of Africa with the designation of countries visited by AI Mikoyan.