The Karabanovs.. (1962)

Film-document №5663 2 parts, Duration: 0:16:23, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kristi L.

Script writers: Agatov V., Grossman L.

Operators: Golubov G.


About the family of Karabanovs, two brothers - a deputy and a chairman of a collective farm.

Temporary description

Moscow region. Village of Kashin. Landscapes neighborhoods. NI Karabanova working in the garden, his son Sergei in the home. NI Karabanova, S. Karabanov come to visit her son in the hospital and his brother N. Karabanova. Kolkhoz chairman N. Karabanov in the ward talking with the collective farm accountant, view the report. N. Karabanov on hay, talking with farmers, students - interns Timiryazev Academy (sinhr.), conducts a conversation with his father collective drinking driver. N. Karabanov pulls a drunk driver from the cab car. Collective farm fields. Crops of beans, corn, flax. Hay haymaker. Silage. Family Karabanova sawing wood in the house for evening tea. Collective-farm herd. Sheep, calves. Kolkhoznaya apiary. Monument to Lenin at Kashin. City Ramenskoye. Assistant master textile mill "Red Banner "S. Karabanov conducts preventive inspection machines. Weaver for the machines. The streets, buildings of the city. The City of Moscow. Member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR S. Karabanov at a meeting in the Kremlin, is receiving votes.

Reel №1

Several summer landscape of central: meadows, birch.

Two boys go with their rods.

The boys ran to the river.

Natalia Karabanova working in the garden.

Destroyed house.


Photos sons Sergei and Nikolai Karabanovo (during the war).

Sergey Karabanov - assistant master weaver's shop at the plant "Red Banner" Ramenskoye - runs the shop, including looms, watching them work.


Landscape: a river, a field of flowers.

Sergei stops the machine, runs the shuttle again let the machine.

Sergei Mikhailovich Karabanov - deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the three cities Ramenskoye Bronnitsy, Zhukovsky - passes through the lobby of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

Deputies' meetings and made S. Karabanov.

S. Karabanov is receiving in Zhukovsky: talking to voters.

Loading on car dashboards and other parts of the plant building structures.

Sergei rides the bus.

New streets Ramenskoye Bronnitsy, Zhukovsky.

The house in which he lives Sergei Kabanov.

Sergey and other residents of the house clean the yard.

Birch - CU.

Sergei and his family moved to leave his native village Kashino Volokolamsk district.

The meeting with his mother.

Family sitting at a table at home.

Of downspout into the barrel shed rainwater.

Brother Sergei Nikolai Mikhailovich Karabanov - chairman of the kolkhoz "Way Ilyich" - lies in bed in the hospital.

Early morning, sunrise.

Drive the herd.

A girl carries a bucket of water.

A man on horseback rides.

Passing tractor.

Kolkhoz beekeeper Ivan Stepanovich Oshmarin the apiary, smokes the hive.

Monument to Lenin in the village of Kashino - LS., MS.

The inscription on the monument - CU.

Photo: Lenin and Krupskaya among the peasants of the village of Kashino during a visit to the opening of Russia's first rural power - LS., CU.

The photo JS Oshmarin and father Sergei and Nicholas.

NI Karabanov and Sergey in a hospital in Nicholas.

Reel №2

Kolkhoz accountant talks to Nicholas Hospital through the window tells him about farm news.

The payment of wages on the field.

PNRM. for growing beans and corn.

Sheep graze.

A woman with a lamb in his arms.

Alex shepherd Enin with calves.

Gobies play at the central farm.

Flax field.

The field are brothers Nikolai and Sergei Karabanovo.

Karabanovo family home at the table.

The brothers are sitting on a log.

Grazing horse.

Chickens - CU.

Sergei sister sawing wood, mother collects them.

Nicholas is on the field.

Flax harvesting combine.

PNRM. on the field with a beveled linen.


Running a new stacker.

Nicholas on the board talking to farmers, students Timiryazev Academy, is the practice of passing (synchronous).

Nicholas is on the field.

Sergei is on the shop floor.

Mother Natalia - CU.

Pass with Nikolai and Sergei.