A Spring of Communism.. (1962)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Setkina I.


About celebration of the May Day (the Day of International Solidarity of Working People) in Moscow.

Temporary description

Spring landscape. Sunrise. Snowdrops on the bank of the stream. Butterfly on a birch tree. Floating of ice on a river. Lilacs bloom. Poppies. Falls. Seascapes. Ukraine. North of grain in one of the farms. Kolkhoz chairman Kavun in the field. Kabardino-Balkariya. North of corn on the farm named after Lenin. Siberia. State Farm "Razhev. Pastoralists on a pig farm, caring for the piglets. Komsomol-farm workers who had arrived from Moscow on the Komsomol. The construction of residential houses. Wedding newcomers. Festive table. Azerbaijan. Shepherds, herdsmen Kerimov brothers in the pasture with the herd. Twins triplets Yuri, Herman, John, named in honor of the first cosmonauts. Residents enter into a new house. Housewarming party in one apartment. The construction of the pipeline Gazli-Ural. Manufacturing processes at the Lipetsk Metallurgical Plant. Installation sixth turbines at the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station. Drifting station "North Pole". Polar explorers celebrate the 1 st May. City of Moscow. The demonstration, military parade, gym parade of the 1 st May 1962 on the podium of the Mausoleum of Lenin Khrushchev, Yuri Gagarin, Malinovsky, members of the government. Speaker Marshal Malinovsky (sinhr.). Foreign guests on the dais, including the Queen of Belgium. Salut.

Reel №1


Flower in water.

Butterfly on a birch trunk - MS.

By a group of young birch forest runs down to the river, youth is on the bank of the river, the river is ice - LS.

Spring landscape with the river.

Flowers - LS.

Tea Rose - CU.

Lilac - MS.

A field of poppies.

Landscape with snowy mountain peaks in the foreground - the flowers.

Waterfall - LS.

Aqua - MS.

Landscape (the plane).

Aircraft pollinating field - LS.

Farm chairman B. Kavun passes across the field; takes up land - MS., CU.

In sleep grain silo - CU.

Tractor rides on the field - MS.

Machine-beet growers B. Svetlichnyi the cab - CU.

Tractor rides on the field - LS.

Hands with grains of corn - CU.

Lenin collective farm workers in Kabardino-Balkaria - CU.

Siberian State Farm "Razhev» - LS., PNRM.

In the study group of young Muscovites who came to the farm for the Komsomol, talks to the director of the farm.

A female breeder - CU.

Female pigs are fed from a dummy - CU.

Worked as a bricklayer - MS.

G. Kondratiev lays brick - MS., CU.

Wedding L. and V. Dmitrieva Matygina: guests at the table.

Newlyweds on the Siberian custom give chickens, ducklings.

Two duckling - MS.

Stand, go to the flock three brothers Kerimov - shepherds-breeders of Kakhi region of Azerbaijan.

Women with strollers pass through the alley of the park.

Twins in a stroller, Yuri, Herman and John, named in honor of the three world's first astronauts.

New house - MS.

Enter into a new house settlers, making the refrigerator.

Family settles into a new apartment.

Settlers toasting with champagne.

Glasses - CU.

Gazley-Urals pipeline in the sand.

Excavate - MS.

Excavator - MS.

The machine wraps pipes.

Plant - LS., PNRM. (Top point).

Excavate with May Day slogan.

Metal Works - MS.

Melting metal in a new blast furnace - MS.

Hydroelectric dam (from left).

Hero of Socialist Labor Vitale led the sixth turbine installation at the Bratsk hydropower plant.

Turbine - MS. (From left).

Crane operator in the cab of the crane construction site.

Hydroelectric dams, snow - LS.

On the drifting station in the Arctic was made of snow, "May 1".

Winterers go with the flag to the mast, raise the flag.

Flag on the mast - CU.

Moscow streets are protesters - MS.

By Mayakovsky monument bear layouts icebreaker "Lenin" and the aircraft (from left).


Sing smiling girl under umbrellas, the young man playing the guitar.

Plays the accordion.

Girls - MS., CU.

The demonstrators go two little children on bicycles.

Bear layout globe with flags of different countries and the words "For a peaceful coexistence."

In Red Square, amid GUM troops are stationed - LS., MS.

Sailor at the flag, Nahimovets - CU.

Guest Tribune - MS.

Africans - MS., CU.; Chinese - MS.

The overall plan of the Red Square with standing armies and the guest podium.

According to the Kremlin are MA Suslov, NS Khrushchev, G. Voronov, LI Brezhnev, FR Kozlov, AN Kosygin, DS Polanski - MS., PNRM.

NS Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev and others rise to the podium of the Mausoleum - LS.

On the guest platform applaud - MS.

Applauds the Queen Elizabeth of Belgium - MS.

NS Khrushchev on the podium waving his hat - LS., MS.

Applaud YA Gagarin, N. Ignatov and others, then Gagarin salutes - MS.

Spasskaya Tower, PNRM. to move out of the gate defense minister, Marshal Rodion Malinowski, a parade.

Marshal Malinovsky and parade commander Marshal Nikolai Wings tour the troops.

Marshal Krylov Reports to Marshal Malinovsky (synchronous) - MS.

RY Malinowski welcomes soldiers, cadets, Nakhimov (synchronous) - LS., MS.

At the flag-bearers - MS.

Troops are stationed - LS., MS.

RY Malinowski gets out and goes to the mausoleum.

Fanfaristy play - MS.

Reel №2

Marshal Malinovsky, a speech from the podium of the Mausoleum (synchronous) - Various.

Listen to the generals, officers and soldiers, and foreign guests - MS., CU.; Sailor - CU.

On the podium are R.. J. Malinowski and NS Khrushchev - MS.

Red Square with Lenin's Tomb, guest podium and standing armies - LS.

Salute shooting guns in the Kremlin - LS.

Combined orchestra plays anthem.

Stand on the podium during the anthem RY Malinowski, NS Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev, FR Kozlov, AI Mikoyan, MA Suslov, AN Kosygin, NM Shvernik, O. Kuusinen, GI Voronov, DS Polanski, BN Ponomarev and other - MS., PNRM.

On Red Square are drummers - LS., MS.

Pass the troops, sailors, cadets, Nakhimov - different.

Receiving military equipment.

Party and government leaders, the marshals and generals on the mausoleum - different.

International visitors photographed military equipment.

It takes a combined orchestra.

Go athletes - LS.

Children with flowers run to the Mausoleum, receives flowers leaders of the party and the government, are together with them in the stands.

Red Square during the performance of athletes - LS.

Demonstration of workers' representatives in the Red Square - different.

Children at the demonstration - CU., MS.

Party and government leaders welcomed the demonstrators - MS.

NS Khrushchev on the tribune during the demonstration - CU.

Foreign guests are welcome demonstrators.

Fireworks over the Kremlin over the Mausoleum, the monument to Karl Marx.