By Cold Seas.. (1962)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Slavinskaya M.

Operators: Karmen K.

Text writers: Taradankin A.


On the navigation of the atomic-powered vessel "Lenin" in northern seas with scientific purposes.

Temporary description

The atomic icebreaker "Lenin" in the Arctic expedition: landscapes of the sea, an icebreaker on the ice. The captain of the icebreaker VM Sokolov in the captain's cabin. The sailors, polar bear watch on the ship. Engineers operators monitor the instrument readings. Landing on one of the polar ice floes. Unloading of cargo on an ice floe. Construction of prefabricated house. Type the town of polar explorers. Polar explorers are monitoring the weather, prepare for a helicopter landing strip, eating. Opening of a new scientific drifting station "North Pole - 10".

Reel №1


Landscapes of the North Sea in the early winter - PNRM., LS.

Atomic icebreaker "Lenin" is the ice toward Wrangel Island.

Lead icebreaker Captain Boris Sokolov Kravchuk and captain-coach George Osipovich Kononovich - CU.

Icy expanses - LS.

The box with the inscription "to the Arctic Sea."

Cargo on board the icebreaker - MS.

Explorers aboard collect house for the winter on the ice.

Prefabricated house - MS.

Young engineer Sasha Zyuganov icebreaker take an examination at the right of self-control nuclear reactor - PNRM.

Ayonsky ice massif - LS.

Helicopter over the ice fields.

Navigator icebreaker Alexander Gupyra calculates the map route through heavy ice.

Icebreaker "Lenin" goes through heavy ice.

Engineers and operators at work at the control units icebreaker.

Engineer operator Zyuganov at work - CU.

Scale remote control icebreaker - CU.

Night landscape, blizzard.

PNRM. on the ice, which will land explorers.

Landed on the ice floe winterers station "SP-10".

Unloaded equipment, food supplies and other goods.

Tractor cargo transported on a sturdy ice.

Izvekov hydrologist and meteorologist Hlopushkin plan on ice location of the village.

Crane lowers from the icebreaker prefab, tractor takes him to the construction site of the village.

Polar conduct scientific observations - MS., CU.

Settlement polar "SP-10» - LS.

Winterers clearing the runway on the ice.

The helicopter is landing on the cleared lane.

PNRM. a shovel on the ice - MS.

Winterers lunch.

Leaf calendar October 17, 1962 (opening day of the XXII Congress of the CPSU).

Polar lift Soviet flag over the "SP-10".

Waving flags - CU.

The station agent Nikolai Kornilov gives the first wireless message from "SP-10".

Text radiograms - CU.

Are explorers, "SP-10» - MS. PNRM.

With polar icebreaker "Lenin", led by oceanologer Morozov set on automatic ice drifting stations in the polar night.

Flag over the icebreaker "Lenin".

Icebreaker "Lenin" in the ice - LS.