Day Air Fleet in Tushino (1952)

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Scene №1 Day Air Fleet in Tushino

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Aircraft fly in the sky, making the words "Glory to Stalin."

General view of the guest tribune Tushino airfield.

People on the guest platform, the view of the rostrum.

By podium drives a car comes out of it, Stalin IV

Stalin raised the podium.

Those people cheering Stalin.

People greet Stalin.

Stalin goes to the guest bleachers, follow him: NA Bulganin, VM Molotov

People welcome party and government leaders.

Those cheering girls.

Stalin Bulganin on the podium.

Over the airfield fly planes bearers.

Light aircraft carries a flag with a portrait of Stalin.

Generals aviation designer VJ Klimov engines, SM Budyonny, Stalin, Bulganin stand on the podium during the anthem of the USSR.

Portraits of Stalin and the Soviet leaders on the podium.

The officer sends a signal to take off flags.

Fly long-range bombers Tu-4. Soaring link fighter jets MIG-15.

Klimov, Budyonny, Stalin Bulganin and watched the flight of fighters.

The audience applauded, looking at the sky.

The audience applauded.

Klimov, Budyonny, Stalin Bulganin and stand on the podium.

General view of the government's platform, Stalin comes to Klimov.

Klimov, Stalin and Budenny on the rostrum.

The designers of aircraft engines and aircraft Klimov, AA Mikulin, Alexander Yakovlev, AI Mikoyan They talk to each other at the airport.

Budyonny, Stalin and Bulganin on the podium during aviation parade.


Stalin Stalin - statesman and political figure [842] Nikolai Bulganin - statesman and political figure Vyacheslav Molotov - statesman and political figure Budyonny Semyon Mikhailovich - commander Vladimir Y. Klimov - designer of aircraft engines Mikulin Alexander - designer of aircraft engines Alexander Yakovlev - aircraft Artem Mikoyan Ivanovic - aircraft

Calendar: 07.27.1952

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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