From the Life of the Lubyako family. (1962)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Danilov L.

Operators: Mikheev I.


About the life and work of the Lubyako family at the Plant "Krasniy Proletary" ["Red Proletarian"] in the city of Moscow.

Temporary description

The film is about labor Dynasty Lubyako working at the Moscow plant "Red Proletarian". The head of the dynasty Nikolai Sergeevich - Head of a machine shop, his wife, Valentina - economist, son George - a mechanic, repairman, his daughter Tatyana - a laboratory assistant in the laboratory of metals. Family members are employed at the factory, go to a concert, collect radio, studying at the institute, at home for the holiday table celebrate the birthday of her son Alyosha, Tatiana.

Reel №1

Locksmith Moscow plant "Red Proletarian" Yu Lubyako by car returns home from vacation.

House Profsoyuznaya street, where the family lives Lubyako and other workers at the plant "Red Proletarian» - PNRM., MS.

Yu Lubyako at his house, he met his wife - Nina Lubyako.


Old, dilapidated house.

Poor working-class family in a small house.

Photos of the plant "Brothers Promlit" (plant "Red Proletarian" now serving).

Workers' strike at the "Brothers Promlit" strikers clash with armed police.

Mukhina's sculpture "Worker and Collective Farm Girl» - LS.

The streets of modern Moscow.

Moscow Kremlin - LS.

In the morning the postman comes.

PNRM. a residential home for the Trade Union Street - LS.

Morning family Lubyako: adults going to work, feed the child.

Boris Lubyako student preparing for classes.

Nikolai Lubyako, who worked on "Red Proletarian" 40 years old, goes to the plant.

Photos trip NS Lubyako the U.S. on business.

One of the workshops of the plant "Red Proletarian", equipped with domestic machines.

Working in the shop at work - CU.

Powered milling machine - MS., PNRM. the shop.

Stamp plant "Red Proletarian» - CU.

City of Buenos Aires in Argentina - LS.

Soviet Industrial Exhibition in Buenos Aires - LS.

Machines, issued by the "Red Proletarian" at the exhibition.

Visitors with an interest inspect machines.

Head of mechanical department Nikolai Lubyako on the phone for the supply of machines to various countries, talking to workers on the shop floor (synchronously).

Mechanic-repairman Yuri Lubyako at work - CU.

Laboratory at the plant - LS.

Tanya Lubyako lab studies the properties of the metal in the laboratory, looking for the cause of marriage on the cutter with the head of production (synchronously).

Economist plant Valentina Lubyako working.

Adding machine - CU.

Reel №2

Yu Lubyako waiting for his wife at school.

English class in the class is Nina Lubyako (synchronously).

George and Nina Lubyako in concert.

The musician plays the organ (synchronously).

Yu Lubyako house collects the tape and talking with his brother Boris (synchronously).

Sunday NS Lubyako and his wife Valentina work in his garden in the country, winter.

Tanya Lubyako the subway rides to college.

PNRM. the building of the Institute of Electronic Engineering.

T. Lubyako take an examination at the Institute (synchronously).

Tanya tells laboratory at the exam (synchronously).

Shop manager in his office talking to Yuri Lubyako, invites him to study at the factory voucher (synchronously).

TV - MS., CU.

Family Apartment Lubyako evening.

Tanya cradles his young son Alyosha.

NS Lubyako and family watching television.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Bomb shelter courtyard.

Lubyako family, relatives and close friends for a feast celebrating the birth of Alyosha, who is 1 year old.

Aleshin toy.

In bed asleep Alyosha - CU., MS.

Yuri repair tape.