The road to the blue world (1960)

Documentary №56286, 3 parts, duration: 0:29:20
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Rudnev N.
Screenwriters:Stukalov O.
Camera operators:Kaznin A., Popov A.
Composers:Sideljnikov N.


A short feature film about diving, device types, and diving equipment.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The car in the street of the port city.

The car stops in front of the house.

The main character, Victor, goes and says goodbye to the driver and passenger - Uncle Lenya and Olga.

The machine leaves Victor rises on the porch.

A man looks into the glass doors locked.

Victor looks into the distance.

Sea view from the porch of the house.

Man runs to the sea.

Alternation: man undresses, sea waves.

Pebble beach, feet walking person.

Victor looks at the water.

On shore leaves people with a harpoon and oxygen apparatus.

Diver Gogh removes the mask.

Gogh goes to the track.

On the rocks sits friend Gogi.

Victor looks at them.

Swimmers go.

Victor thinks.

Lifeguard Ivan Ilyich signed circle.

Talk of Ivan Ilyich and Victor.

Ivan Ilych shows Viktor swimming mask.

Victor goes into the sea, the man picks up the mask.

Victor looking through the bottom of the water.

Murky bottom of the image.

Man returns a mask.

Victor wears a mask.

A clear image of the bottom of the glass through the mask.

A look at the sea surface.

Victor falls into the water.

Underwater pictures.

People go to the beach.

Ivan Ilyich explains the properties of the mask.

Ivan Ilyich leaves.

Victor looks at the mask.

The surface of the sea.

Victor climbs the stairs.

Meet Uncle Lenya and Olga.

Olga shows snorkel and fins.

Uncle Lenya in the mask near the shore.

Young people on the beach.

Olga goes to meet his uncle.

The explanation of the tube device.

Olga helps his uncle to fix up the phone.

Uncle Lenya returned to the sea.

The first dives with the tube.

Uncle Lenya comes up, cleans up the phone and otfyrkivalsya.

Olga Victor and near the water, Olga recalls blowing tube.

Uncle Lenya dives and blows up the phone.

Vacationers swim in the sea.

Uncle Lenya underwater.

Uncle Lenya returned to shore.

Olga talks about flippers.

Woman putting on fins, mask, Victor goes into the sea.

Victor puts on a mask and catches the water.

Swimming race.

Victor looks into the water and turns back.

Olga swims under water.

Key words


Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Uncle Lenya sits on the banks of Olga out of the water and sits down.

Victor admits defeat.

Holidaymakers on the beach.

Passing by divers.

Victor looks after Gogh and his friend.

Lenya Uncle Victor gives the handset.

Victor thanks and look after the swimmers.

Ivan Ilyich.

Lifeguard talking to Goga, the conversation watch Victor and a young woman.

Gogh and the woman go.

Talk of Ivan Ilyich and Victor, lifeguard boat transfers to oxygen tanks.

Victor asks permission to swim with the bottle, but Ivan Ilyich fails and recalls the breathing tube.

People walk on the pier.

Viktor down into the boat.

Ivan Ilyich on the dock.

Victor looks at the bottom surface of the water.

Victor swims under water.

Victor comes up and blows up the phone.

Lifeguard Basil passes fins.

The man wears flippers.

Victor floats, Basil explains how to swim with flippers.

Victor dives.


Victor comes up and blows up the phone.

Visual signal rescuers in a boat.


Shell in the fingers.

People talk about the shells.

Gogh preparing to dive, ignoring the opinion of the companion.

A swimmer dives.

Swimming under water, collecting seashells.

Victor on the bank examines the harpoon device.

Talking with Olga about spearfishing.


Hunters come to the surface.

A woman looks at the sea and watch, angry Gogh.

Gogi friend gets up, takes the fins and heads for the water.

The surface of the sea and boulders on the shore.

Alternation: marine life, a man in a mask floats at the surface of the water, the woman concerned.

Key words


Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Olga Victor and into the sea.

Victor dives, and emerges calling Olga.

People look down.

A diver on the bottom.

The accumulation of people on the beach.

By Victor and Olga suitable Uncle Lenya.

Doctors give Gog, of the feeling.

Ivan Ilych told of the poisoning by carbon dioxide.

Lifeguard explains device circular breathing apparatus.

Victor and Olga and Uncle Lenya.

Gog and people gathered around.

A friend Gogi feels guilty.

Respiratory equipment on the table.

Victor talks to Ivan Ilyich.

Ivan Ilyich removes his cap and sits down at the table.

Rescuer begins to draw, Victor closer.

Drawing in a notebook, acting under the water laws of physics.

Animation: the principle of diving equipment with a pump.

Victor asks about the balloons.

Ivan Ilych shows and explains the automation device.

Animation: the principle of scuba.

Victor tries to breathe through a tube aqualung.

Ivan Ilych tells about differences in oxygen units and scuba and again refuses to Victor's request to swim with the equipment.

Victor and Olga talking on the beach.

Coastal waves.

Air bubbles in water.

Olga swim with scuba diving.

Scuba divers at depth.

Key words


Seasons: Summer [824]

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