Traveling by yourself Roads and winter roads Kamchatka Peninsula №4 (2013)

Telecast №56317, 1 part, duration: 0:12:58
Production: Svobodnij putnik


Search the Internet for advantageous offer airlines, the two groups of travelers have decided to hold one of the spring months on the Kamchatka Peninsula. We decided to move independently, but the goals were similar travel: to visit at the start of the race dog sledding Beringia and by winter road to get to the former capital of the former Autonomous District Koryatskogo Palana. In this edition of travelers flew to Kamchatka, saw one of the volcanoes, which it is famous, and began to get acquainted with the local specifics of hitchhiking.

Movie №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of snow-covered fields.

View of snow-covered roads, houses, mountains.

View of the wooden church, the river.

View of the river and mountains.

Mountain View, wooden tables, firewood.

View of green building and the road.

Pointer to the Natural Park.

View of the road, cars, mountains.

Mountain View, home to the fence.


View of the road, the mountains.

A pointer to the outside of the house.

View snowdrifts, mountain, forest.

Riverfront, Mountain Home.

View car Coto goes forward.

Mountain View, Bridge, through which the car drove.

People stand near the house of culture.

House of Culture, the presentation begins.

House of Culture, the audience applauded.

The tool, which plays a singer.

House of Culture, the presentation continues.

View of the house blue and snow.

Traveller cleans fish.

View of the river, mountains and snow drifts.

View of the road.

The travelers are on the road.

View of the road and the mountains.

Travelers collect water.

View of the water source.

Travelers drinking water.

Travelers collect water.

A villager tells travelers.

View of the water source.

View of the snow.

Travelers standing at the water source.

View of the mountains and forest.

The travelers are on the road.

View of the mountains and forest.

Travelers are.

View of the mountains and forest.

The traveler is in a snowdrift.

The traveler goes through the snowdrifts.

View of the trail in the forest and snowdrifts.

View of the mountains and forest.

View of the mountains and houses.

View of the village and start Sled Dog Race.

Home Sled Dog Race.

Musher, who is involved in sled dog racing.

Home Sled Dog Race.

Dog participating in dog-sled race.

Home Sled Dog Race.

People go Podoroga.

Participants races.

People walk on holiday.

Member Sled Dog Race.

Participants of the festival.

People walk on holiday.

View of the prize that the winner of the contest.

View of the outboard motor.

Member of racing is being prepared.

People walk on holiday.

Index of transition.

People walk on holiday.

A poster with the title "Chukotka to win."

People walk on holiday.

Dogs in sled dog racing.

Supporters greeted mushers.

An old man stands and watches.

View dog mushers.

The fans are waiting for the race participants.

Ride dog.

View ads of racing.

View of the sled dogs.

People crowd walk.

View track where the race.

People in the crowd are.

View of the road and a green house.

View of the car and the road.

People walk on holiday.

Woman looks.

Local performers begin the concert program.

Artist begins to sing.

People dancing at the party.

Member of races sitting on a snowmobile.

Local artists perform.

People walk, local dancers.

Participants Sled Dog Race.

Local artists perform.

People walk on holiday.

View of the bridge and the people who walk.

View of the stage and the people.

Children run around the stage.

The governor says it.

People listening to the governor.

People listen to the priest.

The priest reads the scene.

People listen to the priest.

Local artists play.

View of the road ahead.

View namashinu that travels on the road.

Locations: Kamchatka region, Esso

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